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Tudor Watches

Tudor has long been acknowledged as the subsidiary of the esteemed watch brand Rolex. Garnering a solid reputation in the market with its exquisite timepieces, the Swiss watchmaker has sleekly retained a steady position in the global market after its relaunch in 2009.

The well-respected watch manufacturer Tudor has been producing quality everyday watches in various styles at affordable price ranges. Delight to wear, these Tudor watches are an exceptional choice for daily wear on any occasion with their timeless designs. The Tudor Classic series are one of those which have brought fame and success to the brand. 

Offering a wide range of subtle and refined watches for watch lovers who are fond of simpler watches, the Tudor Classic watches are available in both classic and modern colour hues. It is a versatile collection that houses both Tudor watches for men and watches for women. The Tudor women watch models are especially designed with stunning feminine elements such as solar, constellations, and other romantic patterns.

Initially registered the trademark in 1926 by a Swiss watch company Veuve de Philippe Hüther, its very first timepiece was launched to the Australian market in 1932. 

Taking the name to honor the prevailing Tudor Dynasty in England, the well-established brand Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf took over the complete right of the “The Tudor” brand from company Veuve de Philippe Hüther. Until 1946, the early Tudor watches produced during that period were presented with the rose icon inside a shield that symbolizes the Tudor dynasty on their dials. 

To build up the individual identity for “The Tudor” brand and expand its market, Hans Wilsdorf reworked the company logo and officially launched the Montres Tudor S.A. company in 1946. Since then, the watches produced from 1947 onwards started to remove the shield around the rose from the dial to simplify the logo. 

Targeting a different market segment from its sister company Rolex, the Tudor brand has been emphasizing the durability and robustness of the Tudor watches. It is an alluring standout with such superb quality amongst the watches from the competitors in the same range. Sharing the same facilities and the oyster cases with Rolex, these Tudor vintage watches were highly apprised amongst watch collectors from all over the world. 

Carrying the strength from its sibling Rolex, the brand launched the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner, the first Tudor diver watch in 1954. With the famous Oyster case that Hans Wilsdorf invented, this Tudor Prince diving watch offered an exceptional water resistance with a sleek design exclusive for divers and water sports lovers. Consisting of precision, durability and practicality, the early Tudor diver models were regarded as a reliable tool for professional divers. Grounded by the initial success, the Tudor Oyster had undergone a number of revisions and updates to make it one of the best diver watches of that era. 

Since the 1960s Tudor had started to serve the women’s market with its sophisticated designs. The Tudor watches for women are well crafted with a perfect blend of elegance and watchmaking traditions. On its robust and durable profile, the brand has always skillfully added a touch of grace for the ladies’ watches. Its famous Tudor Royal vintage watches for ladies were one of the inspirations for the Tudor Classic collection of the current watch family. 

In 1970 the release of the Tudor Oysterdate chronograph gained overwhelming responses from the market and numerous variations followed in the next years due to its success. After its bloom with its renowned Tudor chronograph in the 1970s, the brand had stopped releasing new collections until the 1990s. In 2009 the brand initiated a major relaunch and introduced a series of vintage-inspired models in the following years to the market. With these exceptional timepieces, the brand again retained its momentum in the industry up to this date. The Tudor Classic series is one of the notable collections that demonstrate the brand’s core value. 

The new Tudor Classic collection is a house of subtle and refined watches for both men and women that perform as a perfect fit for all occasions. The collection offers standard classic options with different dials as well as variations that feature premium elements including 18k gold two-tone and diamond paving.

The silken, refined form and the timeless elegance, of these essences beautifully distinguish the Tudor Classic collection from other dress watches. This collection is composed of a diversified series of models in high-quality stainless steel versions, steel case with leather straps or in steel and 18k yello gold two-tone combination. Pairing with different dials and bracelets, the Tudor Classic lady models are also adorned with fancy and feminine elements such as sun, star or moon motifs. 

All of these watches are equipped with a quality automatic mechanical movement and are water-resistant up to 100 meters of depth for the newer models such as references 21010, 23010 and 22013.

Popular Models of Tudor Classic Collection

Tudor Classic 21010

The Classic 21010 models are considered to be delivering the true essence of the Tudor brand. Like all the Tudor watches well known for, this Tudor 21010 reference is extremely reliable and durable. The watch is available in a full quality stainless steel base with different dial colour options, including classic silver, black and dark blue. There are diamond-paved versions for a more luxurious option as well. Its date display window is placed on the right side of the dial at the 3 o'clock position. 

Tudor Classic 23010

This ref. 23010 watch is a Tudor Classic Date men’s dress watch that is encapsulated in a 41 mm stainless steel case. The well-polished case is paired with its matching bracelets and a solid folding steel clasp. Together with a scratch-resistant crystal glass, the case offers a standard 100 m watch resistance. Inside the case, it rests a remarkable automatic movement that provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours. This Tudor watch for men is a solid item that consists of elegance and functionality.

Upholding the brand’s reputation, Tudor Classic collection offers some of the most reliable and refined timepieces among Swiss watches. 

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