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Seiko Watches

It is hard to find a person who wouldn't have a beautiful watch in their possession. In the past 150 years, the watchmaking industry has gone through a paradigm shift in innovation and craftsmanship. When most people think of Swiss watches as fine examples of the art of watchmaking, Japan has also shown the way in many aspects of it. Seiko, the legendary Japanese brand, is respected worldwide, and among their collections, Presage has remained as people's favorite since its launch.

It is tough to beat a Japanese watch for its design, craftsmanship, and incredible value for money. Seiko has constantly emphasized making quality watches that are reliable, fashionable, and durable. As a result, they single-handedly revolutionized the mechanical movement; the Presage collection speaks volumes of it.

Moreover, the company's legacy pushed them at the top among other European watchmakers; let's dive into that.

If you're not familiar with the brand Seiko, they have been in the watchmaking business for more than a hundred years. The company saw the light of the day in January 1881, when a young entrepreneur named Kintaro Hattori opened a watch shop. During that period, they used to make and repair clocks. Hattori started the shop at Ginza in central Tokyo, and eleven years later, he started a clock-making factory and named it 'Seikosha.' 'Seiko' meant 'beautiful' in Japanese, where 'Sha' meant 'house.' They produced the first Seiko clocks in this factory, since 1892.

Later in 1895, as his business and customer base increased, he introduced Japan's first pocket watch. During that period, the demand for portable timepieces was increasing, which secured the path for the introduction of their first wristwatch in 1913.

Their breakthrough success came in 1959, as they invented their first self-winding watch equipped with their magic lever system. The watch was called the 'Gyro Marvel.' 1960 was a memorable year not for only Seiko but the whole world, as the company launched its first 'Grand Seiko' model. This mechanical watch provided incredible accuracy and reliability, the reason for becoming one of the most coveted watches among horologists. It also started the cult following of Seiko automatics that we see today. We see the same amount of sensitivity while manufacturing the presage series watches, inspired by the 1960s feel.

The next year, Seiko introduced Japan's first diver's watch. Finally, 1969 marked a milestone for Seiko and the world of wristwatches, as the company introduced the world's first watch with quartz movement, the 'Quartz Astron.'

They launched several creations during the 1990s and early 2000s – the re-introduction of the Grand Seiko automatic, the revolutionary 'Spring Drive' mechanism, the first solar chronograph, a GPS watch, and a space watch. Seiko remains the only brand that has revolutionized watchmaking in these many ways.

Seiko has made mechanical movements relevant to commoners, and the Seiko Presage series is a fine example of that. Japan has always been the center of attraction when talking about designs, patterns, and art overall. The finest craftmanship blends perfectly with the reliability and technology of Japanese watches.

This series focuses on exhibiting Japan’s centuries-old arts and aesthetics into modern, mechanical watches. Plus, the collection ensures quality, dependability, and the beauty of Japan.

The Seiko Presage Collection features watches with metal cases and bands, while the dial brings out the watch's character. The dials depict designs and stylistics that are exclusive to Japan.

Among all Seiko dress watches, the Presage collection comes at the top with its range and variety. The collection has a few sub-sections, which points out towards the variety of occasions you can wear them. All of them run on automatic movement, having a manual winding facility.

A classic, vintage-style dress watch series with amazing patterns on the dial defines the Presage collection. If you are seeking a classic mechanical watch at an affordable price range, the Presage collection is one of the best you'll come across.

1. Presage Style 60s:  A modern watch with vintage 60s styling

The watch features a stainless steel case with hard glass protection. The dial colour is white, and it runs on automatic movement with a manual winding facility. The strap consists of stainless steel to provide durability. Water-resistance is pretty decent, at 50m.

The watch features a see-through case, 24 jewels, and LumiBrite coating on the hands and indices.

2. Presage Cocktail Time ‘Frozen Margherita’ – A classic dress watch

The watch sports a stainless-steel case. The dial colour of the watch is electric blue, embedded with patterns. It features an automatic movement with manual winding. The glass cover is made of Hardlex, a tough glass. A stainless-steel mesh strap provides better durability, and the water-resistance of this watch is 50m. The watch features a date display, 23 jewels, and an additional leather strap

3. Presage Automatic Limited Edition – A limited edition vintage watch

The model features a stainless-steel case with a sapphire crystal glass coating, which makes the watch scratch-proof. It sports a white dial and runs on automatic movement along with a manual winding system. A leather strap provides utmost comfort. Moreover, the watch comes with a 100m water resistance. The watch comes with an Arita porcelain dial, a power reserve display, and 29 jewels.

4. Presage Zen Garden ‘Sakura Daytime’ – The finest of Japanese aesthetics and artistry

A stainless-steel case makes the watch very durable. It also comes with sapphire crystal glass for improved scratch resistance. The cream-coloured dial is embedded with Japanese aesthetics-inspired intricate patterns. An automatic movement with manual winding provides pinpoint accuracy, while a stainless-steel strap ensures comfortable wearing. In addition, a splashproof design protects the watch from accidental spills and splashes. The watch comes with a 41 hr power reserve, a see-through case back, and 23 jewels.

The Presage lineup of watches provides excellent value for quality mechanical watches. Plus, the finest Japanese craftmanship and aesthetics make them a watch irresistible for every watch enthusiast.

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