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Tudor Watches

As one of the most reputed mechanical watch brands, Tudor is well known for its striking sports watches and tool watches. Despite somehow being overshadowed by its elder brother, the luxury watch giant Rolex, every Tudor watch holds high in the quality leads the brand to a permanent status in the industry. 

Tudor chronograph watches are a key force to garner prominent fame and popularity to the brand. The Tudor Fastrider Chrono collection is one of those which are highly acclaimed amongst the watch enthusiasts from over the globe. First presented as a joint product of the collaboration between Tudor and luxury motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. This Tudor Fastrider chronograph is utility-oriented as a perfect blend of sportiness and functionality that every sports and race lover would desire. 


The Tudor brand’s history can be traced back to its name’s registration in 1926. This name was soon taken over by Hans Wilsdorf in 1936, aiming to build a recognizable brand that would offer affordable watches under Rolex’s umbrella. The brand was officially established in the mid-1940s and started to deliver a series of incredible watches. 

Targeting another market segment from Rolex, Tudor has focused on producing reliable tool watches at a more budget-friendly price range. Adapting the famous Rolex’s waterproof Oyster case, the Tudor watches has been highly regarded as the pioneer in the entry-luxury watch market. They are a splendid pick to accompany the sports and outdoor lovers on every tough occasion. 

Within its tool watch family, chronograph watches have a rich manufacturing history of over 50 years. The first Tudor chronograph model Oysterdate Series 7000, or “Home Plate”, was already well recognised as a robust and functional watch with distinct design aesthetic for over the years. Up to this date, the vintage Tudor chronographs still hold values in the secondary market. 

After the brand’s relaunch, Tudor has also continued its popular chronograph series and housed a number of sought-after models ever since 2009. The Grantour Chronograph takes the lead in the brand’s glamorous range in the family while the Tudor Heritage Chrono was also released within its vintage-inspired Heritage series. 

And further in 2011, the next chronograph, Tudor Fastrider Chrono watch was launched and effortlessly became a hot topic in the world of watches. Born from Tudor‘s partnership with a well-known motorbike brand Ducati, the Fastrider Chrono is well crafted with an ultra-modern design and technological advancements. This large and sporty chronograph is available in several options of sporty color combinations, dials as well as different straps. With such a striking look, it is an ideal pick for sports and race lovers who need an eye-catching yet practical timepiece. 

The Tudor Fastrider Chrono watch entered the market with two initial models featuring its partner brand, Ducati’s signature black and red colors. This 42 mm watch is equipped with a well polished stainless steel case and a powerful chronograph which provides an impressive power reserve of up to 46 hours. 

The striking black and red dial also features a small round date display between 4 to 5 o’clock hour markers. Together with the silver hands and hour markers, this alluring contrast portrayed has given a strong impression to masses and raised massive discussions ever since its release.  

2015 Tudor Fastrider Chrono

Four years after the debut of this Tudor chronograph, the brand released a few new Tudor Fastrider models at Baselworld 2015. They came with several notable updates of these models such as the colors, bezel and some dial details. 

The introduction of new bright dial colors, olive green and yellow, was the most distinguishing difference. The new options have given an urban lifestyle vibe while the usual red dial is also refreshing with the new dial details. The dial of these new models features a matte finishing and the numeral hour markers are replaced by arrowhead steel markers. It showcases a cleaner and smarter design layout for the modern taste.

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

Black has always been the desirable color in every fashion item regardless of the type. Black watches have never gone out of trend and never will. 

The Fastrider Black Shield is the most sought-after series and it has been expanding with more innovative models for these years. Inspired by Ducati’s all black XDiavel motorbike, this sporty chronograph features a fully black profile. Both its case and bezel are made of ceramic and are nicely coated with a black matte finish. The case is an injection molded monobloc construction, which is a whole one piece, and completely impervious to scratches. The light and scratch-proof ceramic case and bezel are paired with the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. 

The first Tudor Black Shield models were introduced in a black dial with red hour markers or with bronze toned hour markers. There are also newer versions available in a higher contrast tone, a black dial with white hour markers. Such a distinctive design aesthetic is proved to be the most striking thing of the collection to date. 

On top of the alluring look, this Tudor black watch is also offering the best in terms of materials and quality. As the series grows, its newer updated models have become equipped with the brand’s modified ETA 7753 self-winding mechanical chronograph caliber, which also offers a 46-hour power reserve. 

Ever since its release, the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph has immediately become a true staple of the collection. The Tudor Black Shield is not just another addition to the black watch family but also standing alone with its edge cutting features and a captivating design. Different from another flagship collection, the Tudor Heritage which is inspired from vintage models, the Tudor Fastrider has explored a new path that leads to fame and success for the brand. It is one of the contemporary and modern leads of Tudor. 

Representing a perfect blend of style and practicality, Tudor Fastrider watches are an ideal choice for those who are looking for a stylish watch with attitude. Available in a wide variety of options in terms of color and design, this exquisite range would well suit in the collection of every sports watch lovers. 

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