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MeisterSinger Watches

MeisterSinger Watches

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When it comes to mechanical watches, MeisterSinger is one of the best brands. With over 10000 watches sold annually, MeisterSinger has made significant contributions to the watchmaking industry since its foundation. 

Weller Manfred Bassler, a jeweler by profession, founded MeisterSinger in Munster, Germany. When he became interested in watchmaking in 1989, he founded a firm called Watch People. In addition to creating quartz timepieces, Brassler and his colleague Klaus Botta wanted their customers to be delighted with their products' functionality. MeisterSinger was founded in 2001 as a result of his 1999 sale of the firm. 

As a tribute to medieval musicians, MeisterSinger has been renamed. MeisterSinger, like the German singers who added new musical aspects, preserved its moniker to communicate this message and brought out unique watch technology. Every MeisterSinger watch comes with a single hand, as opposed to the normal two or three on most watches. Such a design was inspired by the sundials and clock towers of the olden days.

MeisterSinger watches are notable for their one-hand design, which is in line with the founder's desire for simplicity. MeisterSinger watch dials are based on sundials and antique clocks, which were known for their simple designs. Additionally, these dials are meticulously symmetrical, with each number shown as two numbers, with 1-9 preceded by a zero. "We don't live in seconds or minutes, we're unable to," says Brassler, and that is the primary reason for the company's distinguishable pieces. Interestingly, the firm also released a MeisterSinger watch to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation, which is one of its inspirations.

Several MeisterSinger pieces have garnered broad popular and critical praise over the years. All owing to their ergonomic designs, visually attractive patterns, and powerful mechanics. Some of their more well-known works are mentioned below: 

 The Circularis:

International Forum (iF) design prize winner, the Circularis, has two folding clasps. The power reserve is shown as a semicircle on this model, which is very noteworthy. In a watch powered by the MSH02, which has a battery life to last 120 hours, this is an important but sometimes overlooked feature to have on board. The dial has chrome-plated numerals, which can be viewed in the dark thanks to Superluminova methods. A stainless steel casing with a diameter of 43 millimeters and water resistance of 5 bar also protects the model. Designed by the company's founder, the highly sought-after clock has an unusually wide bridge. The rhodium-plated watch has "beveled edges, blued screws and gilded engravings." In addition to ivory, it comes in sunburst silver-white, sunburst sapphire-blue, and ivory.

The Adhaesio:

The Adhaesio, a subsequent variant, earned the iF and the Red Dot award, similar to the Circularis. The revolving disc situated exactly next to the date disc, signifying a second-time zone, is the Adhaesio's main distinguishing feature. This is a first for analogue watches: the crown may be used to change all three changeable factors: local time, second-time zone, and date. This model has the MeisterSinger standard power reserve of 38 hours and is powered by the ETA2893, a Swiss automatic movement. It is made of stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors including black, full white, full sand, and blue. The Adhaesio is similarly 43 mm in diameter and has a water resistance of up to 50 m.

The Paleograph:

The Paleograph, equipped with the manually wind MSYN13 with a 46-hour power reserve, is MeisterSinger's most daring design to date. This type is equipped with a one-push column-wheel chronograph and a single button to start, stop, and reset any settings at any moment. Given that this method of producing clocks is now a thing of the past, the corporation needed to recruit a unique specialist. Finally, an 80-year-old watchmaker was able to see the production process from start to finish. Finally, 48 limited edition pieces were created, and they all sold out in a single day.

 The Edition Today:

The limited edition 'Edition Today' is the newest addition to the company's collection of one-of-a-kind designs that are introduced every year. In keeping with the MeisterSinger concept of living in the present, it is a clock with a classic design. It does away with the traditional date display seen on most wristwatches in favour of a new window that just shows the word 'today' in different languages. The watch is powered by the Miyota 8285 movement, which has a 42-hour power reserve and is limited to just 100 pieces.

The Astroscope 2020 Edition:

The Astroscope, a timepiece that takes influence from the area of astrology, was available as a limited edition in 2020. After the 2018 Lunascope, this is the second timepiece to be inspired by the stars. The dial reflects the week's days in a semicircular configuration, with each day associated with an astronomical symbol, but not in chronological sequence, as in the previous version. The Sellita SW220-1, which powers the watch, has a general reserve of 38 hours of power. Two color options are available: the Old Radium, which has a cream dial with light blue indentations, and the Black Blue, which has a darker dial with light blue indentations. Both variants are also available with a brown leather strap in a variety of configurations.


Even though the MeisterSinger watch brand is a newcomer to the world of timepieces, its distinctive designs, most notably the single-arm, have shown that they are here to stay. Because of this, it has been able to carve itself a unique place in the market. Is it only amazing or interesting? It is crucial in today's fast-paced world, where the corporate slogan "Time never flies in a MeisterSinger" is so important. Humans are losing this race against time because they are attempting to squeeze so much into so little space. As long as you keep in mind that there is just the present moment, you will never lose sight of the fact that there is no race.

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