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Longines is one of the most known Swiss watch brands in the world. Originally founded in 1832 by talented entrepreneur Auguste Agassiz, the company has been delivering notable timepieces to the market for over 180 years and gained a significant amount of admirers from all across the world. Keeping its high standard of precision and elegance.

The Longines Elegant Collection is a classic that any watch enthusiast would not forget about. As implied in its name, this is a dress watch series of the brand. The collection houses some of the rarest ones of the Longines watches. The Longines Elegant watch has been offering a wide range of effeminate timepieces which hold up the heritage of Longines, with their elegant looks and exceptional functionalities.

It has been more than 180 years since Longines debuted in the watch manufacturing industry by the hands of Auguste Aggasiz and his partners. Founded in 1832, the brand has been standing high in the industry. Nowadays Longines is considered as one of the favorite brands among coveted watch admirers all across the globe. 

Their watches have been known to be precise and reliable and are highly recognized in international communities. In 1896, Longines had already provided timers for the very first modern Olympic games. It has also supported North Pole expeditions since 1899. Being worn by adventurers in the most extreme conditions, Longines has proved the quality and durability of its timepieces. 

In 1912, for the first time the luxury brand sponsored an international horse jumping competition. Now – more than 100 years later – Longines is also a sponsor of Roland Garros, various gymnastics tournaments, alpine skiing, archery and the Commonwealth Games.

The brand has been striving to bring new peculiarities and new elements to its timepieces through its advanced innovations. Today, Longines is housing a significant amount of exquisite timepieces under its family. Holding up the legacy of the brand, every Longines watch is unique in its essence, while every single detail of its watches is worth the admiration from watch lovers.

Encapsulating with its core values of watchmaking tradition, technical advancement and elegant designs, the Longines watches are made to be incomparable and distinguished from the other luxury watch brands. 

When it comes to elegance, it is obvious that we must mention the Longines Elegant Collection. As its name “Elegant” suggests, the collection is a truly elegant lineup as the Longines dress watches. It offers dressy watches that would be needed for any formal occasion for both men and women. Compared to other high-end luxurious watches, the watches of the Longines Elegant collection stay classic and simple in design while bejewelled with precious metals and diamonds in a subtler way. Especially its watches for women are widely favored among the female watch connoisseurs. 

By just looking at them you will know that these Longines dress watches have certainly redefined the definition of elegance. Every Longines elegant watch model demonstrates a superior level of sophistication and charm in its design. 

Now let’s take a deeper look at more features of the remarkable watches of the Longines Elegant Collection: 

Case & Dial 

Featuring a round profile with sleek lines, the Longines Elegant collection watches are available in three sizes: 25.5 mm, 34.5 mm as well as 37 mm. On top of the sizes, there are also a number of variants for bracelets and case materials. The case is usually available in stainless steel or 18k rose gold. The brand also offers a few bracelet options including plain stainless steel, a two-tone of pink gold and stainless steel as well as a black or blue alligator leather strap. The main characteristic of its metal models is its bracelets made up of lines of fine links. 

As for the dial, these Longines dress watches are available in classic colors with subtle design features, such as standard black, white and royal blue. Coordinating with the strap color, the blue leather strap versions would be paired with a blue dial. The blue dial will be matched with silver polished hands for a further touch of elegance. 

The white dial options of this collection are usually in Matt finishing while its black dials are in a sunray finish. There are also versions with silver striped dials and mother of pearl dials. Few of these Longines Elegant collection models are bejewelled with diamonds on the hour markers. 

These Longines Elegant watches are protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Its case back is also fitted with a transparent sapphire crystal for the wearer to appreciate its movement. 

If you are seeking for an elegant and slightly luxurious Longines ladies watch, then the mother of pearl with diamond markers version of the Longines Elegant Collection will be a suitable choice for you. 


Holding up the Longines watchmaking tradition, unlike other feminine dressy watches, the models in the Longines Elegant collection are not fitted with quartz movements. These Longines dress watches are equipped with self-winding automatic movements. The smaller lady models of this collection are the first watches equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement. 

The calibres inside these watches are an automatic balance wheel movement that runs in vibration at 4Hz. These movements are capable of a power reserve of 40 hours or above. It offers fairly high performance as a quality everyday watch. 

A handful of these Longines Elegant watches may look a bit costly but the elegance and charm that these watches offer is really worth it. They are at very reasonable prices regarding the quality and craftsmanship these watches are offering. Even if you spend a little bit more than expected, the Longines Elegant collection watch will serve you in the long term. 

It's not only the heritage of the brand that stands high, these Longines ladies watches are second to none in terms of design, quality as well as functionalities. These Longines watches are made to accompany for long years so that they will shine in the present as well as the coming eras. Let’s browse through these Longines Elegant Collection watches and add them to your own collection. People will definitely turn their heads to catch the glimpse of your wrists with a Longines Elegant watch on every occasion. 

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