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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos Glashuette Tangente Watches

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Founded in 1990, the German watch manufacturer Nomos Glashütte is a comparatively young brand in the luxury watch world. Despite its short history, the German watch brand is already pioneering in the watch manufacturing industry. Nomos Glashütte has brought many innovative achievements in the watch industry. 

The Nomos watches have been well recognised by numerous international awards that hold authorities and high standards of the industry. The Nomos Glashütte Tangente watch is one of its notable collections that has brought Nomos the admiration that many watch brands desire for. 

Known for its simplicity and practicality, the Nomos Tangente already caught massive attention from watch lovers from all over the world. And to this day, the Nomos watch is enjoying its popularity and still growing. 

Debuted in 1990, the luxury watch company Nomos Glashütte started its journey of success in the town of Glashütte in Germany. Having been contributing to the industry with its exquisite innovations, the Nomos watch brand achieved a top-notch status among the world’s luxury watch brands. 

The Nomos brand is home to countless incredible timepieces that gain recognition of both the industry and the consumer market. Holding up the brand’s legacy, the Nomos watches exude contemporary and simplistic designs with excellent performance. In its 30 years of watchmaking journey, a handful of Nomos watches have already received multiple awards from many international events, including the renowned Red Dot Awards. With modern designs and industrial recognition, the Nomos watch brand has successfully grabbed the hearts of watch lovers from all across the world. 

After a year of development since its establishment, Nomos Glashütte launched its first watches in 1991, including the Nomos Orion, Ludwig, Tetra, and Tangente. These watches were all designed in a Bauhaus style, clean, simple, and practical. They are available in perfect mid sizes for both sexes to cater to both of its male and female customers. The round models are 35 mm while the square tetra models are only for the ladies in 29.5mm. At the time when large watches were more popular, Nomos proved ahead of its time and produced watches that both men and women can wear comfortably. 

As the company’s first watch was released in 1991, the Nomos Tangente watches have played a significant role in the rapid growth of the Nomos Glashutte company. Actually, this exceptional German watch has brought the Nomos company much honor and attention from the world. The Nomos Tangente watch has received multiple international design awards, such as the Chrono Award and the iF Award. 

As claimed by the brand, the Nomos Tangente is “the round watch with the many right angles”. Exhibiting exquisite simplicity, the Nomos Tangente watches have distinguished themselves from other minimalist watches by their purest designs and performance. Without being too subtle, the watch has taken a sophisticated balance on the simple and plain design to a tasteful and modern charm. 

The cases of Tangente watches are made from high-quality and robust stainless steel with strong scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the cover and case back. On the crown of the watch, the clean brand name “Nomos” is displayed. With the robust case, the watch offers standard water resistance up to depth of 5 atm. The first Nomos Tangente was 35 mm in diameter and a height of 6.2 mm. Later when the collection has grown, this classic Nomos watch is available in different sizes and styles. 

As for the large circular dial, it is crafted with a fine galvanised finishing. It is adorned with lustrous steel slender hands and sleek Arabic numerals. There is a subdial at the 6 o’clock position that serves for both practical and aesthetic purposes. 

The brand does not compromise on other details such as the watch bracelet. The watch offers several bracelet options including stainless steel straps, quality suede bracelet and Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan leather bracelet. All of these straps are highly robust and durable that offer exceptional comfortability for the wearers. 

For the mechanics of these Nomos watches, the band has been updating its movements for this significant collection regularly. The Nomos Tangente watches are powered by Nomos in-house manual wounded movements including the brand’s Alpha, Gamma, or Delta Caliber. With the remarkable movements, the watch offers a standard power reserve for up to 43 hours. 

To this day the Nomos Glashütte Tangente collection has already expanded to a versatile lineup that houses numerous exceptional models. 

The brand’s emblematic collection Nomos Tangente consists of a wide range of simple and modern timepieces which are perfect as an everyday watch. The current collection houses variants in case sizes ranging from 33mm to 41mm diameter. Indeed there are also options of dial colours, bracelets, complications and mechanics. 

The variants of the Nomos Tangente lineup are usually named from the case sizes, such as the Nomos Tangente 33, the Nomos Tangente 35, the Nomos Tangente 38, Tangente neomatik 41 and more. Among these Nomos Tangente models, the 35 mm model is the first Tangente that was designed for both the men as well as women watch admirers. 

The Nomos Tangente 33 mm version is exclusively produced for the ladies who look for elegant and charming accessories. Equipped with gold-plated hands, this sleek watch is crafted with bright colour hues and metallic lustres. 

Among the Tangente watch models, the Nomos Tangente Midnight Blue 39 mm models are particularly desirable in the market. The exquisite contrast of the dark blue dial and gold hour hands has made the watch stand out from the crowd. 

Great news for the Nomos watch collectors, the brand has released a handful of limited edition models for charities. In 2012, special models Nomos Tangente model were released to honour Doctors Without Borders. Part of the revenue was contributed funds for this medical humanitarian organisation to provide medical treatment to the patients with endemic diseases in conflicting zones. 

Nomos Tangente is a signature model that has been a pride of the brand. With the distinctive design and outstanding functionality, the watch has received overwhelming responses and recognition from the market. With a Nomo Tangente watch on your wrist, every watch lover will instantly notice your splendid taste and sense on quality watches. 

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