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Gaga Milano Watches

All About Gaga Milano Watches

Affinity for sports

The brand believes that time is an important parameter that defines success in sports. And so, it has made its presence being felt in the ground of sports.

Gaga Milano has associated itself with superstar footballers around the world. If you follow Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr closely, you will know about his craze for watches. He was appointed the brand ambassador of the brand in 2016. The company has issued a separate collection called the Neymar Jr and Vinicius Jr collection.

Another passionate fan of this brand is Japanese footballer Keisuke Honda.

The company also sponsored the motorsport team Antonelli's Porsche in 2014. It designed a manuale 48 mm Camouflage light blue watch to match with the vibrant and fierce Porsche 911 GT3.

Football club Inter Milan signed Gaga Milano as their official timekeeper for the 2017-2018 season. Gaga issued a special edition, fully black with radiant blue numbers. The Inter Milan logo depicted the second hands at 6 o'clock.



You must wonder what could be the reason behind the demand for Gaga Milano watches. If you are choosing the watches of this brand, you deserve to know what they offer. Check out the following features-

  • Water resistant-The Gaga watches have been designed in such a way that they function ceaselessly even if they are exposed to water.
  • A pre-built compass- The compass adds the option to view the direction.
  • The marvelous designs-These watches attract people of all age group due to their extensive collection and multiple designs.

Initially, the creator derived ideas from the 18th-century pocket watches. But gradually, the brand continued its uniqueness in design by introducing a number of collections with a blend of modern designs.

Let us begin with the Gaga Milano Manuale 48 collection. As you can tell from the name, the case size is about 48 mm, and it comes in this variants-steel, Diamond-set, PVD black, Tourbilon, fancy edition and gold rose. The dial and the ring come in carbon black giving it a traditional posh look. The dial is round and carved with the numbers in contrasting color. A skeleton back case provides a view to the manual mechanism and is provided with mineral crystal.

Next comes the limited edition Bionic Skull collection. Four different variations of this collection are diamonds, PVD black, steel and rose gold plate. The leather strap used in these Gaga watches are handmade in Italy. The skull collection are for men only. An engraved skull accommodated with proper colorful combination ensures a striking option from Gaga to choose from. This collection is a joint venture of Gaga Milano and the Swiss watch manufacturer Hysek.

The vintage Manuale 48 mm collection was further modified with modern designs and ideas to give birth to the Frame One collection. These watches come in 44 mm diameter cases, and is a slimmer adaptation of the Manuale one. The watches in this range offers a modern and sophisticated look, and emits elegance from every angle. It is available in two variants -the Quartz movement and the Skull automatic.

The Manuale 48 mm is further encased in slimmer and graceful versions like the 35mm, 40 mm with similar designs and looks.



Gaga Milano watch found its way into the people of modern generation through its collaborations with various other brands.

The Neymar Jr collection is a limited edition series with the Brazilian and Paris Saint German forward's signature on it's back. The first three collections of the brand are based on the Manuale 48 mm version. They are available in steel and Kevlar, PVD black and gold-plated steel bezel. A small NJR logo is embedded on the small seconds hand. The other version is the Chrono 48 mm Neymar Jr collection. This watch has floating stones inside the portholes on the side of the case. This variant is also available in 46 mm diameter capsule collection.

In 2019, Gaga Milano associated with the Warner Bros studios to pay tribute to the world's greatest detective-the Batman. This collection was manufactured in a limited edition of 300 pieces only. It has two faces, one in carbon and steel dial and another in glazed carbon only.


The Gaga Milano watch is a fruitful result of the efforts of the best watchmakers from Italy and Switzerland. The designs proposed by the Italian creators undergo a series of operations under the skillful hands of the Swiss maestros. The scintillating world of Gaga Milano watches can surely help you to discover the eighth wonder of the world in form of a timepiece.


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