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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos Glashuette Orion Watches

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The German watch manufacturer Nomos Glashütte is a comparatively young luxury watch brand founded in 1990. Delivering minimalist timepieces in splendid quality to the market, the brand has gained enormous success in a short span of time. Elegant, modern, practical and reasonably priced, the Nomos watches have been continuously popular ever since released. The Nomos Orion watch is one of the notable models that brought popularity and honour to the brand. 

Being one of the very first Nomos watches introduced, the Nomos Orion showcases a minimalist design in the classic Bauhaus spirit. Nomos Glashuette Orion is a distinctive watch with a curvy polished stainless steel case and a simple dial design. The well-balanced Nomos watch is highly admired by watch lovers from all over the world. 

The renowned German watchmaking company Nomos Glashütte is one of the most recognized watch brands by watch enthusiasts in the world. The watchmaker produces watches at its headquarters in Glashutte, the central area of the German watchmaking industry. Other famous German brands including A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original are also located there. 

Originally this brand name was registered in 1906 by Guido Müller, for importing and exporting Swiss watches to Germany. Almost a century later after the fall of the Berlin wall, a photographer Roland Schwertner picked up the name and established his own watchmaking company in 1990. Since the beginning of its watchmaking journey, the sole purpose of this company was to create watches crafted with the best quality and innovations. Without any complex structures and fancy features, the Nomos watches are solidly built with simplicity and sophistication.

With the enthusiasm for watches and the skills of the experienced watchmakers employed to the company, Nomos Glashuette released its first watches in the next year 1991. There were a total of 4 models: Nomos Tangente, Nomos Ludwig, Nomos Tetra, as well as the Nomos Orion that we are going to talk about. Except for Nomos Tetra with a 29.5mm square case, the 3 first Nomos watches were released with a 35 mm round stainless steel case. 

The Nomos watch brand creates their own watches with the Bauhaus purist design style. Clear, simple and elegant, these are the terms that are being used to describe Nomos watches. You can spot and recognise a Nomos watch at the first glance from anywhere. The neutral 35 mm case size is meant for both men and women so that both sexes can wear it comfortably on their wrists. 

These Nomos watches had successfully caught the attention in the world’s market with their clean design and functionality. Ever since their release, numerous Nomos watches have become the regular winners among different international awards in terms of both quality and design. Some of the most recognizable prizes are the renowned Red Dot Awards, iF Design Awards, German Design Awards and more. 

In the first 15 years of its early stage, the company had outsourced the manufacture of movement and used Swiss-made calibres for its watches. In 2005, the company developed its own in-house movements starting with its first Alpha Calibre. 

The Nomos Glashütte watch family has greatly expanded since its establishment. Currently, it is housing at least 13 various models while each of them is available in a number of variants in sizes, dial colour, bracelet and complications. Holding the main brand concept of simplicity, all of the models possess different characteristics, style and functionality.

All of the Nomos watches have been faithful to the brand’s minimalistic principles. They are all a perfect everyday companion on everyone's wrist. Equipped with the simplest profile and exceptional movement, the Nomos watches are considered as a modern instrument for both men and women to set aside from the crowd.

Among the first watches of the brand, the Nomos Orion is one of its most enchanting collections. Although it is less mentioned as compared to the Nomos Tangente, the Nomos Orion is one of those that showcase the purest design of a Nomos watch. The watch has taken everything it needs as a classic Nomos watch in terms of both design and craftsmanship. In fact, it is said to be an unofficial favourite watch among many employees who work for the Nomos company. 

The name Nomos Glashuette Orion was inspired by the Orion constellation. The shape of the watch was crafted in a similar form, making its lenticular and the stainless steel case look like a UFO soaring towards the Orion constellation.

The Nomos Orion is also one of the award winners that brought huge honour to the brand. This well-crafted German watch was presented as “Trendsetter” at the Austrian Chrono-Award. Moreover, the newly released grey version of Nomos Orion 38 model won the most respected prize and German watch industry, the Golden Balance award in 2014.

The case of the Nomos Orion has ultimately revealed the minimalism of the watch. The thin and curvy case is well made from quality stainless steel. There are 3 variants of case sizes: 33 mm, 35 mm and a later joined 38 mm. It is also equipped with highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The case back of each model is available in two choices, one in a stainless steel closed case and another one in transparent sapphire crystal.

As a unisex watch, the dial of this Nomos Orion watch offers several color options including classic white, black and blue, as well as more feminine hues like rose pink and champagne. 

The indices of these watches are usually gold or silver plated with matching polished hands. There are also many options with different combinations such as the metal blue hands with gold plated stick index. In addition to these features, the Nomos Orion is also equipped with a leather strap which comes with different color options.

On top of its modern look, the Nomos Orio also assures you of its practicality. The watch is reliable and highly precise with its classic manual wound calibre. It is the brand’s in-house movement Alpha Calibre. With the remarkable movement, the Nomos Orion Date model features a date display on its clear dial.

The Nomos Orion is definitely a quality unisex dress watch that is already recognized in the industry. It will never disappoint you with its elegance and reliability. If you are also a fan of minimalist watches, then the Nomos Orion should be a great choice for you.

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