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Longines Watches

With watchmaking craftsmanship and traditions, Swiss-made watches are known to be high quality. Among the most popular ones, the Longines is on the top-notch status in the industry. Since its establishment in 1832, Longines is considered an affordable luxury watch brand that has been highly respected by watch lovers from all over the globe. 

The Longines Présence is one of the popular wristwatches of the Longines that are always able to make a statement. As a member of the Longines dress watch family, the Longines Présence is a classic, romantic and nostalgic watch. Featuring a slim case, undersized crown and wire lugs, the Longines Présence watch showcases a delicate form of sensibility, sophistication and elegance.

The Longines Présence watch is considered a classic everyday watch that can fit well on anyone’s wrist. Demonstrating the brand’s exceptional tradition and understated elegance, the Longines Présence collection has grown into one of the most signature models of the brand.

The Longines is one of the oldest watch brands that still stand firm in the industry. Its founder Auguste Agassiz and his partners established the original Longines and began their journey to success in 1832. 

The company has been devoting itself to craftsmanship and innovation in watchmaking since its establishment. This Swiss watchmaker started to produce its own in-house movement, 20A Calibre in 1867. This 20A movement was developed with an anchor escapement that was usually used in pendulum clocks. It was wound by a pendant crown. The groundbreaking movement of Longines even received an award at the universal exhibition in Paris in the same year 1867. This innovative movement had been later updated by the brand on its watches including the Longines Présence collection as well. 

Longines has been bringing its watchmaking tradition of classic vintage watches to combine the modern advanced technology on their popular models. As a reliable companion and supporter to many explorers in their adventures in different fields, on land, in the air or under the water, Longines has provided numerous exceptional timepieces to the market. 

The Longines Présence watch is a beautiful Longines dress watch that is meant to grace the wrists of anyone, including both men and women, having them on. Initially, the watches of this collection were released as a tribute to the founding fathers with the spirit of the brand Longines. Various attributes of all the in-house designers were incorporated in a perfect balance into the watch. 

The Longines Présence watch is an ultimate collection of the brand. It is a solid form of what Longines desires to showcase - a true dedication to timelessness. Simple yet classic, the Longines Présence is a men's dress watch that never goes out of fashion. 

The Longines Présence collection has remained the purest form of classic and elegance of the Longines watches. This collection is as well historical among the Longines lineups.

The Longines Présence collection is a member of the Longines La Grande Classique family. As a signature Longines dress watch, the Longines Présence is renowned for its simple and elegant design with ultra-thin and slim cases. Available in gentlemen and ladies versions, the versatile collection also offers abundant options of different features, including cases, dials, straps and complications. These durable steel watches are also available in gold-tone for luxurious versions, The watches feature accurate and reliable automatic or quartz movements. 

With so many amazing choices, everyone must be able to find a suitable timepiece from the Longines Présence collection. The Longines La Grande Classique Presence watch is a prestigious piece that holds up the Longines name.


With a simple dial and timeless design, this Longines dress watch is made to be unisex in size of 34 mm. It can fit on all the wrists no matter men’s or women’s. 

Comes with a robust case, the watch is able to be water-resistant up to 3 bar. It keeps the watch safe in perfect conditions in moisture places, in the rain or even in snow. Later the collection has grown to more size options such as 38.5 mm men’s watches as well as lady versions with smaller sizes up to 25 mm.

The Longines Présence watches are all in round profile featuring a stainless steel case and a scratch-resistant sapphire Crystal glass. Some models are coated with gold or red PVD over the case. These versions are often matched with the matte while dial and bold Roman numerals to make a delightful contrast. 


Utilising its watchmaking expertise and experience, the brand has kept an amazing balance on the alluring visual without being too overpower. The Longines Présence watch is meant to demonstrate the true class and quality of the Longines watches. The watch uses a simple and delicate dial and hands-on its gold-toned cases. The watch also features elegant roman numerals to enhance the look of this timeless design. The collection further reinstates the commitment of the brand to quality and class.

The Longines Présence watches are also available in options of different bracelets, including scratch-resistant steel bracelet, and quality leather strap. All bracelets are able to hold the watch to your wrist comfortably. 

The movements of the Longines Présence are quartz or automatic, with a pull or pull crown. Together with other features including the tang clasp, and thin elegant hands, they all add the class of this remarkable collection. Longines Présence is a perfect everyday watch that fits well on both casual and dressy occasions. 

The Longines Présence is another notable mens dress watch which can also be worn by the ladies. The Longines Présence rose gold models are especially popular among the female Longines lovers. This watch is specially made for those watch lovers who love simplicity and class. Holding up the brand’s legacy, the Longines Présence is definitely a right choice for you. 

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