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Tudor is a well-respected Swiss watchmaker which is most renowned for its robust tool watches. Actually, the brand also houses an impressive number of sophisticated dressy watches, specifically, the Tudor watches for women. The Tudor Clair de Rose is a women’s watch that showcases the discreet gentility of the brand under its impeccable craftsmanship. Since its release, this watch collection has been highly acclaimed for its durable and elegant timepieces.

Being in the watch family that has cultivated a bunch of masculine and bold timepieces, the Clair de Rose lady watch is truly a standout with its elegance. Flourishing with decent feminine design elements, this Tudor women’s watch has set a benchmark for other ladies’ watches in the family. Timeless, refined and at the same time reliable, the Tudor Clair de Rose is a perfect everyday watch that stands out effortlessly on any occasion. 


Holding up its rich legacy and distinctive craftsmanship on manufacturing ladies’ watches, Tudor has been releasing a number of alluring watches that capture all the ladies’ hearts. These Tudor watches are definitely a cherishing gift for yourself or the one you adore. 

Ever since the grand relaunch of the whole brand, Tudor has come up with a series of new releases which were inspired by its classic vintage models. The Tudor Clair de Rose is one of the notable watches. It actually bears a long history from some of the vintage women’s watches released in its old golden era such as the famous Tudor Princess, Tudor Glamour or Miss Tudor. The current Tudor Clair de Rose women's watch is exquisitely crafted with the best elements of these references. 

The Tudor lady watch lineups are well recognized for their sense of gentility and grace. The Clair de Rose collection is one of those garnering the admiration with its intricate and beautiful designs. Emerging the greatest essense of the ancestors, this elegant Tudor watch for women was revamped in 2017 with brand new models. Using the traditional and timeless designs, Tudor has skillfully portrayed a true classic with this line of women’s watches. Such a classic profile is now equipped with the latest watchmaking innovation to achieve highly improved durability and readability. This women’s watch is born to captivate the eyes and heart of every onlooker.

Even though the previous ladies’ models are already iconic in the brand’s history, Tudor has taken up the challenge and redesigned the Clair de Rose line with a further refined and intriguing aesthetics. The newly updated models come in several designs and offer in around 18 different versions. They are all available in steel cases with modified mechanical movements. Amongst the innovative and bold sporty models of the brand, for their dressy timepieces Tudor has returned to tradition while taking a perfect balance with contemporary designs. Let’s take a look at how appealing and elegant the Clair de Rose watch is.


As a standard watch for the ladies who have a smaller wrist, the watch is available in three different sizes: 26 mm, 30 mm, and 34 mm. The robust stainless steel case is equipped with a closed case back and a secure screw-down crown. They have proudly ensured the watch’s capability of a complete waterproof up to 100 meters, not just water resistance. This has been one of the brand’s unique strengths to truly support activities of swimmers and water sports lovers. 

On its considerable simple and classic design, the brand has incorporated its symbolic aesthetic elements on its gentle curvy middle case. Its striking winding crown is also set with a brightening blue spinel cabochon.


As stated, this Tudor women’s watch is available in three delicate sizes: 26 mm, 30 mm, and 34 mm. Each of the sizes comes with several different styles in terms of dial designs and straps. These variants are actually quite similar with subtle and slight differences to cater the different tastes of the ladies. First of all, we can take a look at the design of the dial face, which is diversifying based on different color hues and features, such as the fine details of numerals, hour markers, etc.

Basically the overall design of the dial is simple and flawless in classic. To illustrate the vibe of the original design, traditional Roman numerals are used for the hour markers. While for several premium models, diamonds are used to replace the numerals. On the standard models, the numerals and hour and minute hands are in blue while creating an enlightening contrast with the silver dial background.

When we look carefully at the finer details, we can see that both the inner radial guilloché as well as the outer ring of the Clou de Paris design element, just past the numerals, follows the second subdivision. This is considered as another feature on the dial that demonstrates perfectly the high precision of this reliable Tudor watch. 

As mentioned, there are diamond-paved versions in this collection. You can choose a full diamond set of hour markers or an option where the diamond is paved in the numerals only in between the quarterly divisions. 


The Tudor Clair de Rose watch is powered by the brand’s modified self-winding movements. The larger 34 mm version is fitted with Caliber 2824 movement while the smaller 26 mm and 31 mm versions are fitted with 2671 movement. They are all providing a date display function and are capable of a power reserve of up to 38 hours. 


Just like the dial options, each size of the watch is also available in various wrist options. There are stainless steel versions, two-tone bracelets to match with its two-tone case models, and the dark embossed leather straps. This eye-catching bracelet is produced with a traditional Jacquard technique invented by a 150-year-old French family company. 

The Tudor Clair de Rose Collection is offering exceptional watches for women that will splendidly highlight your personality and taste of style. This classic watch is an ideal choice for every situation from daily office work to an energizing night party. With such a variety of impressive choices, you will definitely be able to get the one that suits you best. 

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