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Longines Watches

Longines is one of the reputed Switzerland-based watch companies known for delivering high value, elegance, and performance. The company has gained the attention of several consumers by manufacturing perpetual calendars, sporty chronographs, and classic dress watches. From automatic watches to conventional style quartz watches, lots of models are available for you. Moreover, Longines designs watches for both men and women.

Longines’ collections can be the perfect option for those looking for luxury watch models. However, to stay competitive, the brand has tried to maintain reasonable pricing of the timepieces. Other luxury watch brands in the market have set a comparatively higher price.

As a Swiss brand, Longines ranks 24th in terms of recognition in the global watch manufacturing industry. Throughout its history, the brand has released different collections, like Symphonette and Heritage Avigation. However, Longines also has a collection of stylish eyewear. Everything designed by Longines has a touch of royalty.

A brief history of the brand

Longines started its journey in 1832, and since that year, it had been continuously showing its watchmaking potentials to consumers all over the world. While staying committed to conventional trends, the brand has blended modern technologies and innovations. Known for elegant timepieces, Longines has partnered with international sports federations. Moreover, it has become a part of Swatch Group Ltd- one of the prominent horological product manufacturers. To make Longines watches and other products, the company has created a winged hourglass logo. Presently, it has made its presence stronger in more than 150 countries.

Originally, the goal of the company was to construct a factory to assemble every watch and introduce a level of mechanization. It bought some pieces of land near Les Longines and engaged engineers to create a machine for the perfection of timepieces. There was a rapid growth of the factory, and in 1911, the company employed more than 1100 workers.

The watchmaking company carried out technical research and won lots of prizes. Throughout the past years, it has chosen different celebs as ambassadors. In 2014, Giulia Steingruber, a Swiss gymnast, was the ambassador of the brand.

 History of the collection- Symphonette

Symphonette is one of the best collections from Longines, as it has blended modernity and elegance. You can find unique designs in the Longines Symphonette collection. This collection presents you with bold watches, which display free-flowing oval-shaped dial and clean lines. These watch models deliver a distinctive look and feel. The timeless Longines Symphonette watches are alluring and dramatic. Some models have a beautiful curve to attract everyone’s eyes.

The watch collection, Longines Symphonette, includes timepieces made of premium materials. Longines has promised reliability and longevity of every watch.

Longines has made the best effort to create every timepiece, and you can find a unique identity code with it. Designed for fashion-conscious women, Longines Symphonette watches have a special design that matches your attire of any style.

While some Longines Symphonette watches have stainless steel models, others have a black leather strap. Moreover, manufacturers have made these watches distinctive by adding a stunning white pearl dial. Overall, the Symphonette collection has an eye-catching design. The dial looks different, as it displays classic Roman numerals.

In short, it can be said that Longines Symphonette is an attractive collection presented by the Swiss brand. From shining yellow gold to rose gold, every tone is available for you.

Longines Symphonette has a bold and sleek case shape with fluid lines that attract both traditionalists and innovation lovers. The case of watch models has a pronounced curvature to ensure ergonomics. The steel models of the collection are available in both small and large sizes.

From silver-colored dials to black polished ones, everything is there in Longines Symphonette. The refined dials have immeasurable beauty. There are also bracelet-style watches that let you feel smooth while putting on watches. For your daytime use, you can use the steel mesh bracelet. Moreover, some models have a butter clasp to provide optimal comfort.

Another notable feature of the Symphonette watches is the ETA quartz movement that ensures solid performance and consistency. Symphonette offers low-maintenance watches, and thus, you can find the best value from them.

Like other watch brands, Longines has added water-resistant technologies to the timepieces. The front side of the case has anti-reflective properties and includes a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens.

Longines Symphonette- Diamond dial and Mothere-of-the-pearl watch

It is one of the popular Longines Symphonette wristwatches integrated with a comparatively small seconds dial. The hour markers include 13 diamond dots, and they are highly polished. The stainless steel case is water-resistant. It is comfortable to wear the stainless steel link bracelet. The foldable clasp is another notable aspect of the watch. The quartz-operated watch has a push-release mechanism. The contact with water will not damage the quartz movement.

Longines Symphonette- Rose gold bracelet

The 18 Carat Rose Gold Bracelet timepiece is one of the attractive models available for you. The stainless steel design has added durability to the watch. The oval-shaped case with a bezel has made the timepiece look distinctive. The matching bracelet has a perfect combination of two colors. The folding clasp ensures the ultimate level of safety. Moreover, there is a push-piece opening system integrated with the watch. The watch draws your attention with the silver flinque dial that includes blue steel hands and painted Roman numerals. Other notable features include water-resistant design and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Longines Symphonette - Leather strap

Longines has designed it for those who like to have an innovative blend of metal and leather. While the watch has a polished stainless steel body, its strap is made of leather. The black leather strap is a timeless choice for women of any age and preference. The dial can give you a clear insight, and there is no undesirable glare in the display. The quartz movement ensures precision, and you can be punctual when you put on the watch.

Overall, Longines Symphonette is one of the best collections to transform your style. It has received compliments from several users.

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