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Chanel’s Secret – Why are its Watches so Special?

Most businesses are, well, businesses. Their objectives are confined to maximizing sales, generating revenue and turning in profits. Chanel does not practice this ideology. It prefers to take time in crafting its watches meticulously. The hard work pays off as every watch is no less than a masterpiece. This also creates good hype in the industry as fans of Chanel know their patience will be worth it. 

Initially, what set Chanel apart from other watchmakers was its emphasis on ornamentation. Chanel watches look luxurious. They were akin to a piece of jewelry which also tells the time as a bonus. As time progressed, Chanel too has evolved its watches. Yes, they still look amazing. But now Chanel has included many technological upgrades to the watches. They can easily meet the demands of a modern digital world. 


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