Pick A Chopard Watch for Your Cocktail Attire Dress Code

Chopard has been an esteemed label in high society for both its jewelry and timepieces. Chopard watches are loved by famous figures from different fields, ranging from Hollywood stars to international entrepreneurs. These luxury watches have frequently been spotted with them during public appearances including red carpets. So if you are looking for a perfect dress watch for any high end event, the Chopard is undoubtedly your top pick. The current Chopard watch family is offering several classic and dressy collections to cater different needs of watch collectors. 

The Rich History of Chopard Watches

The magnificent Chopard watch is not just all about its distinctive design and craftsmanship, but also its sophisticated combination with its high jewelry. Every Chopard dress watch is meticulously crafted with quality materials and features that are not commonly used in any regular watch. Its use of high level complications and precise calibers has always ensured the excellency of its watches, garnering the hearts of watch enthusiasts from all around the globe. 

Since its jewelry is too popular in the global market, some people are even mistaken that Chopard is originally a jewelry brand. However, actually everything of the company started from its watches before it began to step foot in the jewelry industry. The acclaimed luxury watch brand Chopard can trace back its roots to the 1800s. It was when the talented watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard set up a small traditional watchmaking workshop in Sonvilier Switzerland. During its early stage, its business was started as a manufacturer of handmade chronometers and pocket watches. 

The high quality and reliable Chopard chronometers and timepiece had brought great success to the business and the company had grown rapidly into Switzerland’s biggest watchmaking manufacturer within just a few decades. Today Chopard has already become a world-class luxury brand that every watch and jewelry lover desires for. 

More than a century after the company was founded, the family business Chopard watch was finally acquired by an entrepreneur Karl Scheufele in 1963 and was further passed to Caroline and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele two decades later. Under the leadership of the new owners, the brand developed more and more exciting new models and expanded further to the whole global market. 

chopard watch
CHOPARD Alpine Eagle 295370-5002

After being through the tough quartz crisis in the 1970s, the Swiss watchmaker Chopard watch continued to deliver surprises to the collectors with the release of new collections in the 1980s, such as the Chopard Happy Diamonds dress watches and Chopard Alpine Eagle sports watches. This 1980s and the next years are considered the golden age of the brand’s innovation. The new Chopard watches have all set a milestone for the watchmaker that brought huge achievements to its history. 

Chopard watch’s Milestones and Innovations

If you would like to pick a Chopard watch to accompany you for any cocktail event, you may consider one of its popular models that are fitted with the brand’s renowned innovation. 

Being also one of the major jewelry brands in the world, its beautiful combination of watches and diamonds is magnificent. The invention of dancing diamonds in 1976 is considered one of the brand’s greatest successes. Chopard watch added moving gem embellishments to their watch to further enhance a dynamic touch and shininess. This alluring feature has instantly become an iconic characteristic of the brand. 

Besides, the innovative Chopard St. Moritz and Chopard Luna D’Oro watches were introduced respectively, in 1980 and 1984. Both of them were well crafted with robust metal and practical complications like a perpetual calendar and retrograde dial. 

Another worth mentioning model is the Chopard L.U.C 1860 watch. Carrying the brand’s remarkable L.U.C Caliber 96.01-L, this Chopard dress watch was awarded as the Watch of the Year in 1997 from the Swiss Montres Passion/Uhrenwelt Magazine. 

Popular Chopard Dress Watches for You

Equipped with the best innovations of the brand, there are a few Chopard dress watch models that best fit for your cocktail attire dress code.

Chopard L.U.C Watches

chopard watch
CHOPARD L.U.C. GMT 168579-3001

Every watch from the Chopard L.U.C collection is capable of standing any accomplished businessman out from a formal event in these modern times. Coming up with classic design aesthetics, this collection is created to pair with yout tuxedo or any dressy outfit. You can choose from a more simplistic and contemporary design or a more vintage-looking design such as the models from L.U.C Heritage which was inspired from the Chopard pocket watches from the 1860s. 

On top of the distinctive outlook, the Chopard LUC watches hold a high manufacturing standard. Every piece from this Chopard men’s watch collection is fully created in Switzerland from design to assembling at the brand’s two watchmaking hubs in Maison’s Geneva and Fleurier. With such craftsmanship the Chopard LUC watch for men is an award-winning masterpiece as the 1997 Watch of the Year. 

Chopard Classic Watches

chopard watch
CHOPARD Classic Manufacture 161289-1001

As stated in its name, the Chopard Classic collection is created to house a series of the brand’s classic models. It was to honor the vintage Chopard pocket watches. The Chopard Classic models are adorned with simplicity and elegance. If you are more fond of simple design, then the Chopard Classic watch should be a nice pick for you. 

Just one thing you may need to check out is that the brand has divided these Chopard Classic models into two different lines: the Classic and the Classic Manufacture. Although both lineups are equipped with the brand’s inhouse automatic movements, the Chopard Classic uses a more traditional and standard caliber while the Classic Manufacture models are powered by a more advanced in-house movement exclusively made in Fleurier.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Watches

chopard watch
CHOPARD 204305-5301

As mentioned earlier, Chopard has been renowned for playing around with the combinations of jewels and timepieces. The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection is its emblematic jewelry watch. The Chopard watches from this collection are usually added three, five or seven gems, either on the dial face between two sapphire crystal glass or inside the inner and outer frames. These gems are not fixed and they would move along with the natural motion of the wearer, creating a lovely dancing effect. With such a dynamic flair, these Chopard diamonds watches are a true standout that could catch everyone’s attention at any event. 

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