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Suunto Watches


Suunto was established in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish explorer, to manufacture compasses, common navigating equipment at the time. He devised liquid-filled compasses that were more reliable and accurate than older analogues. They had excellent toughness.

Suunto is a pioneer in the field of adventure activities and swimming equipment. The tiny liquid-filled compasses (1940), K12 - the first marine compass (1953), and SK-4 - the world's first underwater compass are among its groundbreaking compasses (1963). Suunto released their first diving gadget in 1987.

In 1997, the business released the world's initial wrist-sized fully - featured system, and in 2004, it released the world's first watch-sized diving machine. Suunto launched their original underwater device with complete gas mixtures capabilities in 2009, and the world's first wrist-sized diving device with breathing compatibility in 2013. In 2015, the company released an updated series of dive machines, as well as a wristwatch-sized diving clock that works with the Suunto App in 2019.

The business released the very first environmental wrist-top computers in 1998, which included features such as an altimeter, barometric, navigator, and thermometers. The company introduced an enhanced training wristwatch for sportsmen in 2004. Suunto Core, a famous sports activities watch, was introduced in 2007. The company released the first-ever outdoors activities linked wristwatch in 2014.

Suunto and Outdoor Sports

Sportsmen, travelers, bicyclists, health enthusiasts, adventurers, divers, skaters, and more may all benefit from Suunto's excellent sports activities timepieces. Inertial navigation system, altimeter, compass, GPS, sunrise/sunset timings, weather alert, thermometer, touch pad screen, climate pattern meter.

Various wearable device versions with expanded capabilities such as monitoring systems, health and fitness tracking, stress level measurement, athletics applications. And many more capabilities supplied by Suunto App or Wear OS by Google are also included in this large assortment.

These Suunto watches are composed of elevated products to ensure their endurance and vitality. The casing and bezels are made of aluminum, ABS, structural material, polyamide, glass-reinforced polyamide/polycarbonate, stainless steel, or titanium. The watch's protecting face display may be crystal, minerals, gorilla, or polyamide, depending on the product. Attractive and long-lasting bands composed of Rubber, Leather, Silicone, or Linen offer these clocks. Suunto Athletics timepieces are all completely waterproof, making them ideal for recreational activities. The normal range of waterproofing is 30 to 100 meters.

Suunto and Diving 

The company makes high-quality diving processors and watches that can withstand water depths of up to 200 meters. Such devices are renowned among swimmers because they include touchscreens and are filled with various diving-related capabilities. These gadgets, which come with customized technology, can be used for both dive and scuba diving.

Dive background as well as logging, Virtual navigation, Depth Gauge, Temperature monitoring, and diving monitoring. Such as Scuba diving period, Water depth, Designed dive advisor, Gas clock, High/Low Po2, Too-fast ascent, Depression casing misconduct, and Deep stop violation are all tools available on Suunto diving equipment. In comparison to Suunto's wrist-worn diving devices, the EON Core and EON Steel dive computers offer various increased functions.

Suunto's underwater equipment also includes essential features that can help with free diving. The Suunto Tank POD portable tank pressure communicator uses with Suunto dive systems as well as some dive watches. Several diving settings, including Air, Nitrox, Gauges and free, are available depending on the device. The Suunto watch DM5 application lets divers access and analyze their dive records and statistics on a device.

Waterproofing is up to 80 meters for versions such as the EON Core, Viper etc. The EON Steel has a Composite suit, unsoiled steel bezel, Xensation Glass, and an Elastomer bracelet. It is water-resistant to 150 meters. Metal, composites, reinforced composite and titanium are used in the construction of Suunto divers timepieces. Sapphire or mineral crystals are used as glass panels. Suunto watches come with unsoiled steel, Elastomer, Silicone, or Titanium bands that are both pleasant and trustworthy.

Other products

Suunto provides a variety of compasses devices for explorers that can handle a variety of terrains. Wristwatch bands, pulse rate wristbands, bike sensors, bike mounts, and compasses pendants are among the company's other prominent items.

Suunto Application is a unique software program that allows you to interface your Suunto gadgets and timepieces to your smartphone or computer. This application includes wireless capabilities via Bluetooth and is suitable with certain of the company's sports activities timepieces and diving equipment. Suunto App supports a variety of wristwatch capabilities, including fitness trackers, sleep tracking, mapping and directions, distance and speed, among others. Major sports programs such as Strava, Adidas Running, UA MapMyRun, TrainingPeaks, and others could subscribe to.

The business was launched by making exceptionally durable and precise instruments. Suunto, a leader in sports activities timepieces and underwater equipment, currently provides revolutionary products using cutting-edge technology and highly durable components. The company has designed and developed new items. Such as smart sports activities timepieces and dive machines.By combining its passion, technological expertise, and creative culture. Suunto's products are extremely renowned with health and wellness fans, as well as swimmers.

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