Things You Should Know Before Buying an IWC Watch

IWC is one of the reputed brands in the watch industry. If you are looking for a top-quality watch, then buying an IWC watch is a great idea. Before you go ahead and buy any of the IWC watches, you need to be aware of all that the brand stands for. This information will help you be a proud owner of one of the most reputed brands in the world.

About IWC


IWC is the International Watch Company. This Swiss company is located in Schaffhausen, in the German-speaking area of Switzerland. An interesting thing to know is that the Swiss company was founded by an American. Florentine Aristo Jones from Boston was a matchmaker who started IWC in 1868.

His mission behind starting the company was to blend the famed Swiss watchmaking skills with the latest industrialized watchmaking processes. In 1880, an engine manufacturer in Schaffhausen named Johannes Rauschenbach –Vogel acquired the company from Jones.

Quality Design from a Reputed Brand

IWC is known for the design of its watches. The watches made by IWC have an impressive history thanks to the quality of the design. The brand is in existence since the 19th century and has a rich experience of more than 150 years in watchmaking. The IWC Pilot watch is one of the most well-known products of the company.

It was during the 1930s that IWC started making watches specifically for pilots and navigators. In the 1940s, IWC was one of the few brands making pilot watches for the German air force. Mark 11 is one of the best-known pilot watches from IWC. It was made in 1948 for the British Air Force. In 2016, IWC released the Mark 18 watch as a tribute to the Mark 11.

Top-notch manufacturing standards


IWC is known for following the best standards for manufacturing its iconic watches. The precision watches made by the company are made following the best standards in the industry. The watchmakers who work for IWC are skilled and qualified. They have vast experience in making watches.

IWC uses the skills of horologists with the latest equipment that makes use of state-of-the-art technologies. This ensures every individual watch made by the company stands out for its quality. Stringent quality checks are carried out before the products are dispatched. Tests for corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and ability to withstand temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius are carried out.

Range of products on offer

IWC offers a range of watches to meet the requirements of its discerning customers. IWC Singapore offers to its customers all the watches the legendary brand offers. Some of the top models offered are:

1. Pilot’s Watches

There is a range of models available in the pilot’s watch collection. Some of the well-known ones are:

  1. Mark XVIII: This is one of the popular models and made based on the basic pilot watch design (diameter: 40mm).
  2. Pilot’s watch 36: This 36mm unisex timepiece is made as per the vintage trend.
  3. Pilot’s Watch Chronograph: This watch has a 43mm diameter and features a chronograph.
  4. Big Pilot: The IWC Big Pilot is big with a diameter of 46.2 mm. It has a huge dial that makes it stand out. This is why this is one of the most iconic models offered by IWC
  5. Timezoner’s Pilot Watch: This pilot watch has a world timer in it and can be used to track two time zones.
iwc big pilot
Big Pilot’s Watches IW503801

All Pilot watches are segmented under five categories:

  1. Classic with steel cases (may have titanium too).
  2. IWC Top Gun watches that have ceramic cases.
  3. Spitfire that comes with bronze cases (also in steel).
  4. Le Petit Prince has steel cases with a blue dial and a themed case back.
  5. Antoine de Saint Expuery has steel cases with a unique brown dial.
Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition Le Petit Prince IW327016

2. Portugieser Watches

These IWC Portugieser watches were initially made for two Portuguese merchants by the company. The models in these watches have prices ranging from $7,600 to $235,000. Some of the top models in this collection include:

  1. Portugieser Chronograph: This 40.9 mm watch is water-resistant and has an open dial. Functionality gets precedence in this watch over aesthetic appearance.
  2. Portugieser Automatic: You can set this 42.3 mm watch for a week without having to reset it.
  3. Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: This watch is in line with the horological tradition of Swiss watches and has a moon-phase indicator. This 44.2mm match is made of precious metals.
  4. Portugieser Grand Complications: One of the most expensive models is available in gold and available in different sizes.
Portugieser Automatic IW371604

3. Portofino

The IWC Portofino watches were started as wristwatches in the pocket-watch style in 1984. Some of the top models of this collection include:

  1. Portofino Automatic: The automatic is available in different sizes and materials. This elegant watch has the classic IWC design to make it stand out.
  2. Portofino Chronograph: This 42 mm Portofino watch has a chronograph and has three different sub-dials in it.
  3. Portofino Hand-wound Moonphase: This 45 mm watch displays the moon phase and can be hand-wound like the classic watches.
Portofino Chronograph IW391009

4. DaVinci

The DaVinci collection of watches are stylish and come with a range of features. These luxury watches come with jewels in the design. They are available in models having a chronograph and a moon phase.

iwc  Da Vinci
Da Vinci Automatic IW356602

5. Aquatimer

The Aquatimer collection features watches that are submersible and waterproof. They are available with chronographs. The watches are offered in the bracelet style.

Aquatimer Chronograph IW376803

6. Ingenieur

The Ingenieur collection of watches was designed by renowned designer Gerald Genta. The watches in this collection are durable and handsome. These rugged watches are also available with a chronograph. They are available in steel as well as in red gold.

Ingenieur Chronograph IW380801

Why are IWC watches so popular?

The popularity of the IWC watches is based on the fact that the brand is one of the oldest and most reputed in the world. IWC watches are known for their classic design and top-class manufacturing. This ensures all the watches are durable. These luxury watches are available in a variety of models giving you a wide range to choose from.

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