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Seiko Watches

Since its founding in 1881, the Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko has always been one of the favourites among watch enthusiasts over the world. The brand has produced countless incredible timepieces that amazed the market at very budget-friendly prices. 

The renowned watchmaker Seiko offers a wide range of watches for both men and women. Seiko Lucia has captured the dynamic female touch and successfully blended traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion into the best Seiko watch for women. First launched for more than 20 years, the Seiko Lukia watches are available in amazing variants that enhance the look of every lady. The collection has been exclusive for the ladies in Japan since its launch until 2020. This exceptional Seiko women’s watch is now expanded to the international market and is deeply loved by female watch lovers across the globe. 

For over a century, Seiko has been highly regarded for its affordable yet high-quality timepieces. The company started its journey to success in January 1881 when the young Japanese entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori opened the watch shop at Ginza in central Tokyo. Initially, they had been doing business selling and repairing clocks. Eleven years later, the company decided to produce their own timepieces and set up its own clock-making factory named “Seikosha”. At the factory, the first in-house Seiko clock was produced in 1892. 

Since then the Seikosha factory has continued to experiment with the most advanced innovations at the time and develop more and more Seiko watches. In 1895, the company introduced Japan’s first pocket watch. At the time, seeing the increase of demand for portable timepieces, Seiko caught the opportunity and released its first wristwatch in 1913. 

Seiko kept on their consistent inventions for watchmaking technologies. In 1959 the company produced its first self-winding wristwatch with a new magic lever system. The year 1960 was a huge year for the company when it launched the high-end Grand Seiko lineup. This premium mechanical watch has soon become one of the legendary watches in the world of horology and later developed into an individual line for the company. And the next year 1961, Seiko also introduced Japan’s first diver watch. For decades, this Japanese watch brand has also achieved a number of extraordinary “Japan’s first”s in the industry. 

In 1969, Seiko even accomplished a “world’s first” that set a milestone to the horology world. The company launched the world’s first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron in that year. Due to its exceptional quality, high precision and unbelievably affordable price, every watch lover was amazed by this watch and opted for this Japanese watch over an expensive Swiss-made mechanical watch. This Seiko quartz watch made a totally game-changing influence on the whole watch market that later was called the “Quartz Crisis”. Seiko has successfully built its name out loud over the world. 

The brand didn’t stop for innovations. They continued to develop and release new inventions including the remarkable “Spring Drive” mechanism for its Grand Seiko watches, as well as another “world first” solar GPS watch. 

Over the years, Seiko has proved itself with its innovative and exceptionally built timepieces. Every time its new release has always successfully gained attention and high popularity in the market. Up to this date, Seiko is still regarded as the only watch brand that has revolutionized the watchmaking industry in significant ways.

Being a pioneer of watchmaking, a number of Seiko watches have received many awards in the industry. These watches are highly recognised by many Seiko watch lovers as well. In the versatile watch family, there are abundant options of choices for both men and women. 

One of the best Seiko watches for women must be the Seiko Lukia watch. This ladies Seiko watch demonstrates ultimate elegance and sophistication in its delicate profile. The Seiko Lukia series is among the extremely feminine range in the Seiko catalog. The Seiko Lukia watches are well crafted for the smart and elegant ladies who desire a positive and independent lifestyle.

In the Seiko Lukia collection, these ladies Seiko watches are available in a wide range of variety. These Seiko Lukia models vary in terms of materials, style, design and complications. With the incredible variants within the lineup, the Seiko Lukia watch is the perfect companion for the ladies on any occasion. 

This collection also offers options of different powerful Calibre including mechanical movement, quartz movement and solar power. They are all in-house manufactured by Seiko and each provides exceptional performance for the Seiko Lukia watches. Let’s check out some of the popular models of this Seiko women watch: 

Seiko Lukia Automatic Mechanical SSVM034

This watch is powered by Seiko’s iconic automatic mechanical movement. The mechanical Calibre is commonly housed in several Seiko Lukia models with a skeleton sub-dial feature. On this Seiko SSVM034 watch, you can easily view the beautiful movement of the Calibre right on the dial. It features a 34 mm gold-plated stainless steel case with a matching bracelet. The watch has a date display window placed at its 3 o'clock hour marker. With a mixture of Roman numerals and clear crystal as the hour markers, it adds a fantasy tone to the look of the watch. 

Seiko Lukia Solar Quartz SSVW177

Under the catalog of an innovative brand which is well known for its solar watches, the Seiko Lukia indeed is also available in solar power versions. This Seiko SSVW177 watch is the collection’s 25th anniversary limited edition. This watch is powered by the delicate in-house solar quartz movement 1B32 Calibre. The stainless steel case is 24 mm in diameter and 7.7 mm thick. The dial is sophisticatedly decorated by white and light blue precious stones and the mixture of Roman numerals and stick hour markers. 

Take a look at any of these lovely Seiko Lukia watches, you won’t be able to resist its beauty. The versatile collection offers delicate jewel watches that can go along with your outfits on all occasions. Grab this alluring jewel watch on your wrist and it will immediately grab the attention around. 

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