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Nomos Glashuette Watches

There are a total of three different variants from Nomos Glashutte Autobahn series, including the Nomos Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date in classic white, Autobahn Neomatik 41Date with midnight blue dial as well as the Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date Sports with grey dial. These models share almost the same features and specifications despite the dial. Let’s take a further look at their designs. 


The Nomos Glashütte Autobahn watches are designed as a Nomos watch for men in a well polished 41 mm stainless steel case. This large case is well built in a sleek profile with just 10.5 mm in height. It is equipped with down-sided lugs to form a curve to make the watch fit to the wearer’s wrist firmly and comfortably. 

Both sides of the case are fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. With the transparent case back, you can view the delicate movement of its in-house caliber anytime. With the robust case, this Nomos automotive watch offers water-resistance of a depth of 100 meters that is able to endure common water sports activities. 


As mentioned, the dial of the Nomos Autobahn watch offers three options of colors: silver white, midnight blue and light grey. The colors of other features on the dials are varying accordingly. 

Following the exceptionally clear and precise dial design, the numerals and the minute and hour hands are clean and simple. Only the even hours are represented in Arabic numerals while the 6 o’clock marker is replaced by the date display window. 

As for the hands, the Nomos Autobahn white model features orange pointed hour hand and neon orange second hand; the grey Nomos Autobahn watch features a rhodium plated luminous white hour hand and Red second hand while the midnight blue version is paired with light blue enameled superluminova hour hand and vivid red second hand. 

As suggested by its name Autobahn, the whole design of the watch was inspired by automotive instruments. Many elements of this Nomos automotive watch are meant to honor the spirit of racing. This design concept is indeed appealed on the dial. On the surface of the dial, there is an automotive speedometer dashboard-like design that is made with enamelled strips from eight to four o’clock center position. The other features such as the bold edges, concave dial and the time display sub dial are all exuding the adventurous racing styles. It has added a unique dimension to the range of Nomos sports watches. 

The sophisticated color hues of these three models is offering the classic choices that can fit the requirements of any simple watch lovers. 


The Nomos Autobahn watch is housing the exceptional in-house Nomos Neomatik movement DUW 6101 Calibre. Just like the watch itself, this Nomos in-house Calibre is a large yet very thin movement with just 3.6 mm in height. This movement is the first Nomos Neomatik Calibre integrating the date display. The date can be set easily in both directions by the crown. Besides, to ensure its performance in high precision, it is equipped with a swing mechanism. 

Among the Nomos watches, the Nomos Glashuette Autobahn watch is an outstanding piece that skilfully combines Nomos watchmaking traditions and bold design aesthetics. This is considered as a successful experiment of making something brand new to the brand. If you are an adventure lover that admires simplicity and breakthroughs, just make sure to add one of these Nomos Autobahn watches to your collection. It will definitely satisfy you with its optimum performance as well as the purest clear designs. 

With a unique perspective and design aesthetic, the young German watchmaker Nomos Glashütte has become one of the undisputed leading brands in the industry within a comparatively short span of time. As the core value of the brand, the simplicity of the Nomos watches hold high popularity and admiration among mass watch lovers as well as watch experts. 

Among the highly respected Nomos watches, the Nomos Glashütte Autobahn watch is one of the notable collections that carry the most advanced innovations of the brand. First released in 2018, the Nomos Autobahn is introduced as a new Nomos automotive watch in its catalog. 

Well crafted with an automotive-inspired design, the Nomos Autobahn watches have gained prominent popularity and successfully become an official collection from the prototype models. The Nomos Glashutte Autobahn collection is housing mainly three variants under its umbrella. These models all feature elegant and classic color combinations that can enhance the look of your outfits. 

You may be surprised that this renowned watch company Nomos Glashutte was not founded by a watchmaker, but a talented computer expert Roland Schwertner. Yet with his passion on watches and entrepreneurship, the Nomos watch brand had been growing at an incredible speed ever since its establishment. 

The Nomos Glashutte brand has endowed and impressed watch connoisseurs over the world with a number of exceptionally built simplistic watches. All of the Nomos watches are not embellished with any precious stone or any flourishing add-ons like some other luxury watches. They are simply straightforward and refining pieces crafted with high-quality materials and innovations. For around three decades, these Nomos watches have already received over 150 awards from numerous major design events. 

Up till today, Nomos Glashütte has already expanded to a versatile watch family that houses lineups in different styles under its core design principles. No matter if they are dress watches or sports watches, all of its models are built with the same idea of simplicity of the brand. 

It was until 2018 at the Baselworld event a major breakthrough came up for the brand. The automotive-inspired Nomos Glashütte Autobahn watch was released with three models available. These Nomos Autobahn watches were all designed in collaboration with the famous design studio Studio Aisslinger. The expert German designer Werner Aisslinger took the design inspiration from the automotive instruments of the cars in the mid-century and designed the analog dash-like dial for the watch. Adding new features and design elements, this new collection is regarded as a significant shift for the brand. This impressive watch has brought a sense of freshness and new perspective for the Nomos watch lovers. 

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