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Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos Glashuette Tetra Watches

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Renowned for its creativity and extraordinary innovations, the German watch manufacturer Nomos Glashütte has held a distinguished status in the industry. Under the Nomos watch umbrella, there are numerous exceptional timepieces that are highly admired by watch lovers over the globe. 

The exquisite Nomos watches do not only receive love from the watch enthusiasts, but they also gain high recognition at many authoritative events in the industry. The Nomos Glashuette is a regular winner at international awards such as Red Dot Awards and iF Design Awards. 

Among the Nomos collections, the Nomos Glashütte Tetra is one of the notable models that are highly appreciated. As one of the first Nomos watches, the Nomos Tetra is also an outstanding model. Featuring a square case in an extremely slim profile, this Nomos watch exhibits an alluring look as a delicate Nomos watch for women. 

Founded in 1990, Nomos Glashütte is a famous German luxury watch manufacturer headquartered in the town Glashütte in Germany. Although its founder Roland Schwertner was a photographer and computer expert without any watchmaking experience, the company has grown at a rapid speed under his leadership and enthusiasm for watches. 

Ever since its establishment, the brand’s inventions and innovations have been surprising the industry and contributed largely for the success of the brand. The German watch brand has released numerous masterpieces that have won several awards in different major design events. In a very short span of time, with many titles granted, the company has already occupied a prominent status in the world’s luxury watch market. 

A year after the company was founded, Nomos Glashütte introduced the brand’s first watches in 1991. There are four different models including the famous Nomos Tangente, Nomos Ludwig, Nomos Orion and the Nomos Tetra. The launch of these German luxury watches brought a kind of freshness to the market and impressed many watch collectors. 

The biggest characteristic that sets Nomos watches apart from other watch brands is its simplistic yet reliable design. A simply clean design will not get apprised as the Nomos watches received. The design of the Nomos watches are not only simple, but they make its clean look as functional as it could in a modern way. These watches have a perfect balance on simple design aesthetics with advanced innovations. 

Among the four first Nomos models, the Nomos Tetra was the most unique one that caught the attention at the first glance. The other three models were circular watches in a 35 mm round case except for the Tetra watch. The Nomos Glashutte Tetra exclusively featured a square-shaped case in 29.5mm size. Housing the delicate aesthetics and high-quality mechanics, this German dress watch is considered an impressive ladies watch model of the brand. 

The name of the watch "tetra" means “four of something” in Greek, which refers to square. As suggested in its name, the Nomo Glashutte Tetra is a square watch. In fact, it is the only watch that features an angular case in the Nomos family. The watch is crafted in a very slim profile with a height of 6.3 mm. Combining the sleek hands and hour markers, the overall design of Nomos Glashütte Tetra keeps in sophisticated harmony in a modern and stylish look. Within a very delicate case, the watch is equipped with the brand’s first in-house manual wound movement Alpha Calibre. 

At present the Nomos Glashuette Tetra collection offers watches in two case size variants: 27.5 mm and 29.5 mm. Both of the sizes keep a sleek and slim profile with 18mm lugs and pairing narrow leather straps. The Nomos square watch is paired with Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan straps available in several color options. These exquisite features ensure the beauty and comfortability of the watch. 

The watch offers standard water resistance up to a depth of 30 meters. The Nomos Tetra watches are powered by the first Nomos in-house mechanical Calibre Alpha movement. 

With the expansion of the collection, this Nomos watch for women is available in options of various dial colors. Keeping up its minimalistic design, the dial of the Nomos Tetra watch is not bejeweled with precious gemstones or mother of pearl dial. The dial colour options range from classic colors to bright hues, including the standard white silver, black, bright green, bold turquoise and more. The square ladies' watch skillfully uses enlightening contrast on the colors and perfectly harmonised the charm of the watch. One of the most popular models is its galvanised silver dial version with midnight blue coloured minute and hour hands. 

Well crafted with elegant design and German craftsmanship, the Nomos Tetra watch has received overwhelming responses from many ladies who prefer simple and delicate watches. 

The Nomos Tetra collection has been housing a number of exquisite timepieces that have brought significant success to the brand. The Nomos Tetra is a square watch that features vibrant dial colors and delicate sizes. 

Each model in this Nomos ladies watch collection is unique and can suit every female watch lover’s taste. Some of its popular models include the Nomos Tetra Neomatik, Nomos Tetra Grenadine, Nomos Tetra Azure, Nomos Tetra Berlin series, Nomos Tetra Pearl and the Nomos Tetra Matcha.

Apart from its regular new releases for the collection, Nomos Glashutte is also well known for its charity limited edition models. Like how it did on other collections, the brand also released a Doctors Without Borders charity model for the Nomos Tetra watch. The main features that distinguish this limited edition watch is the red 12 o’clock marker and the French NGO name “Doctors Without Borders” placed below the 6 o’clock position. These models are to collect funds for the NGO to provide free medical services in the endemic disease zones. 

These beauty Nomos Glashutte Tetra watches are the only square watches of the German watch brand. With the classic and elegant look, the Nomos Tetra on your wrist will definitely turn heads on any occasion. So add one of the Nomos square watches to your pretty collection! 

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