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Several iconic watch brands have won the heart of modern consumers. While some watches are long-standing historic models, others have a contemporary design. Wearing a stylish timepiece on the wrist is a fashion that will never become outdated. Among the Seiko watches, one of the best chronograph watches is the Seiko Spirit.

Seiko has a glorious history in the watchmaking industry. Established in 1881, it has gone through a long journey. However, Seiko is something more than a watch brand, as it manufacturers other items like electronic devices, jewelry, and optimal items. The company has achieved success in every sector.

A young 24-year-old entrepreneur has played a role in setting up this business in Tokyo, Japan. He is Kintarō Hattori, and the name of his outlet is K. Hattori. Hattori used to manage the store and started creating clocks. However, timepieces released at that time bore the name - Seikosha. Over time, the watch brand took Seiko as the new name. The Japanese term Seiko means indicates exquisite. 

Several consumers started relying on the wall clocks of Seikosha. It inspired Hattori to do something better for the business. Then, he released pocket watches in 1895. The first watch was designed by the brand in 1924. With high accuracy and superiority, the company launched different watch collections, and one of the most notable lineups is Seiko Spirit.

Seiko Spirit is a prominent timepiece collection with premium watch models. Interestingly,

Seiko tried to reduce the hassles of modern consumers. That is why it has implemented the long-lasting battery technology. Therefore, the company released innovative solar watches for young guys in 1977. It has also designed some other types of watches. The movement of the users’ hands can influence the watch’s performance.

You cannot miss this solar watch innovation placed in the watch collection - Seiko Spirit. Some models of the collection include the day-date feature. You will get the best feel from wearing these watches. But, solar energy drives the mechanism of the watches. You may use these watches on different occasions.

Seiko Spirit presents you with an impressive watch collection. Let’s keep on reading to learn more about the watches and their features.

Features of Seiko Spirit Watches

The Seiko Spirit watch collection has grabbed a significant share of the domestic market in Japan. But, today, Seiko has spread its popularity to several other countries. What impresses you most is the design of the Seiko Spirit watches. There is nothing mundane, and you will find cutting-edge technologies used for these timepieces.  The wristwatch models included in the collection includes everything ranging from quartz and mechanical to digital. Some watches have a radiant and polished stainless steel design. The silver tones can make your wrist more attractive.

You will not miss the automatic mechanism integrated with the best Seiko Spirit watches. While other brands have set a high value for their automatic watches, Seiko has tried to keep the price minimal.

Every watch of this collection reflects the authenticity and royalty that you desire. Moreover, the best watches of the brand have a water-resistant capacity. You can put on the stylish Seiko Spirit watches throughout the day without the risk of damage from water and sweat.

Seiko has released a number of stunning watches for men. Still, some Seiko Spirit watches have gained high popularity among consumers. Here we have made a list of a few best watches in the collection.

Seiko Spirit Smart SBPY119 

Seiko Spirit SBPY119 has a balance between class and sportiness. It is a versatile watch best for your everyday wear. It has a minimalistic design without much clutter.

With a stainless steel case, the timepiece has a thickness of around 11.4mm and a diameter of 41mm. The rounded case has some squared-off lugs. Some watches also have polished bevels and brushed lugs. The beveled design can draw your attention.

The flat case back comfortably sits on your wrist. The side part includes chronograph pushers, while the crown feels robust and solid. The water-resistant watch remains undamaged while you are showering.

The watch has a glossy black finish with metal hour markers and painted seconds markers. Moreover, it includes chronograph sub-dials, and by looking closely at them, you will find a background of see-through glass. It is designed to leverage benefits from solar technology.

The leaf-style hands look unique and thin, and they contrast perfectly against the background. Although the dial has Arabic numerals, they are clean and refined.

Seiko Spirit SCVE003 

We have found it as another attractive watch with a beautiful red-accented silver dial. The case size is about 40 mm, while the size of wire lugs is 18 mm. Another eye-catching feature is the narrow and thick bezel that makes your watch look more handsome.

The caseback is distinctive, as it includes a crystal window. Moreover, the dial has a 2-layer sandwich, providing you with brushed silver. Furthermore, the 24-hour indicator is clearly visible. There is also a vertical brushing on the top layer. However, the layout of SCVE003 is similar to other models of the collection. From the dial accent colors to the stylish strap, everything is attractive.

Seiko Spirit 6R15 SCVS013

The automatic watch SCVS013 is another noticeable model from Seiko. The dazzling watch from Seiko has a warm white color. The blue hands look more sparkling on the unadorned dial. The timepiece reflects the Japanese watch design’s simplicity. This Seiko watch is modern with a touch of a classic design. Available at a reasonable price, the watch is perfect for every occasion. Scratch-free crystals, blue steel hands, and other parts are incomparable. The width of the case is 37.5 mm. The date window is easily readable.  

The water-resistant watch has an automatic rolling mechanism. Thus, as you move your hands, you can maintain the performance of the watch.

Overall, it can be said that Seiko Spirit watches have a high-end finish and superb quality. You will also find unmistakable beauty. The industry standard bracelet-style watches can draw your attention and enable you to create a style statement.

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