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As one of the most historical watch brands in the world, Longines has been delivering some of the best watches in the watch world. Many Longines collections, from the Longines sports watch series to its classic dress watches, have been constantly popular among the watch enthusiasts from all across the world. Holding up the heritage of the hourglass wing brand, the Longines watches are all well crafted with its profound watchmaking traditions. 

Being one of their most recent collections, the Longines Record Collection is known to be reliable, durable and affordable at the same time. In 2017, to celebrate the 185th anniversary of this renowned watch brand, Longines released the Longines Record collection to honour its legacy of tradition, elegance and performance. 

Moreover, this is the first collection in which all of its models are COSC-Certified. Under the hold of Record assortment, the entire collection houses high-precision chronometer watches. These stainless steel watches are available in options of four distinct sizes as well as a variety of different dials. These Longines Record watches are demonstrating a new benchmark of a luxury chronometer with their timeless elegance and peculiarities in designs as well as its practical functions. 

Celebrating over 180 years of watchmaking traditions, the Longines has been one of the leaders in the watch manufacturing industry for decades. This celebrated watch brand has started its journey since 1832 and established its unshakable status in the industry soon after its entry into the market. 

Longines has been headquartered in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Innovation, It is the home of its exquisite timepieces and its groundbreaking inventions. Holding up its unique sense of watchmaking, the Longines has established itself firmly in its dedicated segment. Innovation, precision and elegance, Longines has created countless incredible timepieces that excel in all these elements. 

For over a century, the Longines watches have been popular in the world’s market including its signature Longines pilot watch series. In Baselworld 2017, this Swiss watch brand released another unique collection, the Longines Record watch. This collection was delicately designed and crafted for the celebration of the brand’s 185th anniversary. The brand successfully blended its expertise and traditions of watch manufacturing together for the collection. 

Following Longines’ original signature classic style, the Longines Record collection showcases the perfect balance of modern sophistication. 

The versatile Longines Record collection consists of highly functional and elegant watches. These emblematic timepieces have instantly brought great success for the brand. 


These Longines Record watches are available in options of four different case sizes including 26mm, 30mm, 38.5mm, and 40mm. All sizes of the Longines Record chronometer watches feature a round stainless steel case with the capability of water resistance up to the depth of 30 meters. The case back of the watch is a sapphire display glass for wearers to admire the Longines’ automatic movement inside. 


The Longines Record collection has been using two separate calibers for better precision and durability of the Longines watches in different sizes. The Larger versions including 40mm watch and 38.5mm watch are powered by the Caliber L888.4 movement (ETA A31.L11).

On the other hand the smaller Longines Record watches including 30mm and 26mm versions are equipped with the Longines Caliber L592.4 movement (ETA A20.L11). Manufactured by ETA, these high quality movements offer an exceptional power reserve of around 3 days which should be 64 hours. Furthermore, bearing the brand’s proud skeletonised wing logo, these movements have been generously finished with perlage. 

Unlike the other collections such as Lognines heritage 1945 and the Longines Flagship collection, with these movements, the Longines Record chronometer features a date display window at the 3 o’clock position. 

The movements have included single-crystal silicon balance springs with unique properties for better performance. It helps achieve the highest thresholds of calibre available in the current Longines watch models. The advanced technicalities of this watch secure its status among the Longines' most classic timepieces. Fortunately, these Longines watches are relatively affordable despite their high quality, making the Longines Record watches more popular in the market.

Its precision has been guaranteed that every watch in this collection is qualified by the COSC certificate. To meet the requirement of this certificate, the watch has to be precise between -4 to +6 seconds a day. It must at the same time have a mean variation in rate, rate variation due to temperature and also great variation in rate. The watches in the Longines Record collection are capable of meeting all of these criterias and being qualified as a high quality chronometer. 


On top of the sizes, the Longines Record watches are also available with variations of dial styles. Every design available is simple, elegant and enchanting. For these few years, the Longines collection has grown with variations of designs for both men and women. 

There is a wide selection for dials of Longines Record watches, including six different dial colours with different mix and match designs. If you just happen to opt for a subtle timepiece as an everyday watch, then the collection is providing a number of nice choices with the white matte finished dial and elegant Roman numerals. Even if you would prefer some sparkling options, the Longines collection also houses versions of a chic black lacquered with diamonds indexes and also black, blue as well as silvered dials with Arabic numerals. Moreover, these watches also provide options of two different matching bracelets including stainless steel and leather straps. 

The Longines Record collection is considered as one of the most impressive and enchanting dress watches of the brand. Even just taking a glance at them, you can tell for sure that the Longines is conscious about producing reliable and high quality watches. Moreover, these incredible chronometer watches are available at very reasonable prices which are really hard to find in the watches of other luxury brands. 

If you are looking for a simply elegant and stunning watch, then the Longines Record watches are surely a right choice to add charm and allure to your persona. So get them on your wrist and the Longines Record watches are sure to leave you astonished.

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