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Tissot Watches

Tissot is the brainchild of Charles-Félicien and Émile, and it started its journey in Switzerland. Presently, Tissot is one of the members of the Swatch Group of companies. It has won the heart of several men and women who prefer cost-effective mechanical Swiss watches. Tissot has tried to maintain minimalism in every timepiece design. Still, its watches look elegant and match everyone’s interests.

Throughout watchmaking history, Tissot has continued luring watch enthusiasts. Omega SA merged with the company in 1930 to create SSIH. The timepieces released after merging Tissot and Omega were distinctive. Till now, Tissot has released several watch collections for its customers. The Tissot Special Collection has drawn the attention of several men and women who love creativity and attractiveness in their watch designs.

Tissot has started showing pioneering craftsmanship since 1853. The innovative royal Tissot watches have made the brand’s name popular in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Although the Tissot founders started their business in a small Swiss town, the brand has spread its reputation in different countries.

When Charles-Emile visited Russia, the company received compliments from royal figures. Tissot has gained several customers in Latin America and the USA. The major reasons behind its popularity are remarkable designs and breathtaking technologies.

As one of the official timekeepers, Tissot watches have become the first choice in different industries. The trusted brand has made several partnerships. However, to honor these partnerships, Tissot has released the Special Collection. Watch collectors have become interested in this collection, as Tissot has shown respect for sports, events, and ambassadors.

Since the year of its origin, Tissot has shown a passion for sports. The company has tried to be something more than a sponsor. It has put the best effort into becoming a reliable timekeeper. It knows that timekeeping gives the opportunity to show technological advancements. With the evolution of sports, the brand has progressed more. Tissot strives to achieve a better standard and always looks for the latest technologies that deliver accurate results.

Tissot has incorporated an attractive sporty look to the watches of the Special Collection. The company has made partnerships with different sports events like fencing, ice hockey, cycling, and motor racing.

In fact, Tissot has been chosen as the timekeeper for several prestigious events like MotoGP, CBA, AFL, and NASCAR. The specialty of this brand is that innovation is one of its qualities. Moreover, it has chosen a new approach for branding and marketing to draw more customers.

Timepieces in the special collection have truly distinguished Tissot from other brands. The experiential watches drive precision and quality to a different level. You can find the use of high-tech materials, quality craftsmanship, and other advanced features.

Tissot Special Collection includes attractive timepiece models, which have won the hearts of several men and women. We have listed a few of them.


1. Tissot Alpine On Board Automatic Chronograph

The similarities between watches and cars are endless, and this timepiece model has proved it. With the release of this timepiece, Tissot has tried to celebrate its partnership with Alpine- the French car brand. The unique and cool wristwatch reflects your personality. However, the central module is removable from the strap element.

The stainless steel case has a diameter of about 45mm. The overall timepiece has a racing-inspired pattern. The top section has a beautiful beveled sapphire crystal. The black watch band also looks attractive with orange stitching and perforated designs. Moreover, the grey dial, date frame, markers, and hands are other notable parts of the watch.

2. Tissot Le Locle Automatic Double Happiness Lady

The brand has thought of paying tribute to its history by incorporating special traits into its timepieces. Like other Tissot timepieces, this watch model has the potential to resist water and impact. The penetration of dust, gas, and liquids will not affect you.

A sapphire crystal has provided a superior screen to the attach due to its high transparency.

The watch reflects an oriental design, which symbolizes marriage. Le Locle is the name of the company’s home in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The watch model looks elegant with a conventional style Le Locle signature and Roman numerals. The engraved case back is another feature that distinguishes the watch from other timepieces.

The watch reflects a Valjoux 7750 design, and it runs at 4Hz. The built-in chronograph has a good 60-hour power reserve capacity. The grey-coated oscillation system has added a decoration to the watch model.

3. Tissot T-Race Motogp Chronograph 2022

MotoGP is a prominent racing series with innovative technology. Tissot has made a good attempt by collaborating MotoGP. The Automatic limited editions commemorate Thomas Luthi, Marc Marquez, and Jorge Lorenzo. The new aesthetic look with a steel made design attracts the attention of MotoGP lovers. The case diameter is 43mm, and Tissot has applied PVD coating to the case. The black dial looks beautiful with indexes and Superluminova hands.

4. Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80 Helvetic Pride

Chemin des Tourelles is much interesting, as it presents you with the Powermatic 80 movement. You can replace your quartz caliber watches with this timepiece. The new caliber is highly energy efficient, as it can reserve power for 80 hours. Tissot watch has achieved its high power reserving capacity due to the additional barrel. The frequency of the movement has been reduced to 3Hz from 4Hz.

The latest Chemin des Tourelles model has incorporated a Swiss franc coin in its case back. Moreover, it includes Switzerland’s national emblem, Helvetia. That is why the edition is named Helvetia. The brand has honored Swiss watchmaking trends. The embellished dial has a Swiss cross pattern. Rose gold accents will make your wrist look more stylish.

Other attractive features include stainless steel straps with push buttons and a butterfly clasp.


To sum up, Tissot Special Collection watches are made of special materials. Meticulous designs and advanced functionalities are present in almost every timepiece model. The watch collection especially targets avoid sports fans and professional players.

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