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All About Longines Hydroconquest Watches

The renowned watch manufacturer Longines was established in 1832, located in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Incorporating its timeless designs and technical advancements, the brand has delivered countless remarkable watches to the market. Its long tradition and craftsmanship have led the Longines company to massive achievements as a pioneer in Swiss luxury watch manufacturing. 

Longines has been contributing with its innovations to the watchmaking industry since its launch. At the time in the early 1800s, the Swiss pocket watches were all powered by movements with cylindrical escapements that could only be wound with keys. Longines was the first watchmaker that came up with a watch that could be wound by its crown in 1867. The revolutionary mechanism, against the key-wound mechanism, is considered one of the most important inventions to the history of horology. Since then Longines has reached an unshakable status in the watchmaking industry. 

The brand has released a number of robust and practical pieces with elegant looks for sports lovers. Longines has continuously expanded and has been improving its collections with tremendous new models to its family. The Longines HydroConquest is one of its popular sports watches well crafted with its incredible innovations. 

The Longines HydroConquest debuted in 2007 as a new addition to the family of Longines sports watches. As its names suggested, this watch was made for the conquest of the aqua world. These Longines dive watches surprised the world with its high performance that even surpassed the set standard of the sports watch segment. Within a very short span of time, these Longines diver watches have grabbed the heart of watch lovers from all across the world. With its robustness and excellent performance figures, the Longines HydroConquest models are suitable to be worn for a wide range of water audacious water sports. 

Let’s explore more of its exceptional features to further understand the charm of this Longines diver watch.

Case and Bracelet

Especially designed for diving enthusiasts, the HydroConquest watch is equipped with everything it needs to be a quality diver watch. First of all, the case of the HydroConquest watch is large and solidly built in stainless steel with options of 41 mm and 43 mm. Its screwed-in case and secured crown provides a standard water resistance up to depths of 100 m to ensure your enjoyment in underwater expeditions. 

Every Longines HydroConquest timepiece is fitted with an elegant stainless steel bracelet with an integrated butterfly clasp. It ensures the easy and secure handling of the Longines HydroConquest watch. These Longines diver watches are equipped with a double security folding clasp and an integrated diving extension. These parts secure the watch firmly on your wrists while allowing you to stay carefree during a dive. 

Besides, its domed sapphire crystal glass is erosion resistant that can protect the HydroConquest watch against any kind of wear and tear. Thus making the watch durable and practical as a perfect everyday watch to accompany you in any occasion. 

Bezel and Dial

One of the distinguishing features of these Longines HydroConquest timepieces is the robust ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel is currently a very popular element for a watch that is highly resistant to possible scratches and blemishes while keeping the watch light.

Moreover, this unidirectional bezel allows the wearer to measure correct diving time with its counter-clockwise rotation during the dive. This bezel is available in options of different colours including red, black, and blue. Its Super-LumiNova coated hands and indices on the dial also enhance readability under any condition of poor vision. 

Apart from the luminescent hands and large hour markers, the big Arabic numerals are also available in different colours including classic hues like black and brighter hues like cream and blue.  

These distinctive features of the Longines HydroConquest watch have added to the legibility of the collection and also attracted utmost attention among Longines watch lovers. 


The three-hand versions of Longines HydroConquest come with alterations of an automatic movement or a quartz movement. The Longines HydroConquest chronograph also offers options of automatic movement and quartz movement. 

Many of the movements of Longines are basically from its sister brand ETA. For its Chronographs assortment, the automatic options of this Longines HydroConquest watch would be fitted with the L688 movement with a column wheel. 

For the newer HydroConquest Models, the brand uses the updated Calibre L888.2 which was released in 2017. This remarkable automatic calibre offers a power reserve of 65 hours at a slightly lower frequency of 25,200vph. 

As stated above, these Longines sporty dive watches keep up high quality and performance while being robust and elegant. Its exceptional functionality and design aesthetics of the Longines HydroConquest have contributed to the brand’s significant success. The watch has outperformed in terms of robustness, practicality, design and even price. The Longines HydroConquest watch has grabbed the hearts of many celebrities and renowned personalities that you can always see them being spotted with it. 

The HydroConquest is a contemporary diver watch at a reasonable price. Been through an update in 2018 with a fresh colour hues and matching ceramic bezels, the newer HydroConquest watch is available in options of two case sizes, featuring an advanced modern automatic movement with an improved power reserve, the HydroConquest has even escalated its quality and value without escalating its price.

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