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Longines Conquest Classic Watches

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Longines Conquest Classic is a fine collection of luxury watches that will hold a connoisseur’s attention any day. Watches have always caught our attention for centuries. Some of them have gained immense value over time for their beauty and appeal. For that, watches don't just remain as timekeepers for us; they become an asset and something memorable. 

As one of the world's leading watch manufacturers, Longines has established its name for the past two centuries. People all over the world have loved this brand for its quality, craftsmanship, and reliability since its establishment. Though the brand has attached its name with luxury watches, their affordability has drawn people since the start of their journey. What started as a family venture has now cemented its reputation as one of the best Swiss watch brands, if not the best.

Swiss brands are world leaders when it comes to watching manufacturing; whenever we talk about Swiss watches, we can never forget Longines. The history of Longines is very interesting to every watch-lover. The reason for that is, watchmaking for them is not a profession; it's the way of their lives.

Longines started its journey almost two hundred years ago. The town of Saint-Lmier was home to many watchmakers. The profession has been a family tradition in many homes, where each family specializes in different components of a watch. The components then went to assembling facilities, called comptoirs. Finally, the assembled watches went to the watchmakers again to check for faults and imperfections. After the inspection, they went to the market for sale.

A businessman named Auguste Agassiz started a watchmaking enterprise with two partners in 1832. After his partners' retirement, followed by his own, he appointed his nephew Francillon to run the company. The company went through some radical changes at the hands of Francillon, which soon set the brand apart from others in the watchmaking process. He bought land to the south of Saint-Lmier to establish their watchmaking factory in an area called ‘Les Longines,’ or ‘the long meadows.’ Soon, it became a significant part of the company’s name, which started identifying itself as Longines.

Most watches back in the time came with cylinder escapements that needed keys to wound. Longines first discarded the mechanism and brought their own crown-wound mechanism in 1867. It was also in 1867 when the company adopted its current name. Their world-renowned winged hourglass logo also started taking shape during that period.

Soon, their innovation in watch mechanisms earned them a respectable place in the watchmaking community. They brought their first caliber, 20A, which had an anchor escapement system with a pendant-winding facility.

After that, they came with several other calibers and the first chronograph movement in the early 20th century. After WW I, they introduced modern split-second chronographs in 1922, and by 1945, the chronograph models were capable of measuring time precisely up to 1/100th second measurements. 1945 also marked their introduction of automatic movements.

They kept their standard high in inventing new technology, introducing the quartz movement in 1969, followed by their first LCD watch in 1972.

Longines watches show exquisite nature by showcasing their design and craftsmanship in all of their collections. In addition, the makers reflect their exclusive knowledge and century-old tradition in all those watches. Since their establishment up to modern times, people have chosen Longines watches for their value and timeless appeal.

The Longines Conquest Classic collection carries the heritage quite gracefully. With that, they come at a very affordable price range. The durability of these watches is also what makes them even pass through generations. The Longines Conquest Classic collection features the perfect marriage of classic appeal and modern technological advancements. The company launched the collection in 2013 with its signature appeal, which has led them worldwide success. The collection is a homage to their older 'Conquest' collection back in 1954.

Some exclusive models and their features:

The Longines Conquest Classic surely has its historical value; however, the invention and use of technology make them a modern marvel nonetheless. The oval shape of the dials stands between 29.50mm to 36mm in diameter. The chronographs that these watches feature come with L688 column-wheel movement. The ETA makes these exclusively for Longines.

The watches come with a variety of options in case material, dial, band, and design. The material of choice is stainless steel; however, some models feature 18k rose gold as the case material, and also both. The band material is steel in most models, though some models, such as the L2.788.8.76.3, come with a classic alligator strap.

Popular Longines Conquest Classic Watches

Some models from the Conquest Classic collection –

Conquest Classic L2.386.3.92.7 

The round dial comes with a 34mm diameter. The material is steel with PVD coating. The dial color is blue, though silver and a mother of pearl variant are also available. The watch features a quartz movement with a special feature called EOL. The watch shows seconds, minutes, hours, and dates.

Conquest Classic L2.387.0.57.6 

This model comes in a stainless steel case with a ceramic bezel, holding 45 Wesselton diamonds. The black dial shines with diamonds as hour markers, at 36mm diameter. The water-resistance of the watch is up to 5 bars and comes with a quartz movement. Its special feature includes EOL.

Conquest Classic L2.386.0.87.6 

The watch comes with a 34mm diameter and mother of pearl as dial material. Its other variant sports a silver dial. The watch is available with 36 diamonds on the casing and 11 as hour markers, the main material being steel. The watch runs on quartz movement, and a special feature includes EOL.

Conquest Classic L2.386.3.72.7 

This model features a round, 34mm dial with steel and PVD coated casing. The dial color is silver, though the other two variations include mother of pearl and blue. The watch functions on quartz movement, and special features include EOL. The watch also features gold indexes as hour markers.

The Conquest Classic collection rightfully uplifts the century-old heritage and excellence of Longines in luxury watchmaking. Each model of this collection has to be watch enthusiasts' first choice all over the world.

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