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Tudor Watches

Although it had been long considered as a subsidiary to the luxury watch industry giant Rolex, in recent years Tudor is now highly recognised as a sole esteemed watch brand which is pioneering the global market. 

The Tudor tool watches are a strong strength of the brand that the watch enthusiasts appraise. They have brought enormous fame to the brand that stands it out from other competitors in the same segment. The Tudor Hydronaut is one of the watches that gained a reputation for the brand in terms of diver watches. 

Officially first released in 1999, the Tudor Hydronaut watch is regarded as a solid Tudor diver watch that exhibits the brand’s capability on professional watchmaking technologies. By its further modification with the new Hydronaut II models which provide exceptional water resistance up to 1200 feet, the collection has performed splendidly to stand the brand out from other dive watches. 


The “Naut” series of Tudor watches, including the Hydronaut, Aeronaut and Iconaut, represent the spirit of adventure and exploring journeys of the brand. The Hydronaut lineup inherits its Submariner models in the pantheon of dive watches since the late 1990s.

The origin of the Tudor Hydronaut diver watch can be traced back to the Tudor Ref. 89190 released in 1998. Soon later in the late 1990s it was followed by the release of the Hydronaut I. And furthermore, the updated version Hydronaut II was introduced 10 years later in 2009. Undergoing magnificent modifications, the Tudor Hydronaut is well renowned as one of the most durable dive watches in the global market. 

The ancestor of Hydronaut, ref. 89190 was a standard 40mm stainless steel diver watch. Its well-polished case featured agreeably diminished hauls, a paired steel hour-long bezel, and a contrasting dial set with bright markers and hands. As a tool watch for high-level divers and adventurers, the Tudor Hydronaut is water-resistant up to 200 m. This watch was meant to be a reinterpretation of the brand’s older classic diver models.

The Release of Tudor Hydronaut I 

The next year in 1999, the reference 89190 model was relaunched as the first Tudor Hydronaut I. The Hydronaut watch came with an updated dial that featured large stripes of Super-LumiNova filled in the middle of its rectangular hour markers and hands. It has greatly improved the readability in dark conditions during diving. 

Another updated element of this Tudor diving watch was the use of color bezel inserts. For blue dial variants, a blue bezel insert was used while the black dials are paired with black bezel inserts. The other dial color variants are paired with its standard stainless steel inserts. 

Moreover, the style options of the Tudor Hydronaut have become more diversified. For some chronographs models, the sub-dials came in bright colors such as vibrant yellow, shocking orange, and shining silver. The dials are available with a number of versatile choices including colorful mother-of-pearl dials and a carbon fiber black dial.

Today, the Tudor Hydronaut I watch is already a vintage that is still having a group of admirers on the second-hand market. Following the success of the first version, the refined Hydronaut II is holding up its legacy in Tudor's present amassing. 

The Release of Tudor Hydronaut II 

Right after the brand’s grand relaunch, the Tudor Hydronaut II was presented at Baselworld 2009 as one of their flagship models of sports watches. The Hydronaut II features a 41 mm steel case which acts as a standard watch for men. Equipped with a highly scratch-proof crystal glass cover, solid case back and screw-down crown, this Tudor watch offers impressive water resistance up to around 200 meters (or 600 feet). Together with its easy-to-read hands and markers as well as the clear unidirectional bezel, the watch performs well as a reliable companion for diving lovers. This Tudor Hydronaut watch is powered by a modified self-winding mechanical improvement. It ensures the watch to be precise and legible. 

In terms of design aesthetics, the Hydronaut II has continued the best features of its predecessor and subtly modified the watch under a more modern sense of taste. A more noticeable change amongst the modifications should be the minute markings on the bezel. The Hydronaut II placed the every-5-minute markers in an embossed box to clearly identify them for better readability. It is said to be more organized and clear than the normal minute bezel appeared on the Tudor Hydronaut I. Other than that the main structure of the bezel, such as the omission of the 5 and 10-minute marker while replaced by color accent or plain small stick markers, still remained the same as the first model. This special twist on bezel design has cleverly stood the watch out from other diver watches in such a competitive market. 

As for the dial, the standard Tudor Hydronaut II diver watch features a date display window at 3 o’clock. For some Hydronaut chronograph models, the sub-dials act as the second and minute trackers on the dial. The Tudor sports watch for men is well equipped to accompany you for any diving and water sports activities. 

In addition, several Hydronaut models are available in various designs of the bezels in terms of finishing, pattern and colors. There are models that use bezels that are smooth and well polished while there are also other options of matte and ridge textured bezels which are similar to most diver or sports watches. There are also options in terms of bracelets including a full steel profile and a more sporty rubber strap. Both of these straps are well made to ensure the comfort and the style to enlighten the vibe of the jumper's watch. 

Amongst those newer Hydronaut II models, the Tudor Hydro 1200 was well distinguished by its remarkable water-resistance of up to 1200 meters. It can fully support the extreme conditions of deep diving. The watch also features a helium escape valve, which performs well as a fantastically productive segment for drenching jumpers. 

Durable, practical and precise, Tudor Hydronaut is one of the best example to demonstrate the incredible quality of a Tudor tool watch. 

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