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Tudor Watches

As a well-acclaimed watch manufacturer that has been occupying the top-notch position in the industry for years, the brand Tudor has been constantly producing remarkable timepieces to the global market. The Tudor watches are highly appraised for its superb quality that stand out from other watches of the competitors in the same price ranges.

The Tudor Monarch collection was introduced in 1991, which is a newer collection released in the family before the brand’s relaunch in 2009. After the vintage Tudor chronograph models in the 1970s, it took the brand almost 20 years to launch such a new timepiece. Simple and minimalistic, the Tudor Monarch watch houses a number of exquisite dress watches designed to shine on every occasion. With its whole stainless steel profile, the Tudor Monarch watches are available in several variants of different styles of cases, bezels and dials. This Tudor Monarch timepiece is an attractive dress watch for all casual, business, or formal events.

Established in 1946 by the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, this well-respected watch brand Tudor was named after the noble Tudor Dynasty in England. The brand aimed at a different market segment from its sister company Rolex, focusing on the entry to mid-level of luxury mechanical watches. Holding up the high quality and robustness that Rolex watches have been known for, Tudor watches are available in a more affordable package. 

Since the 1960s the brand had started to produce Tudor watches for women and gained a massive group of female supporters. The sophisticated lady watches have beautifully blended its historical watchmaking traditions and elegant design elements in a perfect balance. They are highly admired by its graceful design and robust build. Within all the Tudor watches for ladies, the Tudor Monarch was one of the most notable models that were highly discussed. 

The Tudor Monarch watch was first introduced in 1991. It was a long-awaited collection after the release of the Tudor Oysterdate chronograph models in the 1970s. As the first release after over 15 years, the Tudor Monarch is one of the classic collections of the brand that emphasis on elegance and tradition. 

It is a house of a series of luxury dress watches that seamlessly fit for everyday wear on every occasion. Showcasing elegance with a modern-retro style, this Tudor watch comes in variants in different cases from 35 mm to a few smaller sizes, making them a neutral model to a well-suited watch for women. Thereby, the Tudor Monarch collection is a great fit for all genders who are looking for an everyday watch on both formal and casual occasions. Let us take a deeper look at the details of its features. 

As mentioned, this Tudor watch is available in different sizes ranging from 35 mm to 25 mm diameter. It is considered as an unisex watch that perfectly fits for any wrist. equipped with a solid case back and screw-down crown, all the variants are water-resistant up to a standard 100 m which can endure light water activities. On top of the size, you can also choose the material styling of the watch including full stainless steel, 18k gold, or steel and gold two-tone color. 

As for the dial, the hour and minute hands and hour markers are mainly in silver tone that blends smoothly into the background. There are several options of the dial colors, bezels and bracelets as well. You will definitely find the one which looks the best on your wrist. 

Tudor Monarch watches are equipped with the ETA sourced 2824 self-winding movement that is able to preserve power for up to 38 hours.

In terms of design, the Tudor Monarch collection provides a standard look that performs great for someone who looks for a simple watch to pair with any outfit. On the same time it offers enough functions for normal use as a reliable everyday watch. 

Popular Models of the Tudor Monarch Collection

The watches in the Tudor Monarch collection are all simple but very pleasing to the eye. They are available in a variety of designs to cater the needs of all genders. Let’s explore some of the popular models in this unisex Tudor watch collection: 

Tudor Monarch15850

The Tudor Monarch 15850 is a great accessory to add a subtle touch of elegance to any of your outfit. It is a Tudor ladies’ watch that features a 25 mm stainless steel round case and a matching  silver tone dial. The design aesthetic has amazingly added a touch of harmony and beauty into this timepiece. The case comes with standard water resistance for up to 100 meters. It is a durable companion to showcase your beauty everywhere. 

Tudor Monarch 38080CG

The Tudor Monarch 38080CG is a very fashionable men’s watch that particularly stands out amongst these watches since it managed to tastefully incorporate the elements of Shinto Buddhism zodiac symbols in the bezel to form the circumference of its face. Together with such a special bezel, the Tudor 38080CG features a full stainless steel profile with a silver dial and matching bracelet. Simple and classic, it is an ideal piece for men or for women who want to show out their strong side. With the robust case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal it offers water resistance up to 100 m. 

Tudor Monarch 38600

The Tudor Monarch 38600 is also a watch that works well for both genders. With a subtle size of 35 mm diameter, this Tudor unisex watch exudes classiness and simplicity at its finest for any occasion without worrying if it would look bulky or flashy. Just like other Monarch models, the entire silver profile of this fully stainless steel watch gives a touch of elegance and simplicity that would blend perfectly with any outfit for any occasion or event. 

Ultimately, the Tudor Monarch collection is offering a range of ideal timepieces for watch lovers who are looking for simple watches to be used anytime and anywhere. Even though this collection isn’t as historical as the rest of the Tudor watch family, it is definitely a good choice that would perform perfectly as a reliable everyday watch for you.

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