4 Reasons Rolex Yacht Master Should Be Your Next Watch Investment

Everyone who may not even be familiar with watches would know that owning a Rolex watch is considerably a solid investment in the market. Many people have chosen their most popular models to be their first Rolex watch like a Rolex Submariner or Rolex GMT Master. Yet how about your next one? 

If you are still considering, you should really take a look at the Rolex Yacht Master

rolex yacht master
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Even though the Rolex Yacht-Master watch does not really have some kind of rich history that is directly related to military use or any significant sports achievement, it is still considered as a true luxury sports watch that is highly desired among many Rolex lovers in the market. Built with robust construction and distinctive aesthetics, the brand has been putting massive effort to the collection’s growth and development. 

Being one of the brand’s luxury models in the premium segment, the Rolex Yacht Master should be a great pick if you are looking for watches which hold values. So let us brief you a little bit of its story and why it is a good choice for investment. 

Brief Introduction of the Rolex Yacht Master Watch

The Rolex Yacht Master was introduced in 1992, as the brand’s first higher end luxury sports watch built for the open seas. To fully demonstrate the ultra luxury aspect of this new Rolex watch, this first Yacht Master watch is presented in a full gold profile. The 40mm case was entirely crafted out of solid 18k yellow gold and paired with a matching gold bi-directional rotating 60-minutes bezel as well as a matching gold Oyster bracelet. Supported with the initial success and overwhelming responses in the market, the brand has aggressively expanded the Yacht Master collection over these few decades, using a selection of premium materials. There are a wider variety of versions available in different dial colors and sizes as well. 

rolex yacht master
ROLEX Yacht-Master II 116688-0002

And around 15 years after the initial launch of the Yacht-Master Rolex watch, the brand introduced its new brother, the regatta chronograph Rolex Yacht-Master II in 2007. This new collection is designed specifically for regatta racing players. To cater the needs specifically of these athletes of extreme racing, Rolex has incorporated exceptional features that are essential to the sport. Such as a programmable countdown timer is fitted into the watch to measure precisely the exact time until the start of the race. Besides the flyback and fly-forward functions are equipped to easily synchronize the race committee when restarting the race sequence. Another main difference between the Yacht Master models is that the new Rolex Yacht-Master II is only available in a larger 44 mm size, that only fits for men with a thicker wrist. 

Reasons Why You Should Own a Rolex Yacht Master 

ROLEX Submariner 116610 LV

Among the world’s Rolex admirers and collectors, there are already endless discussions about the comparisons of the models such as GMT Master vs Submariner, or a Yacht Master vs Submariner

Within all those alluring Rolex watch models, why the Rolex Yacht Master be one of your Rolex collections

The brand’s sailing history

Although the first Yacht Master was only released in 1992, this Swiss watchmaking brand’s relationship with sailing can actually date back to the 1950s. In 1958, Rolex partnered with the prestigious New York Yacht Club and supplied its robust timepieces to the club. At the time the brand had already built a solid status in the industry for its reliable waterproof watches with their own patented Rolex Oyster case. The partnership of the sports clubs is a natural and honorable step forward to a higher level. 

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 124300-0001

Grounded by the long term relationship between the brand and sailing, Rolex had further solidified its fame in this sport when the legendary navigator, Francis Chichester sailed around the globe with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual as one of his tools in 1966. He spent almost one year from August 1966 to May 1967 to sail 29,600 miles around the globe on his yacht, the Gipsy Moth IV, with only a few tools including his Rolex, nautical charts and a sextant. He used the Rolex wristwatch chronometer to keep a precise time amidst rough conditions for over two hundreds of days at the wide sea all by himself.

A Rolex watch was well proven as a reliable companion for sailing. In the 1960s, the brand released a prototype for the Cosmograph Daytona chronograph series with the name “Yacht Master” on the dial of the watch. It was an extremely rare vintage model in the current market and its only two known pieces of this prototype Daytona Yacht-Master today are the one which belonged to Eric Clapton and the other one owned by renowned Rolex collector John Goldberger.

Well Build with high Rolex’s standard

ROLEX Yacht-Master 268622

As the brand’s luxury oriented model, this Rolex Yacht Master collection has always been well crafted from the best materials and most premium metals such as full gold and platinum. The excellent build of this beautiful piece truly excels at its core objective. Every watch from the Rolex Yacht-Master collection is equipped with a practical 60-minute rotating timing bezel and offers an impressive water resistance up to a depth of 100 m. It is no doubt a masterpiece that would last decades and still hold values in the market even at that time. 

Exclusive Models

As a watch collector, one of the words you would love the most should be “exclusive”. It means uncommon, special and most importantly, values. For this collection, the brand released an exclusive Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium version in 1999. The Rolex Rolesium is a patented mixed metal combination of stainless steel and platinum construction that was invented in the early 1930s. It was firstly used on Yacht Master and is currently only used on this watch. Being a standout from other Rolex watches, the Yacht Master is one of the highly desired models in the market. 

Mid-size sporty models

ROLEX Yacht-Master 268621-0003

For many female collectors, this Rolex collection offers some of the few Rolex sports watches for women. Although the Rolex Lady Datejust is offering countless exceptional dress watch choices for the ladies, there are still fewer sporty options. The Rolex Yacht Master 37mm is a just-right unisex sized sports watch model for both women and men with smaller wrists. Within the Rolex 37mm Yacht Master watches, the Rolex Yacht Master rose gold version is amongst the most sought-after models that hold high popularity in the secondary market. 

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