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Tudor Watches

Established for almost a century, Tudor, the sister company of Rolex, has been highly recognized as a sole luxury watch brand. Originally registered in 1926 and later officially launched in 1946, Tudor was meant to offer reliable watches with Rolex’s quality at a more affordable package. In addition to the brand’s most famous tool watches, its collections also house a number of exquisite dress watches for both men and women. 

The Princess Date collection is one of the notable Tudor dress watches for women. This series of Tudor ladies’ watches add a feminine touch that fits gorgeously for both casual and formal occasions.

The Tudor Princess Date is considered one of the most esteemed women’s collections offered by the Swiss watch brand. It is a versatile lineup that houses a variety of beautiful and intricate Tudor watches for women. From the timeless design to the sophisticated build, every detail of the Tudor Princess watches is presented in an elegant and delicate manner to cater to all the ladies looking for a true classic.


Many female watch lovers have been making an effort to find the perfect timepiece for themselves. 

In a world that was dominated by men’s watches, it was hard for the ladies to have a wider range to choose from in the old times. As more and more renowned watch brands started to release extensive series of watches exclusively for women, a brand new world was opened for all the ladies watch enthusiasts. Tudor, being a well-esteemed watchmaker in the world, has also delivered a variety of exquisite watches to specifically satisfy their desires. The Tudor Princess Date collection is one of the notable watches that exude exceptional refinement and femininity to stand out the ladies’ beauty. 

Being one of the most respected collections for women in the global market, the Tudor Princess Date collection houses a number of exquisite models available in different options of materials, colors, and configurations. If you are looking for a classic women’s watch, you will definitely be able to find the perfect one that fits your own style and personality. 

As most of us would know, the Tudor brand was officially established by the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. Tudor was created to offer affordable luxury timepieces that possess Rolex’s level of features and quality. Using the robust Oyster case that Hans Wilsdorf invented, the Tudor Oyster Prince was launched and instantly became the flagship model in the watch family. This legendary Tudor watch is the basis of most of its later models in the Tudor Prince and Tudor Princess collections. At its early ages, the brand Tudor incorporated ready-to-use ETA movements with some modifications while paying most efforts on design aesthetics and case build. By making the movement simple and low in cost, these high-end quality watches are available at a more budget-friendly price range. 

Introduced as the feminine model of the Oyster Prince watch, the Tudor Oyster Princess was first released to all the ladies watch lovers in the world in the 1950s. At first, the watch was presented in a masculine way of the advertisement using a lady skillfully riding a horse and marketed it as “For women who lead active lives”. Incorporating the technical advancements of the sister company Rolex, this watch was equipped with a Oyster case with strong water resistance and a mechanical self-winding perpetual rotor. The exceptional durability of these Oyster Princess watches have provided strength and reliability to women, not limited to men, who are having an active lifestyle. 

This collection has further solidified its name in the market with the release of the Tudor Princess Oysterdate in the 1970s. The brand has well established its image of robustness and reliability by the advertisement with Leigh Hansen, a champion water skier, wearing the Tudor Princess Oyster Date watch. It demonstrated that Princess Oysterdate is a watch that can endure harsh conditions despite its dressy look. 

To this date, the Tudor Princess Date still remains in its timeless and elegant style while improving quality and features. On top of its standard steel cases and bracelets, the collection has now come up with several options of metal tones, dials and other feminine embellishments such as diamond paving, etc.. 


Case and Bezel

The features of Tudor Princess Oysterdate are actually similar in design to the ladies watches of Rolex, the Rolex Lady Datejust, in many ways. First of all, the Tudor Oyster case used in this watch is already from the same technique of Rolex’s Oyster. In this way, this Tudor Princess watch provides splendid water resistance of up to 100 m just like many Rolex dress watches. It offers options of full steel versions as well as steel and gold two-tone versions with matching bracelets. The whole look offers a classic and feminine measurement with a touch of simplicity in the design. 

There are also options for the bezels too. You can choose a smooth and thin bezel or a nicely crafted fluted bezel. 



The dial is protected by a strong and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, and there is a magnifying Cyclops lens placed over the date display window at the 3 o’clock position.

In addition to the basic models with a few classic dials, this particular Tudor Princess Date offers versions with mosaic pattern dials and diamond hour markers. These design elements have further elevated the classiness of the watch. The Tudor Oyster Princess watch is undeniably one of the ladies’ watches perfectly revealing Tudor’s value and innovation.



The Tudor Princess Date is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement which provides a standard power reserve of up to 38 hours. It is a bit less than the 55 hours that the perpetual movement of the Rolex Lady Datejust can do.

Owning its sole reputation as its male counterpart Tudor Prince, the Tudor Princess Date has been constantly releasing exquisite timepieces and captured the hearts of many lady watch lovers. In this impressive range, you can appreciate both the iconic aesthetic and practicality of the Tudor brand. With such a timeless look and functionality, the Tudor Princess Date is definitely a must-have watch that women should get for their own collection.

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