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As one of the most renowned watch brands worldwide, Tudor has been offering an exceptional selection of Swiss-made watches in a wide variety of styles. Established by Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor watches are highly acclaimed for its superb quality and pocket-friendly price range. 

The Tudor Iconaut watch is one of the most durable pieces in the brand’s tool watch family. 

Bold and reliable, the Tudor Iconaut watch is actually the first Tudor watch that was equipped with a GMT complication. This Tudor GMT watch is available in several versions with impressive technological advancements to cater the needs of the Tudor lovers who frequently travel.

Being one of the well-known professional “naut” series of Tudor watch family, the 43 mm Tudor tool watch has gained a noticeable group of admirers with its robustness and practicality. It is highly regarded as a reliable companion for any adventures and outdoor activities. 


As we may all know, Tudor is a sister company of the watchmaking legend Rolex. It was originally trademarked in 1926 in Geneva, Switzerland and later taken over by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. As a second-tier luxury watch brand, the Tudor watches are available at a modest price range while keeping Rolex’s quality. Over the years, Tudor has solidly stood alone as the sole watchmaker in its own market segment. 

A number of exquisite Tudor watches, such as the Tudor Black Bay, Tudor Pelagos and more, have gained massive success and fame for the brand with their high quality and distinctive designs. Offering such exceptional performance and edge-cutting design aesthetic, these Tudor watches have amazed the watch enthusiasts over the world with the budget-friendly package. If you are looking for an affordable luxury watch with promising quality, a Tudor watch should be your perfect pick.

Durable, powerful and reliable, the Tudor watches are all produced in superb quality that have garnered the hearts of watch enthusiasts all over the world. The Tudor Iconaut collection is no exception. Despite being overshadowed by the more famous Tudor Black Bay, the Tudor Iconaut watch is actually the brand’s first GMT watch. Following this tagline, “Be anything but obvious.”, used for the promotion for the Iconaut collection in 2008, it is meant to be one of the most unique watches ever sold in the brand’s watch family. This watch is one of the few watches that are equipped with all the date display window, GMT, and chronograph complications at the same time. 

As one of the brand’s “naut” models, the Tudor Iconaut was introduced together with other models, Tudor’s Aeronaut GMT and Tudor Hydronaut diving watch. The term “naut” is referred to, as a suffix, the commonly used “astronaut” or the Russian word “cosmonaut”. These Tudor “Naut” watches are specially designed for travelers or specific groups of adventurers such as aeronauts, aquanauts, oceanauts and even gastronauts. They are categorized into three main lineups: Tudor Hydronaut, Aeronaut and Iconaut. The Tudor Hydronaut is a versatile house of several reliable dive watches that the brand is renowned for, while both Aeronaut and Iconaut represent a new milestone of Tudor’s first attempt into the market of traveler tool watches, specifically in terms of a dual-time zone and GMT complications. 

The Tudor Iconaut is a perfect choice for your exciting and adventurous journey. The first Iconaut reference 20400 model was released as both a sports chronograph and a dual time-zone watch. It features a chunky and robust look that fits best on the adventure and sports lovers who have thicker wrists. The release of this bold watch has further established the reputation of the brand’s robustness and practicality.

The Iconaut watch is available in options of several colors, designs, and performance, such as the dial colors as well as the colors of hands and hour markers, which will definitely suit you best when you need an outdoor tool watch. 


The Tudor Iconaut is a large watch that features a 43 mm stainless steel case covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and secure clown. It provides exceptional waterproof up to a depth of 150 meters. The bulky crown has further emphasized its strength and masculinity of the watch. Paired with the stainless steel matching straps, the whole profile is durable and stable to accompany the wearers at tough adventures. 


On top of its rugged look, the watch features a fixed steel bezel with large 24-hour numerals for the GMT complication. The extra-large numerals are one of the standing-out elements that distinguishes Tudor Iconaut from other models from afar. 

As for the dial, it is fitted with a unique design while showcasing its advanced functions. Being a practical GMT watch, its dial features a date display window at a rare 4 o’clock position. Moreover, another highlight of the design is the upside-down shark fin triangle sub-dial shade at nine o’clock. It is a running seconds hand while sitting together with the 30-minute tracker on the top sub-dial and the elapsed hour tracker at the bottom of the dial. All the three sub-dials have skillfully incorporated the color tone, red, white and black, and created a stylish vibe. Its center seconds hand can function also as the stopwatch seconds hand as well as the tachymeter reading. 


As the brand’s first multi-functional sports watch, the Tudor Iconaut is powered by a remarkable self-winding Valjoux movement, the modified Tudor caliber 7754. This powerful movement provides a high stability and precision just like the other Tudor timepieces. With such functionality and durability, the wearer would be able to dive, drive and travel with it without any worries. 

The Tudor Iconaut watch for men is regarded as one of the most affordable yet practical GMT chronograph watches in the Tudor watch catalog. Bold and stylish, It is a perfect pick to turn everyone’s head for any sporty and casual occasion. At the same time it is also a reliable companion while going for a weekend trip and adventures. 

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