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Seiko Watches

Founded in 1881, the Japanese brand Seiko has been producing innovative timepieces that amazed the whole industry. Many of the Seiko watch models have become an all-time favourite among watch lovers from all over the world. In 2017, Seiko added the Seiko Selection to its exceptional family of watch collections. 

With an aim for perfection, Seiko has crafted its watches with a combination of extraordinary functions, qualities, and designs. Equipped with the brand’s renowned solar radio technology, the watches from the Selection offer some of the best daily-wear pieces that watch lovers highly desire. 

For the years since its release, the solar-powered Seiko Selection collection has gained more attention and popularity when the Japanese watch brand consistently launches various limited-edition watches to the collection. Being one of the brand’s latest series, the Seiko Selection collection perfectly showcases Seiko’s most innovative advancements with a simple design aesthetic.

The legendary Japanese watch brand Seiko was founded by the 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori. His talented businessman opened a watch selling and repairing shop for different timepieces in 1881. Under his hard work and impressive leadership, Kintaro Hattori had eventually upgraded his watch shop to a manufacturing factory, the Seikosha factory, to produce his own watches after 11 years. The company had quickly achieved numeral success and gained massive popularity in Japan. 

In 1923, the central regions of Japan were seriously damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake and many factories and businesses were ruined to trash. To rebuild its business, Seiko aimed for a breakthrough and produced the first Seiko wristwatch. With the ground of this first success, Seiko has continued to grow and strive for the best quality and innovations. The company delivered a number of groundbreaking timepieces that surprised the whole watchmaking industry and received overwhelming responses in the international market. 

The Seiko Selection is one of the newer series that garnered attention from many watch enthusiasts. Let’s fast forward to 2017, the year that this amazing collection was introduced. It is a lineup that houses several Seiko special editions starting from the early collaboration models with the famous automobile designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. In the following years, more and more limited-edition models have been added to this versatile collection. 

In 2019, a few more Seiko watches including Seiko Selection Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Collaboration Limited Models were added to this well-selected Seiko collection. Equipped with chronograph functions, these three Seiko x Monster Hunter watches are all equipped with the brand’s solar quartz movement and V176 caliber. 

In 2020, Seiko announced another collaboration watch, the Seiko Selection Pokémon Special Models. Alongside the all-time favorite Pikachu, there are two more models featuring other popular Pokémon Eevee and Mewtwo respectively. Both adult and children fans were excited and rejoiced for the release. It has brought another wave of hits for the brand. 

Seeing the success of previous collaborations, the Seiko Selection collection released new models for the ladies. In 2021, a new Seiko Selection Peter Rabbit Collaboration Limited Model was introduced as a new Seiko women’s watch. This elegant timepiece houses the brand’s solar quartz movement, which is guaranteed to be high quality. Currently, there are two Seiko x Peter Rabbit watch models, one is a round watch while another one is in a rectangle case. 

Throughout these few years, the brand has already added a handful of impressive limited-edition models to the Seiko Selection collection. It is quite positive this series will continue to grow. Now let’s check out some of the popular and iconic models in this collection. 

Seiko Selection Giugiaro Design Limited Edition SBJG001 & SBJG003

Early in 1983, Seiko had already collaborated with the renowned automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and produced an analog quartz chronograph wristwatch. This collaboration limited watch was a motoring chronograph watch that housed its exceptional in-house quartz movement. The Seiko chronograph came with two different versions in reference 7A28-6000 and 7A28-7000. For the former 7000 model, the watch featured a distinctive red and black face alongside the offset and angled bracelet. With its eye-catching sporty look, the wristwatch was even spotted with the movie star Lance Henriksen (Bishop) in the 1986 Aliens film. 

In 2018, this Japanese watch manufacturer revisited the Giugiaro design and released an updated digital model under the Seiko Selection collection. Following the structure of their predecessors, the new Seiko X Giugiaro Rider’s Chronograph watches in reference SBJG00 are equipped with a chronograph function. Yet they feature a new rotatable bezel to toggle between the various functions including time adjusting, alarm, timer and stopwatch. Moreover, these new encompassed watches are placed with a tilted LCD display to enhance the readability for the drivers and motorists. 

The new Seiko Selection Giugiaro Chronograph models are available in eight different versions. Among these updated models, references SBJG001 and SBJG003 are the initial series that were produced in a limited number to 3,000 pieces each. The next six versions were produced for selected local stores in Japan with a limited production to 500 pieces for each model. Due to their stunning design and rareness, these models also gained support and popularity among the Seiko lovers who favour a chronograph watch. 

Seiko Selection School Time STPX069 & STPX073

The Seiko Selection School Time models are also a notable special watch that were meant for all ages. This is a unisex watch that features a 31.5 mm stainless steel case and a renowned Seiko in-house solar quartz movement with an exceptional anti-magnetic capability. As suggested by its name, this watch is comfy and perfect for daily use for all sexes, especially the teenagers who have a smaller wrist. 

Seiko Selection Eternal Blue 2018 Limited Edition SBPX116

The Seiko Selection collection is a house of many popular limited models. Another best-selling limited edition is the Seiko Selection Eternal Blue Limited Edition models released in 2018. Inside the comfortable and light titanium case, the watch is powered by the famous Seiko solar quartz movement. This extravagant wristwatch also offers 100 m water resistance that is able to endure most of the watch sports. The Seiko Eternal Blue model is available in options of both Seiko men’s watches and Seiko women’s watches.

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