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Longines Watches

The luxury watchmaking brand, Longines, is known forits performance and elegance. The prosperous and glorious history of this brand reminds you of the Swiss horological tradition. Longines has truly revolutionized the watchmaking industry.

The equestrian world has appreciated the brand, and it has led to the launch of the special Equestrian Watch Collection in 2015. In fact, Longines has a big feminine clientele, and it tries to show its love and admiration for the loyal clientele. The brand ensures that the materials and shapes of the new line of watches have some emblematic elements.

Auguste Agassiz founded the company in Switzerland in 1832 with two other partners. At that time, the name of the company was RaiguelJeune& Cie. In 1852, Agassiz engaged his nephew, Fancillion, in the business. They opened a factory at Les Longines, and thus, the present name of the brand is Longines.

In the beginning, the factory relied on manual production techniques. However, in due course, it brought mechanization to the watchmaking business. There have been gradual advancements in their watchmaking trends. The company introduced the chronograph movement in 1878. The special mechanism ensures high accuracy.

By collaborating with the Navy officer Philip Van Horn Weems, Longines released different navigational devices. In 1945, the company launched the automatic movement of watches. It also introduced a timekeeping system that revolutionized horseracing technology. The system is intended to provide details about the speed, ranking, and position of the horse.

In 2015, the company revisited its exceptional pocket watches and released the Longines Equestrian watch as a tribute. The pocket trio Horses 1911 watches belonging to the Longines Equestrian collection got their inspiration from a metal pocket watch. You can find the trio of horses engraved on the case.

The Longines Equestrian collection is best for those who love minimalistic and clean design. Your wrist will look smarter with these watches.

These Swiss watches look beautiful with premium steel cases. As the models are of different sizes, you can find one, which fits your wrists. Moreover, one common trait of these watches is that they have a diamond-studded design. The mother-of-pearl dials have a graceful look with diamonds, while the silver dial version includes blue Arabic numerals.

The series includes more than 20 models, which allure you with Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, and a white dial. Some iconic models have bluish steel hands. These characteristics represent the elegance and core value of the brand. Longines Equestrian watches have become highly popular among consumers.

The time tracked by Longines timepieces appears to record with the horse trotting pace. The black-lacquered pattern watch dials and silver checkerboards have diamond markers. Like other Longines collections, Equestrian has a beautiful Flinqué" silver dial. The presence of blue Roman numerals is another reason for unparalleled beauty.

Some unique models also have harmonious curves with a diamond ribbon. Furthermore, there are both leather straps and steel bracelets perfectly matching the outfit of jockeys.

While searching for Longines Equestrian watches, you can check out these characteristics.

The Equestrian collection has several attractive watches, and a few of them are discussed in detail.

1. Longines Equestrian L6.

Designed with an attention-grabbing bracelet and stainless steel case, this watch is a superb choice for women of any age. The battery-operated quartz movement ensures the smooth and lasting performance of the watch. The small date window has made the watch more functional. Equipped with Caliber L152, the watch has a unique indicator. The watch case has a diameter of about 30mm.

2. Longines EquestrianL6.

It is one of the best watches designed for women. The case size is about 22 mm, and the rectangular shape adds a different style to the model. Moreover, manufacturers have used sapphire crystal glass to design the timepiece. The quartz movement is another noticeable feature of the watch. In the Equestrian Collection, this wristwatch has gained the attention of lots of women. The slim design and durable structure have made the watch long-lasting. The highly resilient steel strap will make you feel comfortable. There will be no issues with your wrist.

3. Longines Equestrian L6.

The round case is always a timeless choice for watches, and it is the classic model from the brand. The steel strap is highly durable, and it reflects how the brand has paid attention to every detail. Due to the use of stainless steel, the watch has a beautiful silver tone. Designed for women, this timepiece has a precious stone on the dial. Although it is costly, you can use it as an asset. Like other models, this watch has water-resistant properties.  The contact with rainwater during your regular use will not damage the timepiece.

4. Longines Equestrian L6.

The polished stainless steel watch is designed for those who love equestrian sports. The steel case is one of the major attractions of the timepiece. The bezel set is available with more than 80 diamonds. Moreover, the Mother of Pearl dial is equipped with 12 diamond hour markers.

5. Longines Equestrian L6.

This watch is available with both leather and silver straps. Based on your preference, you can invest in the right version. The brown strap is not outdated and reflects something classic. Moreover, the silver strap also has high durability. The Roman numerals on the white dials are also noticeable in this watch.

6. Longines Equestrian L6.

Longines has designed this product for those who love black. Both the dial and the leather strap have black tone. You can find a level of shine in the overall model. The white numerals become prominent on the black dial.

Overall, the Longines Equestrian collection has a range of watches for both men and women. Anti-reflective coating and other special features are the major reasons for choosing these timepieces.

Longines holds a pioneering position in the timekeeping and watchmaking industry. The combination of modernization and time-tested skills has led the brand to success. The brand has now reached the ultimate height of success. Longines will continue introducing new series of products for customers.

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