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Rolex Watches

Rolex Lady Datejust, as the name suggests, is the feminine watch that comes from the Rolex Datejust lineup. First introduced in 1945, the Datejust is a mainstay collection for the Rolex brand. Although its watches were originally designed for men, Rolex followed it up with a lineup for women, the Lady Datejust in 1957. 

Rolex Lady Datejust offered all of the same core features but in sizes that fit in women’s wrists. It was the first chronometer watch for women with an automatic date function. Living up to the legacy of Rolex, Lady Datejust features its famous five-link Jubilee bracelet. 

As the first Rolex date chronometer for women, the lady Datejust carries its heritage of timeless elegance and sophistication with details of feminine reconnaissance in shimmering colors and glittering diamonds. 

"Rolex" is probably the first name that strikes the minds of many people when they think about a luxury watch brand. Rolex has been consistently making it to the top on the list of the most influential and reputable brands over the world. Since its establishment in 1905, it has been creating an impact with its consistent innovations contributed to the industry. 

Rolex has been housing a lot of highly admirable watches and Rolex Datejust was one of them. As the 40th anniversary celebration for the brand, Rolex released Rolex Datejust, its first Rolex self-winding watch with an automatic date-changing indicator. The watch was also the first Rolex watch to feature the now-iconic 5-piece link Jubilee bracelet, which was originally designed for the launch of the Rolex Datejust.

Initially Datejust was just a watch for men. However, after 10 years the brand created the Rolex Datejust lady version as well to cater the demand of its growing female audiences. The Rolex Lady Datejust - the official Rolex watch for women - was unveiled in 1957. It was the first female version of the Rolex date chronometer, designed with timeless elegance and tactical functionality in a more compact size best suited to a lady’s wrist.

Actually Rolex Lady Datejust is almost identical to the standard Datejust lineup but was smaller in size to make it suitable for a slimmer wrist. It is equipped with Datejust’s iconic automatic date-changing window and the cyclops lens for easy readability of time and date. The current Rolex Lady Datejust watches are available in sizes of 26 mm, 28mm and 31mm, while 31 mm one is also considered as a mid size lineup. These Lady Datejust watches are fit enough to firmly grip the smaller wrists of ladies. 

The Lady-Datejust also offers countless variations of different bezels, bracelets, and dials. Its watches can be available in luxury options such as diamond paves, while it also offers simple all-steel models with steel bezels and Oyster bracelets. The watch is also produced in other precious metals including yellow gold, Rolex Everose gold, platinum and also in two-tone Rolesor finish with all three colors of 18k gold.

As for the dial, in addition to the classic colors, there are also options of mother of pearl, meteorite, diamonds and floral patterns which can be matched with diamond paved bezels. The newer Rolex Datejust models are powered by self-winding mechanical movement, calibre 2235 or calibre 2236, which are both COSC certified. 

The Datejust, including Lady Datejust, is Rolex’s most diverse line of watches. It is fondly said that there must be a Rolex Datejust that can suit your taste.

Among numerous remarkable models, some of the Lady Datejust watches have grabbed more attention in the market. Let's explore a few popular ones in the aesthetically designed range of Rolex Lady Datejust collection:

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 279136RBR 

The Rolex 279136RBR watch is a premium version amongst the collection. This 28mm watch was made of Rolex’s finest 950 platinum featuring diamond bezel and hour markers. The Rolex Datejust features a fancy ice blue dial with star-shaped hour markers which have a close resemblance with a sky full of stars. 

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 279383RBR-0013G 

The Rolex Lady Datejust 279383 RBR is another eye-catching model with a fancy combination of colors. This Rolex ladies watch is paired with a rolesor bracelet with alternate color variation made out of yellow gold and steel, giving it a two-tone combination. It also features a fascinating mint green dial with a diamond paved bezel which provides the watch a contrasting and luxurious look. 

This is a beautiful piece to add to your feminine collection if you opt for a uniquely crafted piece. The Rolex Lady Datejust 279383RBR-0013G is a timeless watch with a high level of functionality. 

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 178271-0072G 

Rolex rose gold watches have been constantly popular amongst both male and female watch lovers. This Rolex 178271 is a timeless Rolex watch for women that is made of the brand’s special 18k pink gold Everose gold. The radiant aubergine dial of this Rolex Everose gold Lady Datejust displays simplicity with elegance and class. It also features diamond hour markers with a dome-shaped bezel, giving it a perfect balance on the premium design.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 279171-0007G 

This Rolex 279171 is another breathtaking Everose Gold watch of the collection. Everose is a newer metal option that has just been added in 2005 within the Rolex catalog. It added a versatile option to the elegant Lady Datejust models. This 18 karat Everose gold Datejust watch is equipped with a matching strap and diamond jeweled bezel for a luxurious look. With the complementary hue of the olive green dial and sparkling diamond hour markers, it is obvious the watch was beautifully crafted to hold up the brand. 

Rolex is more than just any quality watch brand. It also represents status, success and taste. A Rolex watch can always catch the attention of watch admirers over the globe with its exceptional and classy designs. The wide range of variations available from the Rolex Lady Datejust collection can make sure you can always find a quality one that perfectly suits your style and taste.

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