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Tudor Tudor 1926 Watches

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Tudor was officially founded by Hans Wilsdorf, the highly esteemed Rolex’s founder. Despite being the second-tier brand to Rolex, Tudor watches have preserved the reliability and robustness of Rolex watches, while being available at more affordable prices. The brand has soon managed to establish its name in the global market. 

The Swiss watchmaker Tudor released a series of revival models of its vintage watches from the 1950s to 1970s. These Tudor watches have effortlessly brought significant successes and fame to the brand. The Tudor 1926 collection is one of these highly acclaimed Tudor watches. 

The Tudor 1926 watch was launched to awaken a sense of reminiscent feeling in the Tudor lovers. As we can see from the name itself, this watch was inspired by a time that was almost a hundred year ago, which is the year that “The Tudor” was first trademarked. Thereby this collection was crafted under the inspiration from the Tudor watches in its early ages, and was re-edited into a modern-day interpretation of those classic pieces. This modern Tudor 1926 watch is one of the brand’s most refined and sophisticated watches that bring you back to the golden era.


To trace back the root of Tudor, we should look back to the year 1926 when the name “The Tudor” was first registered by the watch company Veuve de Philippe Hüther. The founder of the esteemed luxury watch brand Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf took over “The Tudor” trademark in 1936 and officially established the Tudor brand in 1946 as a second-tier co-brand to Rolex. 

Soon after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf established the Montres TUDOR SA company in 1946, as a sole entity of its own. In the early stage of the Tudor brand, it was often associated with Rolex under its marketing strategies and advertisements. At that time Rolex was already leading the industry with its groundbreaking innovation, the Rolex Oyster cases. As the little brother, Tudor also excelled in the watchmaking quality while sharing the resources and Oyster case technology of Rolex. 

These reliable Tudor timepieces were available at a relatively lower price range for the entry-luxury watch market. With such attractive pricing, Tudor watches have successfully garnered a wide range of customers. For years, Tudor has expanded to be a versatile watch family that houses some splendid collections, including the Tudor Oyster Prince, Tudor Black Bay, the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield and more. 

Since the grand relaunch of the brand in 2009, Tudor has further consolidated its status in the watch industry with its constant release of a series of exceptional timepieces. The Tudor 1926 watch is one of the amazing watches that impressed watch enthusiasts from all over the world. 

In Baselworld 2018, Tudor released a couple of hot models and updated versions for its popular collections such as the flagship model Tudor Black Bay watch. For its most renowned collection, Tudor released the upgraded models Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight and the Tudor Black Bay GMT model. Being introduced together with these highly discussed models, the new Tudor 1926 watch collection was meant to remind the Tudor watch collectors of the brand’s rich history and heritage. It represents a brand new milestone for the brand.

As its name stated, the Tudor 1926 was named after the year the brand was registered. 

The 1926 series was meant to be a new entry point for the Tudor watch family. It is not the usual reliable tool watch that Tudor has been known for. The classic and elegant design aesthetic of the 1926 watch model has set a benchmark for all other Tudor dressy watches. The vintage inspired watch links the wearers back to the roots of Tudor in its early era when the goal was to provide the most elegant timepieces in a robust profile. 


As we can obviously expect from its name, the Tudor 1926 model has a rich history behind it. This vintage inspired collection was created particularly to honor the brand’s heritage ever since it was born. The Tudor 1926 has brought a touch of nostalgia with the brand’s impressive craftsmanship and history.

This collection offers a variety of vintage-looking watches which have been refined and modified to adapt to daily use in the modern days. 


The new Tudor 1926 collection is available in an array of options of size. There are nine variants of each case size in a wide range from 28 mm for ladies’ watches to 41mm for mens’ watches. The finishing and materials of the case are also offered in several versions including all-steel models, steel and 18k gold two-tone models as well as all gold versions. Equipped with a solid crystal glass cover, closed case back and screw-down crown, these robust watches are water-resistant up to depth of 100m.


The Tudor 1926 watch features a traditional dial with an hour marker combination with Arabic numerals for even numbered and arrow shapes or diamond paving for the odd number hours. The dial background is textured in a “waffle” check pattern while demonstrating a delightful contrast with the steel, rose gold, or blued hour markers. There is a date display window placed next to the 3 o’clock hour marker. This Tudor dress watch offers a standard practicality to meet the needs for daily use. 


In order to keep the costs low and deliver affordable timepieces to the target market segment, the Tudor 1926 is one of those Tudor watches which use modified ETA movements instead of in-house movements. Most of the Tudor 1926 models are powered by a reliable ETA 2824 mechanical movement, while the smallest 28 mm models are using a slimmer ETA 2671 automatic movement. Both of these movements offer a satisfying power reserve up to around 38 hours at a 4Hz operating frequency. 

Dressy, elegant and reliable, the Tudor 1926 collection has presented a versatile series of timeless and affordable pieces that can seamlessly pair with all kinds of outfits and accompany you on every occasion in a stylish way. Carrying the brand’s legacy and value, Tudor 1926 is one of the best watches that would truly look great and reveal your taste.

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