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Seiko Watches

Seiko is one of the oldest brands in history which is highly respected all over the globe. Among many of its innovative masterpieces, one of the most discussed models should be the value-driven Seiko mechanical watches. Even though the quartz movement and solar-powered mechanism were the ones that made its name in the world, Seiko does not compromise on its mechanical movements. Actually, the brand created one of the most popular mechanical watch series in the industry. 

These famous Seiko Mechanical models are mostly coming from the Seiko SARB series and the Seiko Premier Mechanical series. Among the popular Seiko models, the Seiko mechanical watches have garnered a long-standing reputation in the market by Seiko’s expertise in crafting outstanding mechanical movements. 

These beautiful mechanical watches are mainly available in options of a stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet or a calfskin leather bracelet. There are also classic selections of classic dial colors including blue, white and black. They can make sure to go well with any of your outfits.

The watchmaking journey of Seiko began in 1881 when the young Kintaro Hattori opened his small clock and watch shop in Ginza, Tokyo. Supported by his quick success, Hattori expanded his business into clock and pocket watch manufacturing and set up the factory Seikosha eleven years later. 

Ever since the establishment of the Seikosha factory, the company has consistently delivered watchmaking innovations to the industry, from high-quality pocket watches to Japan's first wristwatch released in 1913. Seiko had developed extraordinary designs and mechanisms that brought fame to the company. In 1960, the brand introduced its exceptional mechanical watch series, the Grand Seiko collection. This watch highly performed as the pinnacle of Seiko’s expertise on mechanical watchmaking. Due to its durability and high precision, many watch lovers in Japan were very impressed by its performance. The launch of Grand Seiko has set a milestone for Seiko’s successful watchmaking journey. 

Seeing the success of “Grand Seiko”, Seiko continued the development of mechanical watches and more improved versions were produced. All the mechanical models released in the 1970s set the path for the Seiko Mechanical SARB line. In the mid-2000s Seiko re-visited all of its vintage automatic watches and resurrected with upgraded new models, the first three watches of the SARB series, reference SARB001, SARB003 and SARB005. Over the years, there are a handful of popular SARB models such as the Seiko Cocktail Time SARB065, Seiko Alpinist SARB017, and the more Grand Seiko-alike SARB033 and SARB035. 

The Seiko SARB watches are one of the most desired mechanical series among the Seiko collectors. These Seiko automatic watches are mainly powered by the renowned in-house 6R15 calibre inside an elegant and classic design aesthetic.

Along with their distinctive looks, the Seiko mechanical watches offer appealing functionality and higher precision than many other competitors. Amongst the popular lineup, the Seiko SARB033, SARB035 and SARB065 are some of the most sought-after Seiko mechanical watches. Although they are currently discontinued, their values are still holding up in the secondary market. 

Seiko SARB033

Inheriting the design of its predecessor Grand Seiko, The Seiko SARB033 is often nicknamed “Baby Grand Seiko” by the Seiko lovers. 

This Seiko mechanical watch is encased in a 38 mm 316l stainless steel case that has been modestly sized in order to sit on a man's wrist fit and comfy. It is also equipped with a nicely polished bezel and a sapphire crystal which is resistant to scratches. 

The dial of SARB033 is in black color with a glossy finish that subtly grabs the attention of people around. What is very unique about this dial is that its color would, at times, change after receiving a certain amount of light exposure. The dial also features sword-shaped hour and minute hands and the second hand holds a shape of a needle. A date display window is placed at the 3 o’clock position on the dial of the Seiko mechanical watch. 

This watch is powered by the famous in-house movement 6R15 caliber, with 23 jewels that runs a frequency of 3 Hz. The wearer may enjoy its beautiful movement through the transparent case back.

Seiko SARB035

As the other “Baby Grand Seiko” model, the Seiko automatic SARB035 features almost identical profile with the SARB033. 

This Seiko mechanical watch is also equipped with a 38 mm stainless steel case that is well polished and brushed. It is fitted with durable sapphire crystal and a transparent case back that offers a beautiful view of the movement. Housing the in-house movement 6R15 Calibre which is the same with SARB033, the SARB035 watch is capable of a power reserve of up to 50 hours. 

What’s different with SARB033 is its alluring cream coloured dial. It is fitted with dauphine hands with black line and lume while the hour markers are displayed with lume at the inside tip. 

Seiko SARB065 

Released in 2010, the Seiko mechanical SARB065 watch is often known as “Seiko Cocktail Time Cool” among the watch collectors all across the world. With its enchanting and captivating design, it is considered as a perfect dress watch to fit for any formal or classical event. 

The dial of the Seiko mechanical watch is a very alluring sky blue in a sunburst finish that holds intricate details to magnify its beauty. This Seiko automatic watch is also equipped with the famous 6R15 Calibre that is showcased through its transparent crystal case back. It is a perfect piece for the lovers of mechanical watches who are enthusiastic about technicality. This Seiko mechanical watch is paired with a glossy black calfskin leather strap which enhances the whole dressy look and on the other hand assures an utmost comfort for the wearer.

The Seiko Mechanical watches are regarded as one of the best automatic and affordable watches in the market. They are highly desired as the iconic timepieces for affordable luxury. With the classic and timeless design, each of them can go along with your everyday wear as well as any formal and luxury events. 

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