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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos Glashuette Club Watches

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As one of the top mechanical watch manufacturers in the world, the German watch brand Nomos Glashütte is well known for its expertise on simplistic design aesthetics and innovations. Established in 1990 by a computer expert Roland Schwertner, Nomos Glashütte aimed to deliver the best timepiece in purist Bauhaus styles to the world. 

Ever since it was founded, the Nomos watches have been popular for their clean and modern aesthetic. The Nomos family consists of many masterpieces that are highly admired and received numerous awards at multiple major events. With the great recognition from both consumers and the industry, Nomos Glashuette has been continuously growing and occupying an unshakable status in the industry throughout these years. 

The Nomos Glashütte Club watch is one of the brand’s most desired collections. It is a sportier model of the brand designed for the younger generation. First introduced in 2007, the Nomos Club model came with a more casual look as an entry-level watch for Nomos collectors. This watch is available in a slightly larger profile ranging from 37 mm to 42 mm, while some of the other main collections offer sizes from 33 mm. 

When speaking of a quality simple watch, the Nomos Glashütte must be on the top of the list. As a relatively young luxury watch brand as compared to other historical Swiss watchmakers, this German watch brand is already highly respected in the industry. 

The company was founded by photographer Roland Schwertner in 1990 in the town of Glashutte which is the famous area of watchmaking in Germany. Despite the lack of watchmaking experience, Roman Schwertner has succeeded in leading the company to produce its own quality timepieces. He is now still playing a managing role in the company as the sales director to this day. 

In the early years of the company, Nomos Glashütte had been focusing on manual wound watches production while making use of the Swiss-made movements from ETA in its watches. It was until 2005, the brand finally successfully developed its own in-house movements. The first Nomos movement is a manual calibre named Alpha. This exceptional movement is now still being used to power many models in over 30 Nomos watch series. 

The current Nomos Glashutte family is housing a wide array of models in different styles from the most classic dress watches to sportier watches. All of these Nomos watches are well crafted with the best materials and parts that over 75% - 95% are produced in-house at the Nomos headquarters. They are built under the Nomos design principles. The Nomos Glashuette Club collection is also one of the highly recommended models that hold up the brand’s legacy. 

“Young, unpretentious, and ready for everything.”, was how Nomos Glashütte described this new collection when it was introduced in 2007. Designed for young sports lovers, the Nomos Club watch demonstrates a beautiful balance of boldness and simplicity that follow the brand’s value. Among all the Nomos minimalistic watches, this Nomos sports watch is one of the robust models. It is reliable yet stylish no matter whether you wear it to a meeting or to the beach. 

The overall design of the Nomos Club watch exhibits a sporty look in a bolder profile. The watch is crafted with a larger stainless steel case in an athletic style. 

The Nomos Glashütte Club collection offers the right choice of size to cater to different needs of its audiences. It is available in several case sizes ranging from 36 mm to 42 mm diameter when most of the other main collections offer smaller sizes. The Nomos Club 36 watch such as reference 701 is considered an unisex watch that is also available for women. The larger models Nomos Club 40 and Nomos Club 42 such as reference 752 and reference 781 are for young men collectors. This Nomos sports watch is the best suit for men and women who like larger watches. 

Just like other Nomos collections, the Nomos Club watch is available in various options of dial colors, hands, hour markers as well as bracelets. Many models have made use of contrast of dark and bright colors to add a further touch of modernity. For its classic white models, the white dial features delicate red minute indexes. 

Blending the brand’s traditional craftsmanship with distinctive designs, these Nomos Club watches have set a benchmark as a practical sports watch for other watch brands. As the brand’s unique and elegant sports watch, the Nomos Club watches are powered by the high-grade in-house movement of the brand. The remarkable movement is the first Nomos movement called Alpha. This collection also offers automatic watch models. 

These Nomos watches are not only limited as watches for men, but also an amazing choice for the ladies. The impressive watch has gained huge popularity in both the men and women’s market. 

Within the collection, there are a handful of popular models that have caught the massive attention of watch lovers from all over the world. For example, the Nomos Club Date and the Nomos Club Dark are considered as some of the most contemporary timepieces in the family. 

Another model, the Nomos Club Campus watch has also become one of the best-selling Nomos watches ever since its release at 2017 Baselworld. With the minimalist Bauhaus style, This Nomos sports watch is available in several variations in different sizes, dial colors and bracelets. The Nomos Campus watch is also powered by the renowned Nomos Alpha Calibre that offers the watch a standard power reserve of up to 48 hours. This watch is highly admired by many Nomos lovers as a value-driven timepiece due to its modern look and practicality.

Housing the purist simplistic design and exceptional innovations, the Nomos Glashütte Club has received overwhelming responses from many Nomos watch collectors. is definitely a perfect companion for any adventure lovers that prefer contemporary simple watches. This exceptional Nomos watch will definitely turn heads on any occasion. 

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