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Seiko Watches

Seiko has always been a respected name in the watchmaking industry. Founded in 1881, this Japanese watch brand has not only produced state-of-the-art timepieces but also achieved countless successes as one of the best watchmakers over the world. Aiming to achieve perfection, the Seiko watches are incredibly crafted with the best material and most advanced innovations. They are all highly regarded for their quality, high precision and surprisingly affordable prices. 

Over the years there are a great number of notable collections that have gained worldwide popularity in the family, including Seiko Astron, Prospex, and of course, Seiko Brightz. On top of its distinctive designs and quality, an important feature that stands the Brightz watch out from its fellows is the advanced solar radio wave function. 

The design of the Seiko Brightz was created with an extra attention to the three-dimensional visual effect of the watch under the interplay of light and shadows. The Seiko Brightz is a collection worth everyone's admiration for its extraordinary build. 

When speaking of a Seiko watch, every watch lover would instantly relate to a promising quality. This Japanese watchmaker has presented to the world a number of significant inventions and masterpieces that have influenced the whole industry. To understand how amazing its watches are, we should have a peek into its history of watchmaking journey. 

Flashing back to the year 1881, the esteemed watch company Seiko was first founded by the capable entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori, originally as a watch selling and repairing shop. With his strategies and good relationship with business partners, the company had grown steadily and paved the way for its later great success. 

Led by the consistent growth of the business, Seiko then took the next step and set up a factory “Seikosha” to develop its own timepieces. Its name Seiko refers to "exquisite" and “beautiful” in Japanese and "Sha" refers to “house”. As suggested by the name, Seiko began manufacturing its own clocks with exceptional watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship. 

From the Seiko wall clocks to the pocket watches which were produced later, the Seiko timepieces had gained high recognition in the market in Japan. However, the Great Kanto Earthquake had brought its factory down to dust. The company had to rebuild everything from scratch. The determination of the founder Kintaro Hattori did not give up and he continued his strive to deliver the best watches to the world. 

To search for breakthroughs from the difficulties of the restart, the company produced the first Seiko wristwatch in December 1923. Catering to the needs of mobile timepieces of the market, the highly precise Seiko wristwatches had successfully gained popularity and brought success to the company. The Seiko brand has further built its name out loud and proven its status in watchmaking in Japan when a Seiko pocket watch was officially acclaimed as a railway watch by the National Railway.

Regarded as the brand of innovations, Seiko has been distributing several groundbreaking inventions on watchmaking. On top of Japan, Seiko has further spread its name to the world when its first automatic Chronograph was introduced in 1964. Despite being in the era when Swiss watchmakers were occupying the whole watch market, people started to notice this amazing Japanese brand. 

While enjoying the success brought by its automatic chronograph watches, Seiko didn’t cease to prepare another “world’s first”. In 1969, the brand launched the world’s first quartz wristwatch, the Seiko Quartz Astron watch. And a few decades later Seiko introduced the second Astron watch as the world’s first GPS solar watch. Undoubtedly Seiko is one of the pioneers in the horology world. 

Among the notable Seiko collections, the Seiko Brightz watch was designed for the professionals with a more formal outfit, who would have high demand toward precision and a desire to look smart but not too flashy. The Brightz is part of Seiko’s premium range that offers everything with top-notch quality from the polished stainless steel case and matching bracelet to the distinctive dial with easy-to-read hour markers and hands.

This is truly a born-to-impress watch that turns heads on every occasion. With a robust case and straightforward design, the Seiko Brightz is a perfect daily watch for men.

The Seiko Brightz collection is mainly crafted for the male audience of its market. This Seiko watches for men were exquisite and exceptional, carrying the most advanced watchmaking technology of the brand. They are available in variants of different cases, dials and complications, mainly in the classic colors including black, silver, gold and blue. Since this Seiko watch was meant for gentlemen, its profile is relatively sturdy and matches a more masculine look. Here are some of the most popular Seiko Brightz models available at very pocket-friendly prices.

Seiko Brightz SDGM001

One of the most known models in the Seiko Brightz collection is the Seiko SDGM001 watch. It is a unique watch that is meant to garner people’s attention. Its sturdy and polished stainless steel case features a sharp sunburst white dial that radiates from the center. It is also equipped with bold and luminous hour markers and angled hands for high readability during both day and night. 

With a pure white profile, the Brightz SDGM001 is considered as an elegant companion that can easily match any outfit. The watch is powered by the Seiko in-house automatic movement 6R15C Caliber. This movement is renowned for its high performance and accuracy. You can see its movement through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. 

Seiko Brightz Wave Solar Radio SAGA197

The Seiko Brightz SAGA197 is another famous Seiko men's watch that is powered by the Seiko exclusive solar quartz movement, the in-house 8592 caliber. This Japanese watch for men is a chronograph watch equipped with a 44 mm titanium case with a super clear Hardlex glass coating. On the ring of its black analog dial, it features a world time display of 25 different time zones. Besides, with the solar energy charging mechanism, this is another high-quality Seiko watch that you would never need to worry about its battery. 

Carrying the rich history of the brand and its technical advancements, Seiko Brightz watches are bound to garner success and popularity, especially with its lovely price range. It is a watch that is worth, even excess, every penny you pay for it. 

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