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Oris Watches

Oris Watches

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Oris luxury watches have gained a stature that rivals brands that have been around for a far longer time in the industry. A passion for perfection and adaptability are the two key elements of the Oris enterprise that has helped them achieve this phenomenal feat in so little time. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the company in 1904 in the beautiful Swiss town of Holstein. At the time, they may not have realized that, in a space of 25 years, they would have four running factories, overflowing with demand, in the country.

The company derives its name from a brook that runs near the Holstein town. In fact, the same building that housed the Lohner & Co watch factory also provided space for Oris in its infant years. In 1906, Oris decided to open its second factory alongside an assembly plant, and by 1929, cities like Como, Herbetswil, Couyrgenay, and Ziefen had all seen Oris factories spring up. The company decided to launch its first wrist watches from the Ziefen factory.

Oris had established its first dial factory in the city of Biel by 1936 and decided to manufacture its own escapements in 1938. However, the year was known for the launch of the Oris Big Crown. With features like an oversized crown and a Pointer Calendar, the Oris Big Crown was a pilot's watch. The company briefly dived into alarm clock manufacturing to survive the Second World War. However, by 1949, they were all set to stun the world with the Oris model that featured an eight-day power reserve.


The Swiss Watch Statute was a board responsible for restricting companies from the introduction of any new watch technology. In its initial years, the Statute was a major road-block for Oris. Without their permission, the company had to make-do with pin lever escapements and compromise on accuracy. However, this changed in 1945. The Bureau Officiel de Contrôle de la Marche de Montres decided to award a distinction to Oris for their Le Locle for pin lever movement. This was a major stamp of approval for the company’s escapements and their accuracy in the competitor market. Furthermore, in 1966, the company finally became completely free of the stronghold of the Watch Statute. Oris could now jump uninhibitedly in the world of technological developments and innovations.


The year 1952 saw the first Oris Automatic movement, featuring Calibre 601 and a power reserve indicator. In 1965, following the success of its pilot’s watch, the company came up with an enviable diver’s watch. It boasted of features like 100 m water resistance, luminescent hour index, and a unidirectional rotating bezel. The company relaunched the watch as the Oris Divers 65, further down the years.

In 1947, Oris came up with the Oris Caliber 652 and the Observatoire Astronomiqueet Chronometrique awarded the company with a full chronometer certification, the most superior distinction for accuracy.

The Oris Chronoris was launched in 1970, marking the commencement of the Oris Motor Sport collection. This watch broke all popularity records and was relaunched 35 years later, in 2005.


Ever since gaining complete independence, Oris has put mechanical timepieces as its sole centre of focus. In a sea of renowned competitors, this focus is what has made the difference for Oris. The Pointer Calendar is another remarkable feature of Oris wristwatches. First used in the 1930s for the Big Crown watches, it has become one of the company’s trademark features.

Luxury with Affordability

Oris watches have become a milestone in affordable luxury, without conceding a single notch in either quality or perfection. Usually priced between $1000 and $2500, Oris is immensely popular among those enthusiasts who yearn for quality without having to sweat on the paycheck.


Oris houses various categories and collections of watches, designed for different people and cultures. The four broad categories include aviation, diving, motor sport, and culture watches.

Oris Aviation Collection

Oris dived into the world of pilot watches with the Oris Big Crown. The watch featured a particularly large bezel to add convenience to handling with heavy gloves. Even today the Oris Big Crown collections are hugely inspired by the 1938 model. Oris BC3 collections come with reliable durability and an easy-to-read dial. Meanwhile, the Oris Big Crown Propilot and Propilot X collections add further functionality.

Oris Diving Collection

Oris Aquis, Oris Divers and Oris Prodiver are the three diving categories designed for divers. The Oris Divers collections are the most popular, particularly the Oris Diver 65, relaunched after the 1965 model with several novel features and the latest technology. The Oris Diver 65, alone, boasts of 45 models. Meanwhile, the diving category also has other single-model subsets like the Oris X Momotaro and the Oris Holstein edition 2020. For diving professionals, the Oris Prodiver collection is a must-have.

Oris Motor Sport Collection

Oris has four sub-categories for its motor sport section: the Oris TT1, Oris Chronoris, Oris Williams and Oris Artix GT. Inspired by the company’s first chronograph, the Oris Chronoris collection boasts of some of the most phenomenal motor watches today. Meanwhile, the company has also collaborated with the Williams Formula One team to launch its Oris Williams collections in 2003.

Oris Culture Collections

The Oris Classic and the Oris Artelier are two of the company’s most popular cultural collections, which symbolize the brand’s twin pillars of heritage and innovation. They boast of in-house developed calibers and versatile formal design. All the models have a round dial, whereas the Oris Artelier collections consist of sub dials and date windows.

What’s Your Dream Oris Watch?

An Oris watch comes with a unique sense of style and a huge reputation. With a range of designs, from minimalistic features to intricate dials displaying the watch gears in function, an Oris watch is built-in to enhance your particular lifestyle. Browse the collections, and pick an Oris watch that fits your budget.


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