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Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches

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Being a comparatively young luxury watch brand, the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot is highly recognized for their extravagant design and craftsmanship. Since its launch in 1980, the Hublot watch has stood out for its distinctive sense of art in watchmaking and exquisite materials of manufacturing. Let’s explore more about its story to understand how its contemporary watches attract watch lovers all across the world. 

The journey of the prestigious Swiss watch brand Hublot began in 1980. It was established by an Italian watchmaker Carlo Crocco, who had earlier worked in his uncle’s company, the widely respected Binda Group. He was acquainted with a high level of watchmaking traditions during that time. 

With determination and strive for innovations, he started his own business and gained a speedy and successful rise in the industry. Since the beginning of the company, Carlo Crocco has already been creating highly unique and fascinating watches. 

The first watch of the brand was named Hublot, which means “porthole” in French. This Hublot watch is equipped with a gold case paired with a rubber bracelet. This unique fusion received overwhelming responses from many watch enthusiasts across the world. 

The rubber strap of the Hublot watch was something that was completely unfamiliar as a material of watch straps at the time. To get his ideal strap, Carlo Crocco had spent over one million dollars on three years of research and inventions. Finally, the rubber which would not fade, wear or crack has been created. This material is able to deliver the perfect mix of robustness and comfort. Besides, the odor that is usually associated with rubber is eliminated by especially potent vanilla. This formed the special rubber strap for the first Hublot watch. 

The designs by Hublot watches were sporty, stylish and comfortable with its porthole-case, black-dial, and black rubber strap. They made a perfect combination and distinguished themselves from the other classic watches in the 1980s. Despite the eye-catching design, Carlo Crocco did not neglect the most important element of a watch. Hublot watches are equipped with the technical precisions with the expertise in watchmaking which came from what he experienced from Binda Group.

As soon as it was released, the Hublot watch had caught the attention of many European royal families. Quite a number of royal members were spotted wearing Hublot watches, including the King of Greece, the King of Spain, then the King of Sweden, the Prince of Monaco and more. Hublot had quickly found its market in the ultra-high-end niche. 

After more than 20 years of building its name in high society all over the world, Hublot witnessed its important milestone in 2004 and 2005. In 2004, the marketing genius Jean-Claude Biver became the new CEO of Hublot, who was highly appraised while being the president of Omega in Swatch Group. He brought up the emphasis on the core concept of “Art of Fusion” and directed the introduction of Hublot’s flagship collection, the Hublot Big Bang. With the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph in 2005, the company gained tremendous success and witnessed exemplary growth. 

In April 2008 Hublot was acquired by the international luxury goods group LVMH, whose existing portfolio of watch brands includes TAG Heuer.

Hublot is one of the renowned luxury watch manufacturers which retain close cooperation with international sports events. Today Hublot is the official partner of huge sports events including Formula 1 and the FIFA World Cup 2010.

At present, Hublot has over 50 stores in the main cities worldwide including Hublot Singapore. With its exotic designs and art of fusion, the modern Hublot has become one of the most influential luxury watch brands along with other historical competitors. 

The Hublot watch family houses various models including the most iconic Hublot Big Bang, Hublot Classic Fusion, Hublot King Power, Hublot MP, Hublot Tourbillon and more. They are all available in ranges of style, material and complications. 

These Hublot watches are a perfect choice for anyone who is searching for a watch with innovation, style, and creativity. Now let’s dive a little bit into the famous models of Hublot Watches. 

Hublot Big Bang

The birth of the Hublot Big Bang watch has made a significant impact in the world of watchmaking and brought Hublot with great success up til the date.

With the mission of modernising the Hublot brand with a new flagship model, Jean-Claude Biver unveiled Hublot Big Bang at 2015 Baselworld. The first Hublot Big Bang was available in 44mm case size with a ceramic bezel. Holding up its “Art of Fusion” the watch also featured a highly legible woven carbon fiber dial and housed an ETA Caliber 4100 movement. 

The design of Hublot Big Bang was faithfully inspired by the 1980 original Hublot watch model and incorporated the key elements of the original design: the porthole-inspired round bezel, exposed screws and rubber wrist strap. The Big Bang watch was awarded the title of Best Design at the Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve. With the high recognition of the industry, the Big Bang was hotly appraised by watch enthusiasts and has become the most sought-after model of the Hublot family. 

Since its first release, the Big Bang has undergone numerous updated versions with innovative materials like a lightweight alloy made of magnesium and aluminum.

Hublot Classic Fusion

In 2010, Hublot Classic Fusion was released as the simplified version of Hublot Big Bang. It is considered as a lower-priced alternative to cater different needs of its audiences. 

The Classic Fusion features a cleaner design with a less-crowded dial, while retaining the iconic Hublot porthole case design, the bold hour markers, and hands. These signature features enlighten the discreet design of Classic Fusion without being too plain. The first Classic Fusion watch was available in two case sizes, Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm and Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm. There were also options of either steel or red gold and choices of a matte dial with a gold or steel bezel as well as the sportier carbon fiber dial with a ceramic bezel.

It is undoubtedly that Hublot watches perfectly blend tradition and innovation in clear proportions. They are modern and stylish with extravagant designs. The Hublot watch prices vary largely from thousands to millions of dollars depending on the materials and complications. No matter which Hublot watch you are eyeing at, it will deniably turn heads in any occasions.

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