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Tissot Watches


The renowned Swiss watch manufacturer, Tissot, began its journey with Félicien and Emile in 1853. The father and son put effort into growing the business in different countries. Emile traveled to Russia and the USA to sell their timepieces. He continued his sales tours for a number of years, and now, his company is known for manufacturing fashionable wristwatches.

During the 1970s, Tissot has proudly launched watches with emblematic designs, bracelets, and an integrated case. You can find distinctive characteristics like slenderness and sturdiness. In 1978, the company designed its quartz model with a steel bracelet, slender case, and narrow hour markers. The barrel-shaped, flat case made the watches unique. After a few years, Tissot launched a watch collection named PRX.

Interestingly, Tissot’s team started using wood and granite for designing watches during the 80s and 90s. In due course, the company made the mass production of pocket watches with multiple time zones. It also released an anti-magnetic timepiece in 1929-30.

In 1999, Tissot released its tactile watch with the special T-Touch technology. These watches had touch-sensitive sapphire crystals that controlled different functions, including a barometer, compasses, thermometer, and altimeter. At present, the company has established its outlets in 160+ countries. 

The letter P stands for Preciseness, while R signifies Robustness. The X denotes Roman numerals in the watches. But, it also indicates 10 atmospheres of depth, as the watch is water-resistant up to 100m.

It seems that Tissot has tried to typify a style, which reminds you of the trend of the 1970s. During this era, the sports watch genre had become popular. But, there was a gradual shift towards a highly casual timepiece. The reputable watchmaker, Gérald Genta, who crafted the Piguet Royal Oak watch, defined the archetype.

The silhouette of the timepieces looks like a barrel shape, and there is an integrated strap for wearers. However, you can notice this architecture Tissot PRX, released in 1978.

The PRX watch collection comprises an automatic and a quartz model. The embossed dials have a chequered pattern, and they are available in different tones, including silver, back, and blue. The tapered case appears to be solid and distinctive. The integrated wearable bracelet has a beautiful satin finish. It ensures that the PRX watches have a timeless design. Moreover, the PRX Automatic watches have an upgraded version available with the Powermatic 80 movement. The Nivachron ™ hairspring guarantees superb performance.

The watch models in the PRX Collection are highly sophisticated. 18K solid rose gold bezels combined with a steel case can attract you. The high-performance movement includes an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring responsible for reserving power.

Most popular watches of the Tissot PRX collection

We have picked the best models in the PRX collection.


Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

It is a 40mm PRX timepiece inspired by the original watch model. It has a barrel-shaped watch case and a bracelet. There is also a circular bezel with the bracelet, and it fascinates you with the shiny mirror polish. Tissot had made the case profile and bezel more stunning with circles and curves. It has incorporated angular elements into the bracelets and the lugs. Thus, the overall setup is visually pleasing.

The thickness of the watch case is around 10.5mm, and it has not affected the overall style of the timepiece. Because of the flat and large case, Tissot has tried to reduce the thickness. As the bracelets adapt to your wrist firmly, you can easily move your hands.

Furthermore, another noticeable thing is the finishing. The watchcase is vertically brushed to create a decoration. Also, there is a thin bezel on your case. The blend of polished and brushed surfaces reflects a 3-dimension effect on your bracelet.

In addition, Tissot has added a double folding clasp that includes special buttons to close your bracelet. Furthermore, there is a tapering design of the bracelet with a dimension of 10mm.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is available in 2 versions. The steel-made one is a cheaper model. Another one is the two-tone model that includes rose gold PVD coated bezel, indices, and hands. The steel version is available in blue and black dials. But, the two-tone model has only a white dial. Overall, Tissot has provided tremendous value at a reasonable price rate.

Tissot PRX Chronograph

The PRX Automatic Chronograph is one of the latest models released by Tissot. The timepiece reflects a retro look that you can notice in its predecessors. The Valjoux A05 H31 chronograph has an automatic mechanism. The caliber is visible, as the case back has a see-through design.

The 42mm Chronograph model has 2 dial color options- silver and blue. There are also panda effects and rose gold-plated hands. The silver-dialed PRX Chronograph model is available with a reference number-T137.427.11.011.00. The power reserve capacity is about 60 hours, while the movement ticks at around 28,800vph.

The dials show a 12-hour and 30-minute totalizer. These variants include a 4:30 date window and the PRX wordmark. However, recently, Tissot has added some other models to its PRX line of watches. So, you will also find a golden watch with a dimension of 35mm. While wearing the watch, you may easily recall the design of the old Rolex OysterQuartz.

Especially Gen-Z buyers and Millennials have become attracted to the Tissot PRX. The Chrono model presents you with a larger case and a new complication. Also, the dial design is different from other watch models. The rectangular chronograph pushers are present on the right-hand side of the watchcase.

The minute track found on the timepiece's dial is black, and it matches the sub-dial color. The chronograph dial is quite legible.

To sum up, PRX quartz and automatic models have truly the potential to beat several competitors. In fact, Tissot has implemented a good strategy to attract watch enthusiasts. The watchcases of both models look identical. However, quartz watches are more affordable and more accurate. Very few companies have introduced quartz and automatic versions at a time. This is how Tissot has made the PRX collection distinctive.

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