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The Swiss luxury watch brand Longines is the popular name of Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon S.A. Set up in the year 1832, the elegant winged hourglass brand logo came into existence in 1889. Interestingly, it is still active.

Notably, the history of this dynamic watchmaking brand has been marking significant highlights that are easy to uncover through the chronological presentation. With respect to its lineage, Longines watchmaking company manages to revamp from its experience. The brand has several stores across 150 countries in the world to influence the timepiece market with elegance in budget.

In addition, the versatile usability at a reasonable price makes the Longines timepieces a popular choice among watch enthusiasts around the world. Among the newest editions, Longines Evidenza honors the rare and timeless models and brings back the iconic collection to the contemporary world.

Along with the developed watchmaking mastery, this premium collection redefines the vintage style. Hence, the range varies from aviation, explorer to dress, pilot and diver watch. Considerably, the Longines watches are an impeccable amalgamation of traditional and contemporary design.

Longines has been reinterpreting iconic techniques with contemporary technological inventions. These innovative designs never miss creating a buzz in the market. Additionally, the striking look and affordable range is the x-factor that has made this distinctive for several decades.

Founded by businessman Auguste Agassiz and his two partners initially in 1832 was later joined by his family. It was a successful journey to the top of the watch manufacturing business. Besides, the brand was always ahead of time with innovative product launches and the use of technology.

Similarly, when the chronograph manufacturing industry was all about utilizing key wound instruments, the Longines watchmaking company brought a whole new mechanism. Hence, this has been a revolutionary journey in the world of watch innovation.

Longines Evidenza is a special edition that compliments the watchmaking legacy. Through this collection, Longines is again ready to offer a wide variety of stylish models. All these notable achievements manage to attract massive followers around the globe.

Remember the year 1920s when the world was undergoing rapid transformation. Be it its progress in many fields or the remarkable freedom of artists and stylists, the change was extraordinary.  

The new designs and fashion trends successfully came out of the shackles of rigid, authoritative rules. All the personal accessories became incredibly lightweight, convenient and stylish. The Longines Evidenza edition comprises both men and women hand watches. The collection took their inspiration from that timeframe when broad style and habit shifting was taking place.

Likewise, the 1925 watch model is the inspiration behind the unique design of the Evidenza collection. The tonneau shape also came from their classic 1911 model to celebrate modern fusion. Indeed, the watchmaking brand has been continually bringing back the classic models of their past spectacular watch manufacturing history.

The Longines Evidenza collection has a unique theme that makes it easy for you to identify the watches. The casing of the watches has a unique shape- the tonneau shape. Tonneau is a French term, which indicates cask, and it perfectly describes the watch case’s shape. The sides are curved, and there is a flat bottom.

Moreover, the Flinque dial is another noticeable feature of Evidenza watches. However, you will also find it in other watch collections of the brand. The French term signifies a pattern of concentric circles. The dial of every watch has an elegant finish.

The standard dimension of women’s timepieces in this collection is 26.00 by 30.60 mm. However, they are also available in a smaller version- 19.60 by 23.30 mm. In most of the models, there is a quartz movement. Only one to two models have self-winding mechanical movements with 28,800 vibrations/hour. Evidenza watches are available with Arabic and Roman numerals. But, the most attractive ones are those having a black dial with a date aperture.

With a vast array of watches to choose from, the new Longines Evidenza edition suits every style and mood. Furthermore, its blend of practicality and affordability makes it an ideal choice to accentuate your looks.

Find the most popular one of the Longines Evidenza collection-

Evidenza ‎ L2.

It is one of the distinctive timepieces from Longines. The attractive Tonneau-shaped case is noticeable in this watch. The dial size is about 26×30.60mm, and it reflects a silver Flinqué pattern. The touch of royal blue color has made the hour markers and hands striking. You can find a date window that creates a beautiful overlapping design. Longines has also released another version integrated with an alligator leather strap. But, that version has an 18-karat pink gold case.

Evidenza L2.

It is another attractive model with a lovely blue dial and Tonneau case shape. The stainless steel body ensures high resilience. Moreover, like other products of the brand, this Evidenza watch has a water-resistant design. The painted Roman numerals have added beauty; it is one of the unique Evidenza watches with self-winding mechanical movement. It is capable of reserving its power for 45 minutes.

The buckle strap of the watch has a triple safety folding clasp. To open the system, you have to use the push-piece.

Longines Evidenza L2.

Longines has designed this lady’s watch with a durable, leather strap. With the Quartz movement, the watch delivers consistent performance. The case diameter is about 19 mm, and the white dial perfectly matches with the brown leather strap. The overall finishes and quality materials have made the watch distinctive. Fashion-conscious women like to wear this royal watch on different occasions.

Overall, it can be said that Evidenza is a beautiful collection with watches of both small and large cases. The minimalistic design and understated straps have made these timepieces attractive. They are functional, stylish and cost-effective. The Evidenza watch models of both men and women are stunning, and they will continue winning the hearts of users.

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