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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

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Cartier is now widely popular for its fine jewelry and exquisite watches. They had a very down-to-earth and humble start too. This French luxury house is now a global phenomenon and has made a mark in the high-end fashion industry. Also regarded as the ‘most prestigious jewelry manufacturer.’ The growth chart for Cartier sales is on the up and does not seem to slow down anytime soon. The business techniques used, the path they traveled and their unforgettable contributions make the brand what it is today. Let us take a look at some of the incidents that bring us to modern-day Cartier. Also, glance over some of the most iconic timepieces and what they represent. 


Cartier watches were brought into the market by the extremely well-known jewelry designer Louis-François in the city of Paris and the year was1847. With calculated business risks and decisions, it soon took over the global market and started its operations internationally. Their journey throughout the years of the establishment of the brand is truly remarkable. From its humble beginnings at the workshop to multi-million dollar boutiques. The legacy is the one that goes down in the books.

With such a rich past come some iconic innovations and designs that still leave everyone in awe. The very first design that in today's vocabulary went ‘viral’ was the Cartier Ballon Bleu. With fine workmanship, and attention to detail, bedazzled in unique and rare jewels. This watch was not only a collector's piece but a statement symbol. One that would leave everyone admiring its beauty. Another reason this watch performed so well in the market is that that was a time when fashion experiments were not done by designers. All creations were formal and followed the same pattern as those were the ones bringing in the profit. The concepts from the house of Cartier have always been ahead of their time and this Cartier watch was a testimony to the same.


Cartier watches were not always globally sold as one would assume seeing their popularity. In 1902, an expansion offer was accepted and a watch was delivered to London. There was no stopping them thereafter. The expansion took place sooner than anybody had imagined. And the unique concepts change the entire game. The buzz for the brand in the market resonated very well with the products they were delivering to the consumers! Cartier watches were the highest luxury timepiece you could have and keeping up to date with the brand was a passion for many.

Around the year 1907, Cartier decided to conquer the markets of the west as they identified that there was a huge potential market for the Cartier watches waiting for them. The Cartier Tank, which was a design inspired by world war II was launched in 1919 and multiple companies joined forces to support the movements that were being encouraged by the house of Cartier. Vacheron Constantin, Movado, LeCoultre, and Audemars Piguet are some that took part in the revolution.

The same brand with a new look!

After the passing away of the legendary Pierre Cartier, At the time played an integral part in building a strong foundation for the brand it felt only right to take a step back and reconsider some concepts. After a major rebranding, the new specs were revealed. Another major event that happened during this period was the merger between London operations and New York ones. After these two events, the brand was unstoppable and reached heights of success that no one had imagined but definitely dreamed of.


Cartier Tank

A watch that was created by drawing inspiration from the events at the time. Unique layout and design. Making the person wearing it feel a sense of luxury and power. The watch was designed to target the male audience and included aspects like rugged hardware. The war tank machine is where the inspiration for this watch was drawn in from. The stunning exterior and a functional mechanism made it stand out from other options available in the market.

Cartier La Dona Watch

A feminine bracelet Cartier style watches made for modern women. The intricate design of the dial made it stand out as one of the classics. The extraordinarily classic links joining in unison to form the bracelets stole everyone's attention.

Cartier Santos

This watch is remarkably unique because of the customization aspect. It is not always one would like to wear a bedazzled watch out and about. This solves the problem. One has the option to add or not to add the jewels. Along with this, the material and color of the strap are also fully customizable. This was one of a kind at the time and provided a whole new perspective for the industry.


Why do you think that the Cartier watches were always loved by everyone? Why did they always end up being an iconic structured watch? Why was it talked about for years and not fade away with time? The answer to this has to be the pure instincts of the creators of these Cartier watches. The house of Cartier has always said to produce designs way ahead of time! Be it fine jewelry trends or problem-solving watches. Laying the footprint for the ones to come at the same time creates timeless pieces.

The ability to always predict what the consumer would want, targeting the right demographic, and then catering to their needs seems to be the formula that worked well for the brand.

Do you need a Cartier watch in your collection?

Absolutely yes! The classic patterns of the Cartier watch never go out of style and to date provide the same feeling of luxury and power to the one wearing the watch. Superior craftsmanship, exquisite designs, intrinsic work, and top-notch movement make their timepieces exceptional in each and every aspect that you might consider.


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