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Tudor Watches

With its long-standing reputation, Tudor has been one of the most renowned watch brands in the world of horology ever since its establishment. Despite being less discussed than its big brother Rolex, Tudor still stands firmly on the leading position in the entry-luxury watch market. The brand has delivered an impressive number of innovative timepieces that are highly admired amongst watch enthusiasts over the globe. The Tudor Heritage Chrono watch is one of the notable models of the brand. 

Amongst the very first Tudor vintage-inspired models after the brand’s grand relaunch, the Tudor Heritage Chrono was introduced in 2010 Baselworld. The watches from the Tudor Heritage line have taken inspiration from Tudor most iconic vintage watch models, carrying their distinctive designs and values of horology intact. The Tudor Heritage Chrono, as well, re-edit the vintage design aesthetics and skillfully blended with the modern elements and watchmaking innovations. 

These Tudor chronograph watches are highly acclaimed by the watch admirers over the world with its striking design features with the sophisticated functionalities. Its bright orange and blue highlights and the vintage retro aesthetic have made the Tudor Heritage Chrono truly stand out among other watches at the same era.

Ever since its launch in 1946 by its sibling brand Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Swiss watchmaker Tudor has kept on striving for the best quality in its own niche in the market. Tudor was created to be the second tier watch brand as an affordable alternative of Rolex. Over the years it had produced a bunch of memorable timepieces that hold values in the secondary market. 

In the past few years after its brand relaunch in 2009, Tudor has re-interpreted and released a series of vintage-inspired watches including the renowned Tudor Heritage lineups. These vintage-inspired watches, holding a flair of modern lifestyle have successfully garnered the attention of watch lovers all around the world. In just a short span of time, Tudor has already built itself a name over the world and reached a steady status in the watch industry. 

Being one of the brand’s flagship series, the Tudor Heritage collections have been constantly expanding and house a number of well selling pieces including its most known Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch, Tudor Heritage Ranger, the Heritage Black Bay Dark as well as the Tudor Heritage Chrono. 

Tudor has been consistent in producing contemporary watches by taking inspiration from the most popular designs from its history. The Tudor Heritage Chrono watch is one of the first badges released at Baselworld 2010. The Tudor Chronograph was designed from the roots of the vintage models in the '70s, the Tudor Oysterdate chronographs. These older models with bold shapes and cutting-edge designs were considered some of the most iconic chronographs watches manufactured at that period of time. Being the modern interpretation of such legendary timepieces, the Tudor Heritage Chrono has beautifully incorporated the representative elements into their own designs. 

This Tudor chronograph collection consists of two main models: the Tudor Heritage Chrono and Heritage Chrono Blue. The first Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N model debuted at Baselworld 2010, together with some other Heritage fellows. The watch was first available in options of black and gray versions. Following its first success, the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue was introduced in 2013 and impressed the world’s watch lovers with the bold “Monte-Carlo" look. 

These two Heritage Chrono watches have already been in the market for a while and still remain popular amongst a certain group of supporters. Let’s take a deeper look at these remarkable models. 

Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N

The Tudor Heritage Chrono model 70330N was introduced as the first release of the collection. This model is available in two versions of colours: a black dial background with gray sub-dials and a gray dial background with black sub dials. 

Well crafted with the reference of prototype of the 1970s ref. 7033/0, these Tudor chronographs are paired with the same bezel and 12-hour scale as the old versions. The new versions are updated to a larger 42 mm stainless steel case with the design that resembles the 1970s chronographs such as bold structure, lugs, protected crown and the screwed pushers are all faithful re-edited from the old chronograph models. 

Being the first thing onlooker would glance at, the dial further carries the most iconic features of the watches from the 70s’ models. The elements such as the magnificent bright colour hour markers, the bright orange second hand, and especially the chronograph sub dials. 

Yet since there are differences between the movement of the old model and the updated movement, the sub-dials of running seconds and chronograph minutes had swapped positions. The movement used on the Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N is an automatic ETA 2892 caliber. With the new placement of a few additional features, the small second running counter is placed at the 3 o'clock position while the 45-minute counter is at the 9 o’clock position. The date display window is kept in its position at 6 o'clock. 

Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330B

In 2013, the new version of this alluring Tudor watch was released at Baselworld. This Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue watch has instantly captured the hearts of the Tudor admirers. 

The new Tudor Chrono watch was introduced as a homage to Tudor Monte Carlo versions. Carrying the same design aesthetics and technicalities as the 2010 black and gray versions, the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue 70330B features a much more eye-catching bright blue and orange colour combination. 

The watch’s bezel, dial ring and sub-dial background are all in bright blue hue colour. Together with the light gray central part of the dial and orange second hand and minute markers, the whole profile of the watch presents an altogether refreshing and enchanting look. 

The Tudor Heritage Chrono watch also functions as a solid GMT watch. The hour-marked rotating bezel can act as a second-time zone tracker. It allows you to monitor the time difference of the foreign time indicated at 12 o'clock, while the hour hands will then indicate local time.

Over the years, Tudor has done a superb job of delivering several exquisite timepieces. The Tudor Heritage Chrono watch is one of these masterpieces that will never let you down. 

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