Editor’s Pick: 10 Nomos Watches to Consider for Your Collection

Following the Glashütte tradition of watchmaking, Nomos offers a unique collection of timepieces. Nomos Glashutte merges old-school craftsmanship with sleek modern aesthetics, following a ‘less is more’ approach to design. With roots in German engineering, the brand was quick to establish a global following through its distinctive offerings.

One such example is the Nomos Singapore special edition watch crafted for timepiece aficionados in the country. The model adopted the Nomos Zürich Weltzeit design with ‘Singapore’ in the city dial, marked in red. The brand not only delighted patrons with this limited edition piece but also paid homage to Singapore’s national colors through it.


As quality is synonymous with the Nomos brand name, their offerings span far and wide in terms of craftsmanship and longevity. With a wide range of models, Nomos has a timepiece for every occasion.

The prize-winning Nomos Tangente

Tangente 33 120

Launched in 1992, the Nomos Tangente is a classic piece celebrated for its simplistic design. The masterfully handcrafted watch includes typography inspired by the Bauhaus era, offering a clean and minimal aesthetic.

Made from the finest leather, the wrist straps come in different varieties, sure to flatter every wrist. Similarly, each strap possesses a certain level of water resistance based on the material used.

Being a classic among Nomos watches, the Tangente is assured to be a collector’s staple given its minimal finish and universal design.

The updated Nomos Tangente Neomatik 41

Tangente Neomatik 41 182

The Tangente Neomatik 41 is the automatic version of the popular Tangente model. Unlike its predecessor, it comes with a date ring at the perimeter of the dial. The date ring includes two red dots that add a vivid contrast to the monochromatic color palette of the dial, tying the whole piece together.

The cleverness in design adds an element of delight to the model as it provides more value to the wearer without crowding the dial space. Being the first model in the series to incorporate a date mechanism, the watch still ensures simplicity in design with exceptional movement.

The reliable Nomos Tangomat Date

Tangomat Date 602

Thicker and bigger than the Tangente, the Tangomat Date comes with a DUW 5101 automatic caliber. Given the size of the model, this Nomos watch is best suited for broader wrists.

Besides the difference in caliber, both the Tangente and Tangomat are nearly indistinguishable from each other. As this model offers an automatic option to the timeless classic, it serves to be a good timepiece for those who aren’t keen on manual systems.

The timeless Nomos Orion

Orion Neomatik 392

A testament to the famous Werkbund and Bauhaus traditions, the Nomos Orion is known to be a timeless classic. Similar to the Tangente model, the Orion was also launched in 1992 and includes the use of related materials and design.

The Nomos Orion adopts a more minimal approach to the dial in terms of typography. The numbers on the dial are replaced with golden indexes, elegantly paired with the cornflower blue hands of the watch, making it a design favorite.

The youthful and versatile Nomos Club

Nomos Glashutte Club 749

The Nomos Club came into production in 2007 and has since won the hearts of many with its sporty design. The piece is more robust in its appearance with thicker typography and wider bezel compared to other models.

What sets this watch apart from the rest is its resilience to water at a cool 100 atm, suitable for a swim. Given the watch’s features, it proves to be a sturdy accessory for those who like to embrace life with spontaneity.

The small yet mighty Nomos Club Campus

Club Campus Neomatik 748

The Nomos Club Campus comes with a unique set of features different from the other models by Nomos. Though delicate in design, the case and glass can withstand nearly any type of damage, the watch is also suitable for swimming.

Interestingly, the indexes and hands possess reflective qualities that can glow in the dark. The dial also boasts a bilingual approach to design with the inclusion of Roman and Arabic numerals.

The bold Nomos Metro Neomatik

Metro Neomatik 41 1165

Designed by acclaimed designer Mark Braun, this avant-garde piece was launched in 2015. The Nomos Metro Neomatik implements a specialized swing system promising accuracy. The model includes a DUW 3001 automatic caliber which further highlights the sub-seconds dial of the watch.

The wrist straps of the Neomatik series are known to be especially sturdy, boosting their longevity. The typography and design of the dial add an element of spaciousness to the piece, making it elegant and versatile. Owing to its sophisticated engineering and innovative swing technology, this watch is worth keeping an eye on.

The intuitive Nomos Date Power Reserve

Metro Date Power Reserve Watch 1101

Though its design is similar to the original Metro model designed by Mark Braun, the Date Power Reserve watch exudes its own charm. The mint green accents paired with the vibrant red detailing of the dial are a winning combination.

The model comes with an intuitive power reserve indicator that reminds the wearer when it’s time to rewind the watch. Unique and helpful, this design feature brings a lot of value to the manual caliber model.

The complicated yet simple Nomos Zürich Weltzeit

Zürich World Time 805

A minimal approach to a world-time watch, the Zürich Weltzeit allows you to explore the world through its comprehensive dial.

Similarly, a unique design feature to note is the detailing between the lug and bezel, giving it the illusion of a set diamond. Similarly, the dial’s glass casing comes with an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare.

The attention to detail extends to the hands of the watch with rhodium-plated beveled edges, offering added elegance to the model. Adopting the finest practices of German watchmaking, this caliber can read time across a wide range of time zones with sheer accuracy.

The mature Nomos Ludwig

Ludwig 205

One of the more traditional designs by Nomos, the Ludwig was designed to captivate those who enjoy manually winding their timepieces. Featuring a classic dial with sleek roman numerals, this piece is an exploration into the past with a hint of modernity.

An interesting feature to note is that the Roman numeral ‘IV’ is replaced with ‘III’ as followed by traditional watchmakers. The watch exudes unisex charm and is best suited for those with refined tastes.

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