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Sevenfriday Watches

All About the Sevenfriday Watches

The founders wanted to create a distinctive watch brand that has Swiss craftsmanship and is affordable. The old-school principles because of the restrictive rules and regulations associated with the traditional Swiss watch-making techniques often increase the price of the watches exorbitantly. 

Since creative freedom was restricted, therefore, the company followed an innovative and cost-effect method to produce their Seven Friday watches. The watches from this exclusive brand are designed in Switzerland and manufactured by expert manufacturers in Japan, where the production costs are lower. The high-quality remains uncompromised and yet affordability is maintained. 

P Series the debut collection was launched in 2012 and it was followed by M, V, Q, S, T and W series in the subsequent years.


Seven Friday Watch Collection

The designs are original and all Seven Friday watches typically integrate two key segments: the Box (case) and the Interface. The case, protective glass, and animation ring/bezel are incorporated in the box. The discs, hands, dial, and movement are placed in the interface.


All Seven Friday watches display the multi-layer interface design in the center and a streamlined layout includes the intricate design details. The number of layers can be 4, 5, 6 or 7 depending upon the model. The interface shows time with analog hands or discs, or sometimes it is the combination of both. 

The Seven Friday watches are characteristically made of stainless steel and are coated with PVD coating in some versions. Each watch is fitted with a hardened mineral crystal glass. The watches are water-resistant up to 30 meters underwater (30 atmospheres/atm). Japanese manufacturers equip all the brand’s watches the mechanical self-winding movements. 

All Seven Friday watches that are manufactured since 2015 are fitted with NFC chips on their stainless steel case-backs. This chip allows the owner to authenticate his/her watch via the Seven Friday Android App and they can find authorized retailers on the app.


Seven Friday P Series

P Series is the debut collection of the Seven Friday brand and it was introduced in 2012, The design inspiration of each model is different from the next one. Its model P1 is inspired by industrial essence, P2 by industrial revolution, and P3 by industrial engines. The Kuka Robots inspired the P1/3, P1/4, and P1/5 versions. Motorsports and industrial designs inspire the models like P3B/03 and P3B/06. P3B/01 Racer is inspired by motor-cycle engines. The other variants in this collection draw inspiration from different industrial ideas. 


P Series Seven Friday watch models sport a vintage TV-inspired, rounded-square case with 47 mm diameter and lug-less design. These watches are available in multiple colors and are made from stainless steel. P Series Seven Friday watches also exhibit an animation ring around the case. There is a hardened mineral crystal glass at the top, and its interface holds the hour and minute hands. The interface is also fitted with a 24-hour disc and a running seconds disc.


Seven Friday M Series

M Series is the second collection from Seven Friday and it was launched in 2014. Its first model M1 was inspired by turbines. M2 was inspired by analog gauging meters. Inspiration for M2/02 was copper pipes, and for M3/01 it was spaceships. M1B/01 took inspiration from the markings and stamping patterns of the urban explorer. All the watches from this collection are similar to the materials, patterns, design, craftsmanship, and dimensions of the P Series. 


Seven Friday V Series

The V Series Seven Friday watches feature a different case design compared to the P & M series. This collection was launched in 2015 and took inspiration from industrial barrels. The case design is unique as it is round with a squared edge. The speedometers and barometers inspired the watch designers to design the interface. 


There is an added technology of ‘additioner principle’ used to calculate time. The feature of the ‘day and night’ indication is appreciated by the patrons. Fast Strap Changer (FSC) was introduced for the first time with this collection. The NFC (Near Field Communication) chip allows the watch to communicate with compatible devices in the vicinity.


Seven Friday Q Series

Seven Friday Q Series is quite similar in characteristics to the V Series. Its stainless steel case has mineral crystal glass and a brushed bezel at the top. 


Inspirational sources are different for each model. Q1/01 model is inspired by the audio apparatus and soundboards and the Q2/02 model is inspired by the engine-order-telegraph of steamboats. Q3/05 model is inspired by the precision-equipment used in motor-racing. The Q Series Seven Friday watches feature a date display which is very convenient for the wearer. Of course, there are hands that indicate hour and minute. There is a C-shape-inner-track created to display seconds.


Seven Friday S Series

The S Series uses the same case design of P and M Series Seven Friday watches. The stainless steel case of this exquisite timepiece is fitted with mineral crystal glass, a translucent nylon animation ring, and a bezel. These watches were launched in 2017 and the hands display hours and minutes. A C-shaped track displays the seconds. There is an indicator displaying three arrows.

The S1/01 model is inspired by the recycling technology and eco-friendly methods of the manufacturing industry. It is fitted with an animation ring that uses recyclable plastic. The Sandblasted antique brass PVD animation ring adorns the S2/01 model. Vintage brass valves are fitted in it. The S3/01 has a black Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) animation ring with a crown guard. It takes inspiration from the engine mounts.


Seven Friday T Series

This Seven Friday T Series has a similar case silhouette as that of the P, M, and S series, but the dimensions are smaller. Its light-weight case is appreciated by the wearers and the watch is smaller and thinner compared to the other watches which are manufactured by this Swiss brand. 


The two-part case (bezel and case) looks quite stylish. Since it does not have the screwed case back and the animation ring, it looks different from the previous versions of watches. The transparent dial is made of a sunglass lens, and the skeleton movement is visible through that. The case and bezel are available in black Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), gunmetal PVD, or steel finishing in different versions of this Seven Friday watches. 


Seven Friday W Series

The W Series is inspired by the industrial saw blade. It has a similar case silhouette as that of the V and Q Series timepieces. This seven Friday watch is designed with a sunray brushed bezel, stainless steel case, screwed case-back, and hardened mineral-crystal-glass. 


You can change your straps easily in this elegant watch as it is fitted with a Fast Strap Changer (FSC). It is fitted with five-layer interface and there are three rotating discs for displaying the night & day, hour, and seconds. It is also fitted with a large central hand that tracks minutes.


The Seven Friday watches are renowned for their Swiss innovation, affordable price range, and revolutionary designs. Manufactured by well-respected Japanese manufacturers, who are known for following Six-sigma methodologies, these timepieces are every owner’s pride. Moreover, the usage of the NFC technology helps the consumers to identify the fake Seven Friday watches.

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