A Beginner’s Guide to Tudor

Tudor is one of the reputed brands known for offering luxury watches. Owning a Tudor watch is definitely a matter of pride for its owners. If you are new to the Tudor brand and are planning to buy a watch, you can go through this guide. It tells you all you need to know about the brand the popular Tudor watches.

About Tudor

The Tudor brand is 95 years old. It was founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf. Earlier known as The House of Veuve de Philippe Huther, it was acquired by Wilsdorf. Interestingly, Wilsdorf is also the founder of the legendary Rolex brand of watches. This is why some of the first watches made by Tudor had the Rolex name on them.

The objective behind starting Tudor was to create a brand that would have the same quality standards as Rolex but would have modest prices. A Tudor watch is a great watch to own for someone who wants a luxury watch but cannot afford the Rolex watch.

In 1946, Tudor was established as a separate entity with the name of Montres TUDOR SA. Tudor watches today have evolved over time and have incorporated modern stylish elements. They are now distinct from Rolex and have their own unique case and dials.

Buying a Tudor watch


Having understood the brand, it’s now time to understand more about the watches offered by Tudor. Tudor Singapore offers all the top watches of the brand because of which Tudor is now a household name in Singapore. Tudor watches are one of the most affordable top-quality watches. They are also a great watch for beginners buying their first watch.

The guide tells you about the different Tudor lines and models. You can choose from the variety of options given below.

1) Black Bay collection

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay collection features diving watches that have been popular with the Navy. These are iconic watches that resemble the watches made in the 1960s. The water-proof watches are made for use by the military. The watches have a waterproof ability of up to 200 meters. The size of these watches ranges from 32 mm to 43 mm.

Heritage Black Bay 79030N-0001

Some of the top models that are a part of the Black Bay collection include

  1. Tudor Black Bay 58
  2. Tudor Black Bay
  3. Tudor GMT
  4. Tudor Black Bay P01
  5. Tudor Black Bay Bronze
  6. Tudor Black Bay Chrono
  7. Tudor Black Bay Chrono PVD.
Black Bay Fifty-Eight 79030B-0002

2) Pelagos collection

Tudor Pelagos is an underwater watch but with luxury built into it. The waterproof ability of these watches goes up to 500 meters. The watches have a titanium case that is strong as well as lightweight. The watches are self-wound and can be activated by your hand movement.

The watches have a helium escape valve that makes it perfect for use underwater. It protects the dial crystals from pressure change. The size of the case is up to 42 mm. It is a precision quality watch.

Pelagos LHD 25610TNL-0001

3) Tudor Montecarlo

The Montecarlo line of watches is similar to the Black Bay w.r.t the case and strap. The differences between these two collections are subtle but are definitely significant. The Montecarlo watches are significant in appearance thanks to their color palette that mixes blue with colors like orange, white, and red.

The dial is flattish and the date is moved to the six ‘o clock marking. This makes the dial’s symmetry in place. The chronograph watch is highly comfortable to wear making it a daily wear timepiece.

4) Tudor 1926

The Tudor 1926 collection is a heritage collection that is a tribute to the year when Hans Wildorf took over the company’s reins and established the brand. It is a tribute to the legendary maker. The series is inspired by the classic watches with modern features to make it a watch that today’s generation would like.

Some of the top Tudor 1926 models include:

  • Tudor 1926 M91650-0005 is one of the most attractive watches in this collection. This men’s watch has a 41 mm diameter. It has a water resistance of 100 meters and its power reserve is 38 hours. It is an ideal watch for gentlemen.
  • Tudor 1926 M91650-0003 is a diamond set that presents a sophisticated appearance. The numerals are in gold with a silver dial. This is a vintage luxury watch for the connoisseur.
  • Tudor 1926 M91350-0004 is a diamond set timepiece for women. It is a simple watch with a stylish look. It has the iconic 7–link bracelet. The water-resistant watch has diamonds scattered between the even numbers. It has rhodium-plated hands and markers. It is a great luxury watch for women.
New Tudor 1926 Baselworld 2018 91351-0002

5) Tudor Clair de Rose

The Clair de Rose collection is a special collection made for ladies. It is a woman’s watch that is elegant and stylish. The watch uses a metal bracelet and makes it good in appearance. Roman numerals in a blue shade and the bluish crown are highlights that make the watch stand out.

Clair de Rose 35401-0041

6) Tudor North Flag

Tudor North Flag is a special model meant exclusively for use in the polar regions where the environment is harsh. The watch is clearly inspired by the popular Tudor Oyster Prince. It is a luxury watch that works its best in the northern regions. The waterproof ability is 100 meters and it can handle any harsh condition. The case back is sapphire crystal and is 40 mm in size.

North Flag 91210N-0001

Why buy a Tudor watch?

Apart from the popularity of the Tudor watch and its affordability, there are many other reasons to buy this watch.

  • There are a variety of collections and models available. You can choose the one you like keeping in mind your budget, the size of the watch, the features, and the aesthetics you expect.
  • These are luxurious watches available at an affordable price. Made by the sister company of Rolex, it is a great watch to buy.
  • The watch comes to you from a reputed brand that has given a lot of importance to quality. The watches are precision timepieces.
  • Most watches come with a five-year warranty, which is a great value addition.

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