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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Watches have always fascinated us. Since the early age of watchmaking, they have been more than just objects telling time. Some are absolute pieces of art, while some carry on the legacy of rich traditions and cultures.

Watches have been our favorite picks while deciding on gifts to present our loved ones; some watches are a part of family legacies. Through years of design and innovation, some brands have gained respect and hype in the world's watch market; while many would name Swiss brands, a new German brand has drawn the attention of horologists and enthusiasts in recent times.

Nomos, situated in Germany, is the brand we are talking about. They are quite new in creating and perfecting the art of fine watchmaking, but their craftsmanship and innovation will certainly make you put them in comparison with the biggest names in the market. Before we head into the details of the Nomos collection, let's know about some key aspects of the brand's history.

The brand Nomos is an independent watchmaking brand situated in Glashutte, Germany. The tiny hill town has a population of only 7000 people. However, the town is home to about a dozen watchmakers, including famous watchmakers such as A Lange & Sohne and Glashutte original.

Nomos is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund, an association consisting of designers, artists, and architects. The association started in 1907 and also started the Bauhaus movement.

Roland Schwertner founded the watch company in January 1990. He was a photographer and a computer expert, having no experience in watches and watchmaking. While the other notable companies like A Lange went under the control of bigger watch companies, Nomos has remained independent to this day since the start in 1990. Now, the Nomos headquarters is situated in a converted rail station in Glashutte. The brand houses about 300 employees related to the manufacturing process. The brand's creative studio is situated in Berlinerblau, central Berlin.

In order to get the renowned 'Glashutte' tag, at least 50% of the watchmaking process must come from local materials. This is why Nomos moved on from using third-party ebauche movements and started creating their own watch engines. It was a significant step when other Glashutte brands struggled to be independent. This was when they started getting recognition in the prestigious Glashutte watchmaking association.

Their first line of watches came out a year after the company’s formation. They released the Tangente, along with other collections like the Orion, the Ludwig, and the Tetra. When the world was moving ahead with ultra-high functioning, modern, digital watches, they brought back the beauty and elegance of the 1930s. Simple, yet elegant – that defined the Nomos watchmaking legacy. The designer, Sussanne Gunther, designed a collection defined as simple, minimalist, and clean.

Another unique factor of their design was that they appealed to both men and women, with their gender-neutral design and size that fits both wrists. In addition, they took heavy inspiration from the classic Bauhaus-era timepieces. The dial remained at 35mm diameter, while the rectangular dials came at a diameter of 29.5mm.

Soon after, they have released their own automatic movements and unique signature design and craftsmanship. The brand focused on automatic movements rather than the more popular quartz movement. With that, they depended on cutting-edge technology to make their dials and machines. The usage of rhodium coating to reduce oxidation and using lasers for designing are only a few. The Nomos Epsilon marked the creation of their first in-house engine. It helped their engines to move on from the ETA name.

Later in 2013, they released a new line of calibres called Deutsche Uhrenwekre. They also featured their first escapement, called the 'swing system' later that year. This system has its presence in the Metro collection.

Since the beginning of their journey, Nomos has managed to bring very high-quality, yet affordable wristwatches for general users and collectors alike. Their design and mechanism remain true to the 1930’s Bauhaus era.

The prestigious Metro collection from Nomos watches was released in 2013. Like other Nomos collections, this is also the result of Nomos's signature design and innovation. Mark Braun, a famous industrial designer, has designed the watches belonging to this collection with finesse.

The watches come equipped with a patented escapement, the 'Swing system,' which is also their first from the line. That marks a significant achievement for the company. All the watches in this collection come with a practical, minimalist design with top-quality hardware and mechanism. A little use of vibrant colors also makes them stand out among other monochrome watches.

The Nomos Glashutte Metro collection has some standout features in its watches. First, they come with a round-shaped dial – a classic, minimalist design. They run on the Alpha caliber, a patented mechanism from Nomos. They come with approximately 42hrs power reserve; so, you need to wind them every two days.  

Available in different combinations of material, the watches come with a valour leather belt, which increases the watch’s attractiveness.

Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 

This is the newest addition to the collection, also from Mark Braun. It features a rose gold case with rose gold hands on a silver-plated dial. The watch runs on Alpha movement, an in-house creation from Nomos. With a 42hr power reserve and 30m water resistance, the valor leather belt and rose gold buckle look timeless.

Nomos Metro Neomatik 41 Update 

Another classic design from Mark Braun, this watch features stainless-steel housing and a silver-plated dial. It comes with a sapphire crystal glass and a textile strap. The watch runs on the Neomatik calibre and features a water resistance of 50m.

Nomos Metro Date Power Reserve 

This manual-winding watch marked the introduction of Metro collection. The watch features a stainless-steel case with a silver dial, and with day and date display. The watch runs on the Swing system and has a 30m water resistance. Lastly, the Horween black leather keeps the watch attached to the wrist.

Nomos Metro Neomatik 39 Midnight Blue 

The watch features a stainless-steel case and a sapphire crystal glass back. The hands feature a rhodium coating, while the watch comes with 50m water resistance. An automatic watch with the Swing system movement comes with a midnight blue dial. The strap is made of Horween Genuine Shell leather, which lasts really long.

The Metro collection from Nomos is a class apart when we talk about modern watches with a vintage appeal. With their patented movements and top-tier material selection and craftsmanship, the watches are unique and are a collector’s item for sure.


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