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Tudor Watches

Tudor Watches

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Tudor, as the sister brand to Rolex, is considered as the lower-priced alternative to Rolex. This Swiss watch brand has been manufacturing chic and high-quality Tudor watches with advanced mechanics and offering them at a reasonable price. With a rapid growth of admirers, Tudor is well recognised in the watch industry and grew into one of the best watchmakers in the world.

Tudor, the renowned watch brand, began its watchmaking journey in 1946. The brand was established by the founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf, with the aim of producing a series of lower-priced luxury watches with a high level of quality close to Rolex. 

Soon after its launch in the 1930s and 1940s, Tudor successfully grabbed the attention of the public and it quickly grew into one of the world's best watchmaker brands. The 1950s was regarded as the peak era for Tudor when it launched its debut models including the Tudor Oyster and Tudor Oyster Prince. Built with the technique and experience of Rolex’s watchmaking, these Tudor watches offered the best quality at market-friendly prices. Due to their splendid reliability and affordability, these Tudor watches have gained wide popularity all across the world. 

In 1954 Tudor released one of its most recognisable watches, the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner. The build of this iconic Tudor watches model was very similar to the Rolex Submariner reference 6204. Some of its features indicated were referenced from the Rolex diver watch models, including the screw-down back and crown. 

Its reliable features had attracted the attention of various military and sports units. history. Especially the Tudor diver models, the Tudor watches were used in various military and sports uses. For example, the 7922 model Tudor Submariner was supplied to the members of France's Marine Nationale. The Marine Nationale unit even participated in the development and testing of Tudor dive watches. Furthermore, the Tudor Submariner models were widely used by various military units, including the Jamaican Defense Force, Canadian Navy, and the United States Navy. This is a solid proof of the promising quality and robustness of Tudor watches.

Tudor has been striving for bringing newer innovations to the industry. Well utilising the craftsmanship of Rolex, Tudor offers unique and experimental designs with variations of materials, styles, and complications. Today Tudor watches are available in stores in all main countries such as the Tudor Singapore stores. You can find a comprehensive lineup at a very reasonable price. 

Tudor has been well known for its reliable tool watches. Some of its lineups that stand Tudor out from its competitors include the popular Tudor Heritage Collection Tudor sports watch Black Bay line and more. They are regarded as a perfect entry watch for the world of luxury timepieces. Some of the most popular Tudor watch models have been listed below:

Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor Black Bay debuted in 2012 as a Tudor diver watch collection. The watch is equipped with a 41mm case size which is water resistant up to a depth of 200m. 

Taking inspiration from several Tudor Submariner dive watches of the 1950s, the Black Bay watch has combined outstanding features of the previous versions into its design. One of its most recognisable features, the snowflake hour hand should be inspired from the iconic Tudor 1967 Submariner 7021 aka Snowflake Submariner. 

The Tudor Black Bay dial is equally simple, functional and easy to read. It is available in various options of colors with a Matt finishing. The hands and lume plots are well crafted from pink gold and the unidirectional rotating bezel is made from robust stainless steel. On top of the whole steel version as a complete dive watch, the Black Bay is also available with a vintage leather strap. 

With its sleek design and excellent build, the Black Bay watch is considered as one of the best dive watches in history.

Tudor Black Bay 58

Under the umbrella of the popular Black Bay collection, the Tudor Black Bay 58 watch was introduced in 2018 Baselworld. It immediately became one of the most-discussed watches of the year. The Tudor BB58 has distinguished itself from other Black Bay models with a new size, a new combination of design elements and a new movement. It is often considered as a new watch that inherits the success of Black Bay collection.  

Referencing the brand’s early diving watches of the 1950s, one important change of the new Black Bay Fifty Eight is its size. The TUDOR Black Bay 58 is smaller and slimmer. The case of the watch is 39mm diameter and 11.9mm thick, which is 2mm smaller in diameter and nearly 3mm thinner than other Tudor Heritage Black Bay models. 

Equipped with the renowned Tudor in-house movement, Black Bay Fifty-Eight watch has escalated as one of the flagship watches for Tudor, alongside the other top Black Bay models.

Tudor Pelagos

First released in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos is the deepest dive watch of the brand. It is capable of descending to 500 meters underwater below sea level. This Tudor diver watch featured a 42mm titanium case that immediately attracted huge attention from the diver watches enthusiasts all over the world. Its modern design also stands the Tudor Pelagos out from other Tudor models. There are a few design elements that are most talked-about: the square hour markers, the Snowflake hour hand, the date window (free of a cyclops), and the blue or black finish. 

The brand has incorporated its advanced technologies into this Tudor Pelagos titanium watch. The brushed titanium case is waterproof and resistant to scratches. The Tudor dive watch houses a remarkable Tudor MT5621 automatic movement that is qualified by the COSC Chronometer standards and offers a 70-hour power reserve.  This Tudor Pelagos watch stands out as the ideal dive watch for everyday use. 

In addition to the iconic Tudor diver watches, there are numerous Tudor watches that are highly admired by the watch lovers over the world, including Tudor North Flag, Tudor Heritage Chrono and more. 

Ever since its launch, Tudor has been offering many exquisite watch models at very attractive prices. Despite being the lower-priced lineup of Rolex, Tudor is well recognised with its quality and worthiness by the watch collectors. A Tudor watch will be a perfect add up for your own collection. 

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