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Tissot is renowned to be taking the lead on watchmaking digital technology. From dual dials in its classic watches to the other functions including the standard barometer, compass, and alarm, as well as the remarkable solar charging technology and the touch screen on normal sapphire crystal glass, Tissot has been always ahead of time in watchmaking. 

Despite its historical achievements with the famous Tissot Visodate, Tissot continues to carve for the best quality and advancements. The Tissot brand has consistently released new products with the latest features and technology to meet the needs of the new generation. The Tissot T-Touch is one of the most advanced collections of the family that has been leading ahead of time when it was first introduced.

Way ahead before smartwatches started to overwhelm the market, Tissot had already been recognised for its innovative Tissot T-Touch watch. This quartz tool watch equipped with a touchscreen is well developed with its rugged and futuristic silhouette. It is a sports watch that features strong functions for outdoor activities including a compass, altimeter, weather as well as a chronograph. Cheaper to build and yet it packs a punch with all its features, the Tissot T-Touch is an affordably luxurious smartwatch that made entry into both the Swiss world and digital technology possible.


Tissot was originally founded by Charles Félicien Tissot and his son Charles Émile Tissot in the name "Charles-Félicien Tissot & Son” over a century ago in 1853. This father-son duo had crafted their timepieces with the best quality and craftsmanship. From their early pocket watches to the later wrist watches, the Tissot timepieces have been renowned for their reliability, precision and affordability. Over the years the Tissot watch family has been expanded into a diversified lineup that houses a number of remarkable Tissot watches for men and women that are powered by the brand’s in-house movements.

Tissot offers exceptional timepieces at unbelievably affordable prices to attract watch lovers who do not want to break the bank to get a nice watch. Their quality products and insightful marketing strategies have successfully brought the company to prominent status in the watchmaking industry and gained massive popularity throughout the globe. 

Tissot is known to be one of the most creative and innovative watchmaker brands in the global market. One such example that beautifully demonstrates their creativity at work is the Tissot Touch Collection. 

The first Tissot T-Touch watch was released in 1999 as a groundbreaking wristwatch that featured both analog and digital displays on its tactile sapphire interface screen. It was the world’s first multifunctional tactical watch powered by a battery-operated quartz movement. The quartz movement provides the watch with stability and high accuracy. The release of this innovative watch raised overwhelming discussion amongst watch collectors over the world and brought high fame to the brand. 

With its first success, the collection continues to enjoy its reputation and evolves with its subsequent new releases. In 2011, Tissot released the upgraded T-Touch Expert models that put up more advanced features on top of the original six features. Further in 2014, the Tissot Expert Solar series was produced as the updated version that features solar sensors to power the watch. 

Not only the Tissot T Touch Expert Solar models, other series, including the Tissot T Race Touch and  Tissot T Touch II, have also been crafted to specifically tap into the gaps in the market which were yet to be filled. These watches have fulfilled the demands of a certain group of consumers. 

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Models

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watches are one of the most intriguing models of the collection. These watches feature small solar sensors that absorb energy from the sun or other light to operate. Connected to the watch dial, it captures light energy and stores it in an accumulator to power the battery. The wearers can be freed from the hassles of worrying the watch to be out of battery. The Tissot Solar watches are equipped with solid antimagnetic titanium cases with a PVD finish and paired by a tough rubber strap with a double folding clasp. 

With the touch screen operating option activated by the middle right button on the right end of the watch, the Tissot touch solar watch can easily function as a Tissot smartwatch. 

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches

Within the collection, there are some successive upgrades incorporating more connectivity features that were developed with the brand’s technological advancements. The T-Touch Connect series is one of the notable ones in the collection. This watch allows the wearers to connect their phones to this Tissot tool watch.

Within the T-Touch Connect Solar series, models including the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar T121.420.47.051.04 and T121.420.47.051.03 are some of the most popular references, while the Tissot Solar T121.420.47.051.01 serves as a more affordable option. These watches come with a solar power recharge feature that offers a power reserve of up to 6 months without manual winding. The digital screen of these watches are equipped with low-energy memory chips which would only consume a small amount of energy. These 42 mm watches consisted of high-quality titanium case and rubber straps that made the watch a tough and reliable sports watch. 

Tissot T-Touch II Watches

The T-Touch II series is one of the brand’s latest ranges of Touch Collection. These watches are equipped with high-tech upgrades, including advanced features like weather forecasts as well as distinctive design elements such as mother-of-pearl dials.

With the enlightening design details including mother-of-pearl dial and diamond encarves, this series has been popular amongst the ladies. Some models such as Tissot T-Touch II Ladies T047. and Tissot Touch Titanium T047. are considered perfect Tissot watches for women with their timeless and elegant look. 

Tissot watches always come with a perfect combination of watchmaking traditions and modern inventions. The Tissot T Touch Collection is a splendid example of the brand’s strive to keep up their innovation. 

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