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Tissot Watches

As a Swiss watchmaker that has been leading the industry for over a century, Tissot is renowned for its golden value at silver prices. The Tissot watches are sure to add class and sophistication to any outfit for every occasion.

Representing the finest quality of Swiss watches, Tissot introduced its gold watch line demonstrating the proud heritage of the brand. The Tissot T-Gold collection is presented as a synonym to elegance, luxury and class. 

The Tissot T Gold watch collection houses over 16 models, each with an 18-carat rose or yellow gold case. These Tissot gold watches in the collection are available in different movements from its Swiss-made quartz, manual mechanical or automatic mechanical caliber. A number of Tissot T Gold watches are equipped with impeccable functions, including chronographs. They are usually paired with genuine leather straps that upgrade its style.


After joining the Swatch group, Tissot has been successfully introduced to the international market of finished watches, watch movements and watch components. The Tissot T Gold watch collection is what brought watch fanatics to the stores. This collection is one of the most discussed lineups that brought the brand to the level of standing still among the best ones in the watch business. 

The Tissot T-Gold collection is a specific line for producing Tissot golden watches. It offers a versatile house of elegant timepieces that are excelling in both aesthetics and affordability. With their sleek designs, simple nobility and unmatched elegance, these watches are born to impress the most enthused connoisseurs. The differences and changes made within the Tissot T gold watch collection are relatively subtle but they all make a comprehensive lineup for a wide variety of audience that they must be able to find the most suitable piece for themselves. 

For this collection, Tissot uses 18-carat gold, which is 75 % pure gold, in the manufacturing of their watch cases and bracelets, and the rest 12.5 % is silver and 12.5 % is copper. The 18K rose gold watch models, they are created by adding more copper than silver, while 18K white gold ones are made by adding more silver ( or palladium ) than copper.

This premium collection was designed to enhance the luxurious market share in the industry. With a comparatively affordable price, you can get a reliable brand-name watch made by precious metal with superb quality. With a group of loyal supporters, the brand has been putting effort into improving the collection. These Tissot T-Gold watches have been evolving in terms of design and quality for every launch of its new models. 


Tissot has been delivering innovative pieces to the watch lovers from all over the globe that well built its reputation in the industry. Reliable, precise and on-trend, the Tissot watches are the perfect daily accessory for any active and modern man. Let’s explore some of the most popular Tissot T-Gold watch models: 

Tissot T-Gold Excellence 18k Gold Quartz

The Tissot Excellence 18k Gold series was designed as a slim and sophisticated Tissot gold watch with a thickness of just 5.9mm. The case is made out of 18k yellow gold or rose gold that showcases a decent contrast with the dark background of the dial and the yellow or white gold hands. This Tissot men’s gold watch is matched with a classic leather bracelet that works as a perfect Tissot dress watch for men. 

Tissot T-Gold Gentleman Automatic

The Tissot Gentleman line is the newer member of the family. These models are introduced as the bridge between the gap of commercial visual needs and enthusiast approval. The watch is presented in a beautiful balance in two tone colors displayed by the 18k gold bezel and strong stainless steel case. It is equipped with the brand’s exceptional Powermatic 80 caliber that you can appreciate its movements through the transparent caseback. It is a perfect choice for the collectors who need an outstanding design out of a typical gold watch but with a touch of Tissot’s signature designs.

Tissot Goldrun Haselite 18k Gold 

The Tissot 18k Goldrun Haselite series was introduced as both an appealing gold watch for men and women. It offers a simple and classic design encased in a 18k gold thin case and slim hands and hour markers. 

Its prestigious lady version Goldrun lady 18k gold models comes with an alluringly chic look in a thin and delicate profile. It is especially designed for the women who are fond of the classic vibe. Inspired by the post war golden 20s’ design, this watch is the best combination possible of all the traditional and contemporary designs. The Tissot gold lady watch was created in a way that no woman can resist. It is a decent accessory to enlighten any outfit for any occasion. 

Tissot Glendora 18k Gold

The Tissot Glendora lady watch is another 18k gold jewellery watch dedicated to active women that reveal their graceful feminine charm through such luxury and modern timepiece. The high-quality stainless steel case is topped with a well polished 18k gold bezel and a cabochon decorated crown in the shape of a pyramid. This model is available in several options of elegant dials including the fancy mother-of-pearl, starlight dark blue as well as  the classic black or white hues. Some of these models are paired with the powdered leather straps in matching colors including beige, anthracite or black.

The Tissot gold watches for men were first introduced in the collection and soon after the first releases the designs were extended to reach the female fanatics as well. Currently the Tissot T-Gold collection is offering an impressive range of designs for both men and women, from heavy to light, fancy to minimal , at different ranges of prices to make sure you can definitely afford the piece you want. 

Just like what the brand is famed for, these Tissot gold watches sustain a perfect balance between luxury and reasonable pricing for every type of Tissot watch lover. They are one of the must-have for everyone who needs a decent dress watch. 

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