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For anyone who has been looking for a quality everyday watch, Tudor is definitely one of the best picks to choose from. Established by Rolex's founder Hans Wilsdorf, this Swiss watch manufacturer was meant to provide timepieces in a high quality similar to that of Rolex at a very affordable price range. Carrying the reputation and quality of Rolex, Tudor has been delivering durable and reliable luxury watches and further built its name solely as an independent brand in the industry. 

Robust and sophisticated, the Tudor watches are well recognised amongst the watch enthusiasts from all over the world. The Tudor Glamour watch is a notable dress watch collection of the brand that skillfully combines both style and functionality. The versatile collection comes with various versions of different sizes, designs, bracelet and complication options for every watch lover to optimize their own personality. Available in both watches for men and women, these Tudor watches go well with everyday outfits, on both casual and formal occasions.

Owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, Tudor has taken a role as a second-tier brand to Rolex and launched a series of more affordable watches to the entry-level market. A Swiss company, Veuve de Philippe Hüther, had first registered the trademark “The Tudor” in 1926 on behalf of Hans Wilsdorf and Wilsdorf himself personally take back the name and came up with “Montres TUDOR S.A.” company after the Second World War in 1946. 

Specialized in reliable watches for both men and women, Tudor Oyster collection was first launched in the 1940s, in the waterproof Oyster case that Hans Wilsdrof invented. In the 1950s, the release of the brand’s self-winding model, the Tudor Prince, had brought significant success for the brand. For over decades, Tudor has become a well-renowned manufacturer of tool watches for professional divers and military units.

In 2009 the Tudor brand did a major relaunch with a number of new product lineups that impressed the market. Amongst the most famous collections such as Heritage Black Bay and the Tudor Pelagos diver watch, the Tudor Grantour and the Tudor Glamour collection were released as the brand’s classic dress watch in the family. 

When the brand Tudor was grand relaunched in 2009, it came up with a series of new models including Tudor Glamour collection. This classic lineup of Tudor watches was inspired by its vintage Montecarlo collection of the 1970s. This heritage-inspired timepiece turned out to be a huge success and thus encouraged the brand Tudor to launch more heritage-inspired pieces in this series. Therefore later in the following years, the brand had further introduced new vintage-inspired collections such as Heritage Advisor alarm watch, Clair de Rose collection, and the Heritage FastRider Chrono collection.

The Tudor Glamour collection is a lineup that houses a wide range of exquisite watches in exceptional quality and distinctive designs. There are models for men's watch lovers such as a 42mm Double Date watch and a 39mm Day Date watch, while models for ladies are also available such as the 28mm/31mm/36mm Date models. These classic watch models have a similar design aesthetic with its big sibling’s famous dress watches, the Rolex Datejust and Day-Date watches. 

On top of the timeless design, Tudor Glamour collection is equipped with high quality features to ensure its accuracy, robustness, and waterproofness. This classic watch is a perfect combination of the tradition of fine watchmaking and contemporary aesthetic. In the sleek Glamour watch collection, the larger Date + Day series and Double Date models are some gorgeous choices for the dress watch lovers.

Popular Watches from Tudor Glamour Collection

Tudor Glamour Date Watches

Offering an exceptional variety in sophisticated elegance, the Glamour Date Watch is available in different sizes from 26 mm to 36 mm. It is considered as a unisex watch that offers alluring range for both men and women. Matching with the case, there are options of bracelets in full stainless steel, or steel and yellow gold two-tone versions. Leather straps are also available in black or white patent leather.  

As for the dial, the Tudor Glamour Date is also available in several dial options such as classic colors like silver, champagne, black, opaline dials and more. The watch features a small date display at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. 

Tudor Glamour Date + Day Watches

As it has been advertised, the Tudor Glamour Date + Day models are meant for "Elegance and Function." These vintage inspired timepieces are equipped with two functions, just as its name has suggested: the display window for the day of the week at 12 o’clock as well as a small display window for the date at 3 o’clock. 

Like other Glamour models, you can find a few classic versions in this model, including white, silver, champagne, black, etc.. These watches are also available in diamond paved versions and non-gem options. 

Tudor Glamour Double Date Watches

The Glamour Double Date models are referred to as "where sophisticated elegance meets technology." in the brand’s watch catalog. Using refined and subtle curves and structure, the watch is well equipped with the brand’s advanced watchmaking technologies. Its is a suitable pick as a reliable everyday watch by its timeless look and superb performance. 

The 42 mm Tudor Glamour Double Date watch is considered as a perfect choice for a daily watch for men at every occasion. This Tudor watch features a double bezel with a slim drop which would enhance the curves and edges of its stainless steel case. 

The dial options of this Glamour Double Date model strike a gentle contrast in the look. Its champagne dial and silver dial come with shining yellow gold-plated hour markers, the black dial will go with rhodium-plated or yellow gold-plated hour markers, while the opaline dial is paired with blue indices. All other basic options are also available for this model: full steel or two tone, diamond sets or non-gem, as well as steel or leather straps. 

Stylish, timeless, affordable, despite being less discussed, the Tudor Glamour is the right choice for anyone who is looking for elegant and classic dress watches.

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