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Tissot has earned fame for manufacturing royal and elegant watches. From the dynamic sports watches and sporty chronographs, several models are available for Tissot lovers. The brand's history shows a rich heritage of innovation and seamless watchmaking solutions.

In 1930, Tissot became the first brand to release the non-magnetic watch, and in that year, Omega merged with Tissot. The long-term relationship had resulted in the release of stopwatches.

Today, you can find different watch collections of Tissot, and one of them is T-Lady. Tissot has shown a high commitment to seamless performance to design the T-Lady watches. These watches evoke femininity and can draw the attention of every woman.


Like several other watch brands, Tissot had its origin in Switzerland in 1853. The combined effort of father and son led to the establishment of the company. In 1853, the brand started designing pendant watches for US consumers. Within 5 years of establishment, Tissot achieved success. Today, Tissot has become an international name due to its fresh innovations.

In 1858, the son (Charles-Émile) spread the family name across other countries like Russia. The company slowly grabbed a good share in the European market. As consumers have different horological tastes, Tissot has put effort into serving their needs by launching pendant watches. Sarah Bernhardt, the prominent French celebrity and several other personalities have chosen these Tissot watches.

During the 20th century, the reputed Swiss brand introduced the T-Lady collection, which includes a range of quartz models. However, there are also self-winding mechanisms integrated with the watch collection.

Tissot released the T-Lady collection by getting motivation from the latest styles. To help women find the right accessory on every occasion, Tissot has introduced the T-Lady collection. Every watch model in the collection reflects the best standard in terms of function and design.

While checking the T-Lady collection, you will find a range of popular lines of watches. Each of them has unique functions and features.

For instance, the T-My Lady is easily identifiable as the female version of the Gentleman from another collection- T-Classic. Still, the brand has maintained minimalism, style, and functionality. Other noticeable features are the date window, diverse metal designs, and water resistance capability. Based on your choice, you can choose between steel and leather bracelets.

Lots of women like to match their watch dial colors with the dress colors. That is why Tissot has introduced T- Lady watches with different shades of dials. Most commonly, you can find silver, blue sunburst, anthracite sunburst, and opaline dial in the timepieces. These watch dials are available with Roman numeral hour markers.

Metal types and designs used for these timepieces are also incomparable. Overall, the refined look and compact shape can suit your preference.

Some watches from the T- Lady collection have an 18K solid rose gold attractive bezel. Moreover, the diamonds placed along the dial have added beauty to the timepieces.

Best watches from Tissot T-Lady collection

Almost every watch model from the T- Lady collection has its own beauty. Still, we have picked a few of them.

1. T-Lady Powermatic 80 Automatic Ladies Watch

The white dial with stainless steel bracelet reflects a radiance that you always find in your high-end watches. The bracelet is comfortable to wear, and the overall design ensures a solid build. Your own energy powers the automatic timepiece, and it has a power reserve capacity of about 80 hours. The dial clearly shows the year of establishment of the brand. Moreover, the date window and properly placed diamonds have added aesthetics to the timepiece.


This stunning watch has drawn attention with its rectangular dial. The steel case has a dimension of around 18mm. Moreover, the built-in quartz powered movement ensures higher precision. The beautiful mother-of-pearl dial includes Arabic numerals at 6 and 12 o'clock.

The lovely dual tone combines silver and yellow gold. The sapphire crystal used for the dial has no risk of scratches. The water-resistant capacity is up to 30m.


This Tissot T-Lady has a lovely design, especially due to the elegant oval dial. The presence of diamonds of 2 contrasting sides of the case has made the timepiece look more graceful. The dial is free from clutter, and you can easily see the hour and minute hands. The thickness of the case is around 8mm, while the dimension is 23mm. The steel case ensures superior build quality. Moreover, the black, slim leather strap reflects the contemporary style of the watches.

4. T-LADY T60.1.513.13

Tissot has created a gender-neutral design for this timepiece, and thus, men can try out the watch. The most distinguishing thing of the timepiece is the thick, brown strap that pleases you with its durability and quality. The rectangular dial shows Roman numerals at 6, 12, 9, and 3 O'clock. The automatic timepiece also ensures flawless performance due to the innovative technologies. Made of Sapphire Crystal, the watch can show off your style and personality.


5. Tissot T-Lady Quartz White Dial Ladies WatchT112.  

Tissot has added some unique characteristics that reveal true femininity. The white dial and steel bracelet has a lovely touch of pinkish hue. Moreover, the hands present on the dial are leaf-shaped. The Roman numerals all over the dial have not affected the real beautification of your timepiece. The round dial indicates that the watch has a classic design. The diameter of the case is 30mm, and the timepiece’s mechanism is based on ETA Caliber F04.111. The 30m water-resistant capacity has added value to the overall timepiece.

Tissot has designed watches of different shapes, attractive colors, and dial styles. The T-Lady collection includes models of both automatic and quartz movements. Glass crystals make the watches more magnificent. Moreover, the diamonds have increased the elegance of these watches. There are both leather and stainless steel straps, and you will find the right one for your everyday needs.

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